Is Hentai good story telling? No, plot and porn don’t mix(firendly response to Fu Reiji)

The simple answer is no. Porn and plot conflict with each other, the more plot in porn. the shitter the porn. Nobody comes to porn for a detailed backstory. The only story that should be needed for the porn is the basic set up to why the character is fucking, that’s about it.

And let’s be frank shitty hentai like Kunirou where the bad guys al;ways win and have enslaved a whole kingdom of women have further convinced me that porn like that isn’t just horrible due to the constant rape hentai in it, it’s convinced me that no matter how much effort is in the plot, it would never betoken seriously due to the fact it collides with the porn

See the source image

I hate to kink shame here but Japan is full of degeneracy, I’m all for sexual liberation and empowerment but it’s fetishes are just outright degenerate and i feel destructive to society.

For example the Loilcon fetsihizaiton or shotacon fetishization, i’m forced to agree with the dipshits on the UN that it’s borderline child porn,

See the source image

only difference is that i fucking hate the UN far more than Loilcon/Shoatcon because they actually have child trafficking rings in the UN and are represented by ass-backward inferior cultures who promote actual pedophilia and child marriage. Then there’s the rape fetish shit which honestly would never fly here for a good reason, i don’t really see how anyone can fap to rape hentai however at least even that’s more understandable than the fucking tentacle shit,

seriously what the fuck is with Japan with Teancles, tenancies represent the worst horrors of a horror movie or game, when i see tentacles, i don; ‘t want to fap to that shit, i want to take a 12 gauge and kill those shits.

I mean when you see this abomination, do you think fucking or wanting to kill it with fire?

so in my opinion. no, i don’t see any story potential in hentai, most of the time it’s just an excuse for rape or tentacles, i don’t see plot potential in American porn either and that’s a good thing. When i’m fapping to Buty MIFLS taking on the entire football team i don’t want a complex plot on how she’s a Neurosurgeon fighting against cancer, i want to see her take dicks in all her holes. I see plot in porn more of a calaytist of setting up the porn, not so much as a useful plot median.

Also in my opinion, the worst type of porn is the dark and depressing shit, I don’t fap to porn to feel depressed, if wanted to be depressed, i look at the state of politics in the country or listen to how godawful music and Hollywood movies have become nowadays, i don’t need porn or hentai incorporating that bullshit in my escapist fantasy. I have very little interest in American porn that has rape in it much less a plot about rapists getting away with rape in 99% of Japanese hentai.

Also, sexuality in anime is rarely a plot point, it’s usually for laughs or comedy and it’s rarely about bad things like you see in Beserker, Goblin Slayer(BTW one of the reasons i refuse to watch that anime is because the rape is too graphic for me) but those are rarely plot elements of their own, even Berserker and Goblin Slayer which has uncomfortable amounts of rape aren’t about an entire plot of rape, they’re about a badass warrior fighting and killing demons as opposed to 30 minutes of demons raping women and getting away with it.

I disagree, i think the concept of porn and plot is stupid, to begin with, and i rather watch SAO, Hensuki, Senran Kagura, High School DxD than any Hentai with a plot. All i need to know about hentai in the plot is that it gives us nothing but 3-0 minutes to an hour of a bitch being gang-raped by demons, humans or robots or god forbid tenacles.

All i need to know about porn and plot is Kurino, Tasgmiani Asagi, and that Battleship Hentai and frankly, that’s all i fucking want to know about hentai with a plot. Call me close-minded and narrow-minded and a boomer all you want but if this shit is how hentai looks with a plot, then i be a proud close-minded boomer on this topic. Now that’s not to say there probably hentais that can make this work, you outlined some decent examples, i’m just saying in my personal opinion, i can care less about porn in a plot.

What hentai you know comes close to the writing of Full Metal Aclmehtist? None i can think of, hell most porn and hentai would be lucky to reach the writing quality of Fairy Tail or Bleach or even Boruto in my opinion much less classic animes like Full Metal Alchemist and frankly, i don’t think porn and plot should ever go together. That’s like trying to mix fire and gasoline, never going to work and would just create a disaster.

