Slave Mikoto

Mikoto: Huh!? What the hell is this!? and yes that is a slave leia outfit lol minus the skirt lol Sayo: Mikoto, you deserve a punishment for not listening. Hinako: Too bad Senpai. He’s all ours. Sayo: Maybe we’ll share him if he wants to add you to our date. Mikoto: AHHH!!!! Oh god… whatContinue reading “Slave Mikoto”

Tirage X Cup Size calcs

(UPDATE:Added Scaling and Breast Weight) Hello, after seeing a bunch of Tirage X pictures which have all sorts of their measurements, i notice there’s a lack of official cup sizes, so here’s my measurements for each female of Tirage X using my usual measurements. We’re also going to be using a new scaling method whichContinue reading “Tirage X Cup Size calcs”