Shizuru Kousaka

So our next Taimanin is well the typical busty blondes that are common in anime who live in japan with japanese names lol of course we all know white women have existed in japanese culture since the times of Sailor Moon lol all joking aside this is Shizuru. a Taimanin who specializes in using aContinue reading “Shizuru Kousaka”

Dark Knight Ingrid

Now it’s hard to describe Ingrid in where she stands. originally debuting in Murasaki’s spin off eroge game story she surprisingly gained a certain amount of popularity to end up being the main focus of the 3 to 4 OVA hentai episodes based on her even though Murasaki was the main focus in the originalContinue reading “Dark Knight Ingrid”

Shiranui Mizuki

Now, while there are villains and organizations in taimanin although they’re pretty stupid since most of the villains just focus on the rapes so there’s not much that can be said about them but there are exceptions to the rules where at least 4 antagonists where with a little more work can be villains generalContinue reading “Shiranui Mizuki”