I think we can all agree SAO is SHIT! SAO is a crappy seires, to begin with that started out with the promise of an Isekai game that turned to shit the moment we realized the main character is an Invincible Mary Sue but ironically enough the attempted rapes and implied rapes in SAO actually ironically resemble the very same sexualization of rape all too common in hentai. I don’t want to see rape in a seires clearly not mature or talented enough to handle rape without treating it as a cheap excuse for shock value and making 12-year-olds horny,

As for Family Guy, People still watch that shit? Family Guy hasn’t been good in literally a whole decade, largely because of its bad writing, overly shitty political jokes, horrible characters, and attempts at shock humor. Also another example of why porn and plot don’t mix, Family Guy while not being porn has the bad writing on par with your typical thin veiled plot porn.

Hell, i make Hentai myself but i don’t consider it even close to the writing of the fanfictions i also do at the same time. One of them i don’t have to give two shits about the constitute of characters, characteristics or character background, just find a good enough hook to why they’re doing this hentai shit.

I just take a simple enough plot and work with it, nothing more there as i’m doing with various porn/hentai projects. Anyways this was by no means an attempt to insult Fu Rieji, just showing how much i disagree with porn being able to work with plot.

After all if porn and plot was the best for telling stories Micheal Bay would be the Martin Soccere of Hentai

New Sonic The Hedgehog Trailer

Hello! I’m Fu-reiji! The blog that talks about topics you may or may not want to.

So, the new Sonic movie trailer finally dropped and yeah looks like paramount unlike disney and warner and even dreamworks and illumination, actually took the backlash and criticisms with a good level of maturity and fixed Sonic. and the trailer…. actually looks pretty good in my honesy opinion. The movie could still flop and be bad but for a trailer it’s actually pretty good and does show promise this time.

Now I know what some of you are asking and that’s what the trailer is suggesting about Sonic’s character here and yeah I get where you’re coming from but even though Sonic is an iconic character general audiences don’t really know much about his character outside of tv shows they likely haven’t seen. The fact Eggman is living on Earth as Dr. Robotnik for the movie suggests this is long before he decides he’s gonna conquer the world meaning Sonic isn’t the freedom fighter we all know him to be yet. So, this movie is likely trying to serve as an origin story for Sonic where he’s got super speed and the power to use the gold rings to apparently teleport which I’m not gonna criticize given plenty of Sonic games have had this concept appear only those giant rings took you to bonus stages to collect chaos emeralds or it could just be a build up to the fact Sonic collecting rings has slowly been making him the embodiment of chaos needed to harness the power of the chaos emeralds. again I said build up. So, it’s likely we won’t be seeing chaos emeralds and super sonic anytime soon in this movie.

Jim Carey as Robotnik I still have some reservations on but outside of the american and archie comic sonic media, a lot of sonic’s games and OVA movie and sonic X anime tend to have Eggman portrayed as this over the top mad scientist who can be silly in his delivery while still being dangerous in how he’ll conquer the world with his tools. So for now I’ll give carey a pass on this and wait for the movie to see his full performance.

Sonic himself I think at least still recognizable not just from his much more appropriate look but from his personality and if this is to be more of a origin story film then Sonic feeling lonely where he just plays by himself makes sense from that perspective. Well aware some want to bring up the archie comics but let’s keep in mind Sonic is originally made in Japan and it’s likely SEGA had more say in this than Archie Comics. depending on if this movie does well enough for a sequel that may change but we’ll see. as for the relationship between sonic and that guy who’s name I can’t think of but I guess it’s doable compared to picking kids cause lord knows we’ve all seen how that played out in sonic X.

So, overall I think at the very least Paramount is taking a step in the right direction and we’ll see how it plays out when Sonic comes to theaters. This been Fu-reiji and now I gotta go fast! Asleep! lol as always give this like and comment your thoughts on this and tell me what you think of the new sonic trailer.

Is Hentai good story telling?

Hello! I’m Fu-reiji! The blog where we talk about the topics you may or may not want to. So… Is Hentai good story telling?

Okay okay for those of you who are new to anime or japanese culture in general let’s go over the basic run down. Hentai is for a lack of a better term animated pornography. just your everyday live action porn only in either animated or manga(comic) format of pretty much why Japan can often be considered one of the few countries that has a lot of fetishes under its belt. More often than not you’ll also notice that whether it’s animated, manga, or even visual novels Japanese developers, writers, and artists often go out of their way to do a proper set up and story as opposed to american pornography that’s basically “Package ma’am.” where the woman is already dressed skimpy and invites the amazon guy into her house for a special tip or who can forget the old step daddy getting it on with his new step daughter. Oh don’t get me wrong Japan has all that too it’s just the way they approach is still done and shot like they’re telling a story. even if most are just using those set ups to get the ball rolling.

the main reason I ask this question is cause little by little certain groups and individuals have come out to talking about Hentai plots and their relevance. one notable example that has been becoming topic in the past 2 or 3 years albeit very slowly but being talked about and even appreciated as something of a actual well written story. I’m of course talking Shindo L’s aka Da Hootch’s Metamorphosis.

