Al Zoro reveals his true colors

by IreneBelserion69, Feb 17, 2019, 9:47:23 AM Journals / Personal Looks like Al Zoro got serverly butthurt after my recent post against him that was in Stash over a year ago when we got into our arugment about Israel and Palestine so naturally he resorted to damage control and attempting and failing to cover up his butthurt. Schooling AlContinue reading “Al Zoro reveals his true colors”

FTL Speed scale

FTL Speed scale… Luminal: 1 to 1,000 c(FTLx)… Example: Speed needed to cross the Earth to Moon in 1.3  second (299,792,458 m/s) to Mars and Earth in 1.3 Seconds (299,792,458,000 m/s  or 2 AUs per second) Minimum Energy needed to achieve Luminal speed with 70kg human in short bursts/Striking strength/Durability(Close range  E=MC^2/2):3.145643125578862e+18 JoulesContinue reading “FTL Speed scale”

Action Taimanin

So yeah despite my phone being up to date my phone is still not compatible with action taimanin as it’s pretty much what I wanted senran kagura new link to be over the rpg mechanic where you have little to know control on the action. Now yeah taimanin asagi, yukiakaze, Ingrid, etc etc is aContinue reading “Action Taimanin”

Fatal Botches in Wrestling:(WARNING:GRAPHIC)

Probably the worst botches in wrestling history @everyone , May 23, 1999m, Owen heart fell 78 ft to i death in a stunt gone horribly wrong, these two videos contain the unedited broadcast announcing the injury of Owen Heart and the death of Owen Heart respectively, it’s largely believed Owen Heart died instantousely. On relatedContinue reading “Fatal Botches in Wrestling:(WARNING:GRAPHIC)”

WWE Evolution:My thoughts

by IreneBelserion69, Nov 1, 2018, 10:37:56 AM Journals / Personal You were probably expecting me to do a journal either praising or criticizing Turmp or mocking either a Trump Supporter or an Anti-Turmp fucktard, you were probably expecting me to do another calc based on another waifu from another anime I like but… Today I decide I’ll doContinue reading “WWE Evolution:My thoughts”

Appabends Japanese games are political is myth video

Today I’ll let appabend tackle something I think a lot of us understand but others need a bit more clarity on knowing the difference. If you like the video give appa a like and subscribe and you can always support him on patreon as this topic is credited to him for hitting something not manyContinue reading “Appabends Japanese games are political is myth video”

Is Hentai good story telling? No, plot and porn don’t mix(firendly response to Fu Reiji)

The simple answer is no. Porn and plot conflict with each other, the more plot in porn. the shitter the porn. Nobody comes to porn for a detailed backstory. The only story that should be needed for the porn is the basic set up to why the character is fucking, that’s about it. And let’sContinue reading “Is Hentai good story telling? No, plot and porn don’t mix(firendly response to Fu Reiji)”

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