I won’t talk about this one too much mostly cause I’d just be reiterating what Inskidee already said in her blog yesterday 11/11/2019 which I’ll link here:

and I’ll also link 3 youtube videos. 2 from the anime man who talks about this story in 2 videos but one of those is more of an interview with Shindo L himself.

and the third is from Akidearest which she posted about 2 years ago.

So yeah nothing I say about it would be much different from what those 3 already said about Metamorphosis but does bring me to the topic of how a story can come from anywhere. even in hentai. Yes there’s the always obvious reasons we read or watch porn in general which is to rub one… or two… or three… sometimes 4 if you took a week off lol but like any kind of genre hentai isn’t always just that and there can be some good stories that you’d find in any shonen, light novel, romcom, and lewd ecchi series. but just cause it has those tags doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed a good story or something that has much thought put into it which I’m sure we can all name many series that left us empty. Hentai is the same way. with Metamorphosis you get a very dark and depressing story about very real subject matters that can impact and affect your life in long lasting ways.

another example of a hentai that has a deeper story than most thought would Euphoria.

Yeah you know, the eroge visual novel turned 6 episode OVA hentai of multiple endings and what the fuckery and mind fuckery. That actually had a story that can interpreted in a lot of ways. more so with the eroge as the ovas did have to cut a lot of details out. Cults, human tribes in schools, the 2 sided faces of people and just a bunch of stuff happening that you may not make sense of all of it in one go.

So what is it about some Hentai that do get overlooked only to find they have some deeper meaning stuff that takes the most popular of shonen over 600 chapters just to say it and others too many to count and remember? well I think if you were to really look for the very unique mangas and anime that aren’t hentai along with hentai like the 2 examples I mentioned I think the common factor they have in common is they aren’t afraid to use sex in both the good and bad ways it plays a part in our world. it’s not always necessary but when you look at the set up the sex scenes can be seen as how 2 lovers finally have their moment together or you can even grasp why the darker stuff such as rape happened there. School Days despite what you may have thought about the anime and looking back on it did have a point in telling the story of what happens when you take too much out of life at the expense of others and hurting them which as we saw with makoto got hit with karma hard or if you played the original game then 90% of the time you get a bad ending cause a lot of the choices affected the people around you and that’s a rare thing to see. I won’t argue if that was done well or not mostly cause I can’t say if that was done well or bad in how telling a story of how your choices can affect you and those around you.

Other series such as goblin slayer, berserk, and a few others in light novels and more mature themed manga that utilize sex in both its good and bad representations tend to be the most talked about mostly cause they got used in ways to express something or show shit has hit the fan in most cases and it’s in nature to have lust. yeah we’re always going to the my hero academias, narutos, one pieces, dragon balls, and such avoiding these concepts to tell their stories to keep a certain age rating and often use sex as more of a joke reference to the lewd perverts of a series but I think as long as concepts such as sex, drug abuse, ilnesses, mental instabilities, and all that are handled maturely or in a way that’s to tell the reader something then you’ll have an interesting story. you don’t always need them but then add something to your story if used properly.

that said I can also see why people brush off those concepts as trash and that’s mostly thanks to series like SAO, Hensuki, Senran Kagura, High School DxD and any number of them that often treat sex as a whole as something comedic and light hearted or in SAO’s case comes off as forced and really downplays the traumas that come from rape and nearly being murdered mostly cause Reki Kawahara regardless of what you think of him can’t seem to figure out if he wants to tell a PG 13 story or an R rated one. it’s fine to enjoy those series since we all have our favs but I think it’s important to realize why stories like Euphoria, Metamorphosis, any hentai with a deep or romantic story in general or any M rated mangas get overlooked cause those examples and many others do make light of concepts which often leads to underrated series that get overlooked and people overlooking certain subtle messaging and symbolism being told. and yeah obviously western shows are as guilty of this too with shows like family guy and others on adult swim that tend to over play it these days for a big joke that doesn’t always pay off.

So if you find a series that has these elements that make you uncomfortable then it’s fine if you don’t want to read or watch them but don’t brush them off as automatic bad trash series till you’ve taken a look, gave it time to sink in and process it then decide if you feel you read something with meaning or not.

That’s about it all I have to say on this question as you can figure out if Hentai is good telling and please give Inskidee’s blog on metamorphosis a read as well as check out those 3 vids on this post. Till next time, This has been Fu-reiji! The blog where we talk about the topics that you or may not want to. Now if you’ll excuse. I got some “reading” to do.

Censorship and Uncensorship: The good, The Bad, and the differences.

Hello, I’m Fu-reiji! The blog where we talk about the topics that you may or may not want to! So… I guess I’m really doing this. Chances are I’m gonna shoot myself in the foot over this since this topic is so simple yet complicated at the same time I’m bound to piss certain people off but I’ll start with asking…. Is censorship really that bad?

Hey Hey Hey! I got it okay! I get it! depending on who you are chances are my question is either pissed you off or you’re gonna go look at porn to wash that taste of having read that question out of your… well hands. and please put away your knives and guns and torches and pitchforks for those of you using a hacker to find my address and hunt me down.

Okay let me start by saying, I get it. in recent years censorship has gotten really annoying in particular the west such as the United States, most of Europe, Australia, and especially China. I get it. I know censorship has become this annoying little pest that SJW’s and the far left liberals have been pushing and thankfully haven’t had too much success. The purpose of my question is asking is it always bad? like if were to look up an M rated superman comic and watch the 90’s superman cartoon that had an episode based on that comic to a more watered down degree does that mean I should be pissed off? A lot of why I’m doing this as a topic right now was something I’ve had in mind for the last few months but then Sakurai’s latest video for super smash bros. came out and he says there’s no mai as a cameo. needless to say this blew up to ridiculous levels where various youtubers have commented on this such as yellowflash2 and lost noble, twitter users where a quarter are mostly making jokes while the rest is a mix of rage and cheers. the cheers are coming from the obvious groups especially resetera users and the rage is an odd mix of folks complaining on mai not being there while certain other female users are there and the folks we typically been fighting against on the subject of censorship are complaining on our obessession of mai shiranui and that another white male is on smash and blah blah blah you know how that dance and number goes. I’m concerned that we may be starting to let ourselves develop a bit of a derrangement syndrome where much like we tell those who complain about sex appeal, we seem to be doing something similar and even have something of a double standard to some degree.

Yeah if you read all that I’m sure that was a bit confusing and naturally I confused myself on that while thinking about it. So, again the question to ask is Censorship automatically bad and uncensorship automatically good? well to be fair if you want the short version of this topic I say No. and there are reasons for it. I think one way to figure out why is to look at pros and cons to the censor and uncensor aspects. We’ll start with censor.

so what are some good things about censorship and why? to start on the why it’s pretty simple. No matter who you are, what you watch, what you do, or who your waifus are, We all have a limit to what we are willing to watch and whether we realized it or not we all have a form of self censorship. Yeah I don’t care if you tell me you watch to love ru, yuragi no yuunasan, or senran kagura and loved the uncensored versions it doesn’t change the fact you have a self censorship on you where you have a line that you’re never gonna cross and like as much as others. example being your buddy may be super into lolis especially lewd ones but chances are you’re not. hell you may like your fanservice from outfits over nudity and that there is another form of self censorship. Another reason as to why is cause oddly enough some of the most memorable shows we’ve watched growing up were censored or altered versions of a show that originates from other countries especially japan.

What are some good things about censorship? well one good thing is that whether you agree with it or not it does teach to know when filter yourself especially in a work environment. It’s fine if you want to talk with a dirty mouth and drop f bombs but I think as we get older especially if you’re around kids you tend to censor yourself around them without realizing it mostly cause you want to be a good role model and teach them good morals. Another good thing censorship can bring is that if you set yourself on that limit by doing G, PG, and E rated films, comics, and games you find yourself looking outside the box and trying to be creative in what you write and show. animaniacs, rugrats, freaking spongebob, even a lot disney movies and shows that fall in these categories are some of the most successful things even today. despite certain controversies happening right now. Those shows limit themselves to kid and family entertainment stuff but get a lot of success cause the stories they tell are entertaining and have a lot of metaphors you likely won’t get till you’re older. Hell I didn’t even realize Animaniacs and Rugrats had a lot of dirty humor when i watched those growing up. Some of the most talked about shows tend to come from sources that are more lewd in their source materials. Clannad, Air, the Fate Stay Night series, Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid(yeah apparently the manga is a bit more lewd than the anime), Hell even Fairy Tail as an anime was toned down compared to the manga’s lewd visual moments. Not to say you had to like these but success still did come for these examples cause they kept an audience entertained and for the most part didn’t lose the core value of what their based one. in the west there was Batman and Superman the animated series, Batman Beyond, Spiderman, the X-Men just to name a few shows based on existing source materials that any comic book fan would tell you are toned down by comparison but still had their fair share of successes and are still remembered. So this just proves that being censored doesn’t mean bad or it’s fail or that we’re supporting everything should be censored. We’re more engaged by the stories and characters that are involved regardless if something has nudity, sexual suggestions, or blood and gore. the warnings should still be there regardless if those things are in there but you get the idea. and we’ve had video games that were obviously censored and toned down but still had more than lots of success. yeah it sucks that it happens but I still see people playing those versions and enjoyed them whether it’s the tales of games series or any JRPG in general or hell even something like God of War was toned down in certain ways compared to the original trilogy still had their own successes.

Okay so there’s a few good examples on stuff that got censored but what about the cons to censorship. well the obvious one being is when certain groups try to push sexualization as a bad thing and you’re a monster for enjoying it. the other con is when it messes with the creator’s intention and what they’re trying to say with their work. The third con is when it changes a core concept of an existing franchise which we’ve seen a lot of lately such as the terminator series especially after dark fate, star wars with how disney keeps messing up, or how apparently Disney has been going out of it’s way to erase certain films they’ve made or censoring some of their older films on disney plus. Point is when you can see BS happening under censorship then yeah it’s understandable why we have this tension against anything involving censorship lately.

But what about Uncensorship? Well the positives for uncensorship are pretty obvious so let’s knock that out. it allows for more let’s say risque and M rated visuals, allows for more certain speech patterns to be said on screen if they want to, tackle certain topics in a more direct way or subtle way, and yes enjoy certain levels of fanservice and of course Porn. yeah let’s not act surprised that wasn’t gonna be on there since we all have our kinks.

But where do the cons of uncensorship come from? Well one of the cons is that if you have all this freedom but don’t anything with your series then yeah don’t act surprised not as many people follow it as you were hoping for, It can also lead to a certain level of laziness and an over reliance on tropes as opposed to telling a story and developing your characters which recent examples that come to mind are the anime adpations of Kandagawa Jet Girls and Season 2 of Senran Kagura where they were done to promote their games but the stories and gimmicks aren’t close to what the games are gonna do and these anime end up relying on gimmicky tropes and nudity to get views which unfortunately does happen where it’s fine if you like them but don’t act like the stories broke new grounds or told something you didn’t already see the season prior. another problem is how that uncensorship will end up being the whole identity of your work where again have to use Takaki’s work as a main example where even if you were to explain the stories in really in depth detail would not change the fact the works he’s done focused so much on the visual fanservice the story gets buried under it and it doesn’t help when the characters don’t deny they’re more focused on the nudity than whatever is happening to them. plenty of other series have had this problem too but not to the same extent as those did try telling stories it’s just the stories probably weren’t that interesting or just lacked something to grab a big enough audience.

there’s plenty of other pros and cons but the point I want to make is being censored or uncensored doesn’t mean something will be good or bad since the important elements are the stories and characters involved as well music and visuals.

Another problem I am having with the censored vs uncensored arguments is how no one seems to notice we have a bit of double standard growing in all this. Looking back I know for a fact we’ve all thrown a huge fit over Dead or Alive 6 toning down it’s sexual fanservice despite the visuals of the game and combat probably being some of the best the game series has had in awhile yet I don’t see people throwing a fit at the fact senran kagura new link compared to previous senran kagura titles is a watered down version of the series where there’s no dress breaking or nudity like other games have when you achieve 100% dress breaking even though that’s what the anime’s 2nd season spent most of it’s run promoting. yeah the outfits were still revealing enough to rate it an M but same can be said for dead or alive despite how it was toned down originally.

So yeah I’m sure there’s other examples you guys can name but I think we need to take the time to take a hard look at ourselves and learn to know the difference between the kind of censorship that’s understandable especially if a game or film is aiming for kid to family audiences and censorship that’s doing it under false pretenses such as sony’s arguments of “It’s for the children” despite having a ESRB rating system or how china’s censorship laws are full of crap since it’s just the chinese government is overly corrupt in the same way we shouldn’t give something a pass just because it got to be uncensored since it can still be a terrible or lazily written show, movie, or game.

I don’t expect to make much of a big difference in this argument that’s likely going keep going well into the 2020’s but I am hoping I am at least giving you all something to think about next time you want to enter somewhere to talk about censorship and uncensorship in the future.

Till Next Time, I’m Fu-reiji and this has been the blog where we talk about the topics you may or may not want to. As always if you got any thoughts put them in the comments below.

Bleach Girls Measurements Part 3

Now for the finale of the Bleach Girl Measurements with the Qunicy and full bringer  Waifus before moving onto other verses.

1)Candice Catnip…

 The hot yet very psychopathic waifu of the Sterinner is known for her Lightning-fast attacks and her long legs and firm hourglass body but how thicc is this Quincy Waifu?

Before we do that we gotta determine her actual height and go by Bleach wiki descriptions.

Candice is a tall and well-endowed young woman, with long, light-green hair. She has blue eyes, prominent eyelashes and thin, lightning bolt shaped eyebrows.[3][4] Her attire is a heavily modified and revealing variation of the regular Sternritter’s white uniform, consisting of the typical double-breasted jacket, which she keeps tied up to reveal her midriff and unbuttoned, as well as removing the fabric on the sides,

Let’s assume she’s Rangiku’s Height of roughly 172 cm and assume that for the height od Candide and scale from there.

Cancide measurments by IreneBelserion69

  Esimated height:172 cm

  Height(70% height frame):231px(‭120.4‬cm)

  Bust:48px( 25cm)x3.14=78 cm/31 Inches

  Underbust:38px(20 cm)x3.14=  62 cm/24 inches

  Waist:31 px(16 cm )x3,14= 51 cm/ 20 inches

  Hips:56px(29 cm)x3.14=92cm/36 inches…

 Cup Size: 7” more than bust

Bra Size:  32 G…

Candice Catnip’s Measurements

BHW:78,51,92 cm(31, 20,36 inches)

Bra Size: 32 G

File:579Sternritter arrive.png

2)Meninas McAllon

Meninas is a tall and well-endowed girl of slender build. She is light-skinned with long wavy pink hair and short bangs that frame her forehead and green eyes.[3] Her attire is a variation of the Sternritter’s typical white uniform, consisting of a frilled skirt, frilled gloves, frilled boots, leggings, a belt with a heart-shaped buckle, a large purple bow with a white Wandenreich symbol around her neck, and a white cap with gold[3] trimmings, which features a black peak and the Wandenreich insignia emblazoned on its front, turned sideways.[1][4]

Going by this, we can assume Memina isn’t much taller than Candie so let’s go with 172cm

Mmeenias measurments by IreneBelserion69

  Esimated height:172 cm

  Height(60% frame):423px(103 cm)

  Bust:123 px(30cm)x3.14=94 cm/37 Inches

  Underwaist:102px(25cn)x3.14=78 cm/31 Inches


  Hips: 144px…

 Cup Size: 6”  more than bust

Bra Size:  38 F

Meninas McAllon’s Measurements

BHW:94,51,92 cm( 37, 20,36 inches)

Bra Size: 38 F

3)Bambietta Basterbine…


Going by scaling to the other females, Bambeita should be at least 5’5” or

Bambietta measurments by IreneBelserion69

 Esimate  Height:166 cm  or 5’5”

Height:(80% frame):583px(133cm)

 Bust:121px(28 cm)x3.14=87 cm/  34 Inches

Underwaist:86px(20cm)x3.14 cm=62.5 cm/25 Inches

Waist:82px(18cm)x3.14= 57cm/22 Inches

Hips:125px(29cm)x3.14=91 cm/36 Inches…

 Cup Size: 9” more than bust

Bra Size:  34 I or K Cup in Japan

File:556Bambietta profile.png

Bambietta Basterbine’s Measurements 

BWH:87 ,57,91 cm (34 22,36 Inches)

Bra Size:  34 I or K Cup in Japan

Bambietta Basterbine by thexelo

4)Yoshino Sōma……

A busty  bounty that we certainly here to measure her curves.

Given Kiariya equals Byakuya’s height at around 5’10-5”11,  Yoshino should be around the average height of a woman which is around 162cm.

Yoshino's measurments by IreneBelserion69

  Estimate height:162cm

  Height(80%  frame):440px(130cm)

  Bust:83x(25 cm)x3.14=77 cm/30 Inches

  Underwaist:68px(20 cm)x3.14=62.5 cm/25 Inches

  Waist:67px(20 cm)x3.14=62.5 cm/25 Inches

  Hips:97px(29 cm)x3.14=91 cm/36 Inches…

 Cup Size: 5” more than bust

Bra Size:  30 DD

Yoshino Sōma’s Measurements

BWH:77 ,62.5,91 cm (30, 25,36 Inches)

Bra Size:  30 DD


Yoshi's measurments by IreneBelserion69

Rukia’s height:180px(144cm)

Yoshi’s height:203px(162cm)


  Bust:36px(29 cm)x3.14=91 cm/36 Inches

  Underwaist:32px(26cm)x3.14=81 cm/32 Inches

  Waist:28px(23 cm)x3.14=71 cm/ 28 inches

  Hips:44px(35 cm)x3.14=111 cm/ 44 Inches…

 Cup Size: 4”  more than bust

Bra Size:  36 D

Yoshi’s Measurements

BWH:91 ,71,111 cm (36, 28,44 Inches)

Bra Size:  36 D

6)Riruka Dokugamine…

Riruka measurments by IreneBelserion69

  Height:422px(156 cm/5’1½”)

  Bust:36px(13cm)x3.14=42 cm/  16 inches

  Underwaist:28px(10 cm)x3.14= 32 cm/12.5 inches

  Waist:25px(9 cm)x3.14= 28 cm/11 Inches

  Hips:41px(18 cm)x3.14=  57 cm/ 23 inches…

 Cup Size: 4” more than bust

Bra Size:  Too small to be considered

Riruka’s measurements

BWH:42,28,57 cm(16, 11, 23 Inches)

Damn Rirukia is very petite and skinny, she’s literally a twig in comparison to most of the females. She’s almost as small body wise as a Lolicon, however, she doesn’t look or resemble one, either inconsistent sizing or just how she’s meant to be.

7)Jackie Tristan…

The best way to get to Jackie’s estimated height is to scale her from Renji who we know is a fairly tall above average male at  188cm

Renji:133px( 188cm)

Jacike: 124px(175cm)

So Jackie is basically the same height as Erza, now for the measurements, let’s see if she scales to Erza’s immense bust and size.

Jacike measurments by IreneBelserion69

  Height:422px(156 cm/5’1½”)


Bust:77px( 27 cm)x3.14=86 cm/34 Inches

Underwaist 54px(19 cm)x3.14=59 cm/ 23 inches

Waist:48px(17 cm)x3.14=53cm/21 Inches

Hips:77px( 27 cm)x3.14=86 cm/34 Inches

Cup Size:11” more than bust

Bra Size: 34  K or M cup in Japan

Jackie Tirsan’s Measurements

BWH: 86,53,86 cm(34,21, 34 Inches)

Bra Size: 34  K or M cup in Japan

And now for the ultimate collection of the best waifu’s measurements, first the collection of the BHW best and then a series collection.

Largest Breasts (In Bust width)

1)Meninas: 94cm/38 Inches

2)Yoshi: 91 cm/36 Inches

3)Bambeitta: 87 cm/34 Inches

Largest Breasts (In Cup Size/Volume)

1)Jackie:11” more than bust

2)Bambeitta: 9 ” more than bust

3)Cancide: 7″ more than bust

Largest Ass (Hip Width)

1)Yoshi: 111cm/44 Inches

2)Cancide/Meninas:92 cm/ 36 inches

3)Yoshino/Bambeitta:91/ 36 inches

Median female size( Fullbringers/Quincy)

Number of females:7

Median Height: 166 cm  or 5”5”

Median Weight:54.6 kg  or 120 lbs

Median BHW: 79,53, ‭89 cm ( 31 ,21,35   Inches)

Median Cup Size: 7” more than bust

Median Bra Size: 32 DDDD/G  or H Cup in Japan

Median figure: Pear Shape

Now let’s gather all the data with the females so far and put forth the overall body types of each females.

Median female size(Real Life)

Median Height:5’4″ or 162cm

Median Weight:135 lbs

Median BHW: 84cm,60cm,86cm ( 34 Inches,24 Inches, 34 Inches)

Median Cup Size: 3 “more than breast or C Cup

Median Fairy Tail Female Size

Median Fairy Tail Verse female mages:44

Median Height:5’4″ or 163.4 cm

Median Weight:131lbs or 59.5 kg

Median BHW:94cm, 60cm,99cm( 37 Inches,24 Inches, 39 Inches)

Median Cup Size: 10″ more than bust  or J CUp in America or G cup in Japan

Median figure: Pear Shape

Median Arrancar/Vizard Girls 

Number of females:12

Median Height: 162cm/5’4″

Median BHW:73cm,48 cm75 cm (29 Inches,19 Inches, 29inches

Median Cup Size: 6 ” more than breast or H Cup

Median figure: Hourglass Type

Median  Bleachverse female numbers:

Median  Bleach female size

Number of females:38

Median Height: 162cm/5’4″

Median Weight:54.6 kg  or 120 lbs

Median BHW: 81,52, ‭84 cm ( 32 ,20,33  Inches)

Median Cup Size: 7” more than bust

Median Bra Size: 32 DDDD/G  or H Cup in Japan

Median figure: Hourglass figure

Now for the top biggest BWHs within the  Bleachverse

Largest Breasts (In Bust width)

1)Kirko Hifune:46 N or 144cm JJ Cup

2)Mila Rose:44 L or  114 cm H Cup in Japan

3) Neilel:44 R or  113cm R Cup in Japan 

4) Harribel:44 N or  113cm Q Cup in Japan

5)Rangiku: 44 O or 109cm O Cup

Largest Breasts (In Cup Size/Volume)

Neilel: 18” more than bust

Rangiku: 15″ more than bust

2)Kirio/Kukaku:14″ more than Bra Size

3)Ikumi/Yoruichi:13″ more than Bra Size

4)Unohana/Mila Rose: 12″ more than bust

Largest Ass (Hip Width)

1) Kriko: 144 cm/56 Inches

2)Yoshi: 111cm/44 Inches

3)Isane:110cm/ 43 Inches

4)Appachi/Neilel/ Harribel; 109cm/43 Inches

5)Mila Rose: 107cm/42 Inches

That is all for now , next time we do the Naruto girls and then One Piece afterwards

Buzfeed Joins the Alt Right, makes racist fake news story about black men killing each other over chicken

See the source image

Buzzfeed officially joins the Alt Right, no seriously they made a fake news story about Black people killing each other over chicken Popeye’s, funny how these very same White Liberals claim you’re racist if you hate their agenda but are quick to speard literal fake news employing racist stereotypes of black men everyone.

I guess Black Lives really don’t matter to White Liberals does it?

Hazbin Hotel Pilot review

You know there’s a lot be said when something special comes out. First one being is checking out for yourself to see if that something special is actually worth the hype. on most occasions I find myself either disappointed or just found that supposed special something to be okay but mostly over hyped. However, I’m happy to report this is one special something that manages to earn its praise.

Hello, My name is Fu-reiji! Welcome to the blog where we talk about the topics you may or may not want to. Today we’ll be doing a review on the currently talked about independent animated youtube sponsored by a large number fans and currently sits at 6.4 million views after being on for only a week, Hazbin Hotel. If you haven’t seen it I’ll leave a video link below this paragraph box so you can stop reading and watch it for a bit and you’ll get the idea of what I’m talking about when reviewing this but you already seen it then you can skip it or rewatch it so you can be sure if I’m giving this show a fair review.

Hazbin Hotel is the story of a princess named Charlie who wants to open a hotel that’ll help the denizens of hell rehabilitate into good souls since lately there seem to more corrupt souls becoming demons to the point hell is having an over population problem and needs a way for some of these guys to go heaven over committing genocide on each other. That proves to be a bit difficult cause… well it’s hell and everyone is a complete douche to each other and only care about their personal ambitions.

So, right off the bat Charlie has her work cut out for her and her only support is her girlfriend and partner Vaggie. I say girlfriend mostly cause apparently that’s supposed their relationship status but hey at I’m not complaining since at least this is being forward about it over playing the yuri tease game like many anime and game series tend to do and even current airing cartoons in the west do. We’re introduced to quite a few interesting looking characters and designs for what the hellish demons look like. a lot of the designs especially Charlie gives me Beetlejuice design vibes but it can also be compared to a lot of other similar 90’s cartoon shows that weird.

So yeah, right off the bat I’m already liking the designs and animation style where as it does have a bit of that cal arts influence from what i can tell at least and my god the animation is just so smooth and well done that I can’t even believe that this is was independently done and funded by fans on their patreon. The Voice acting is also independent meaning a lot of the actors came of their own accord. Faye Mata is i guess a big deal since I only know she played the english dubs of Aqua on Konosuba and Astolfo on Fate Apocrypha so she’s a bit 50 50 for me but apparently she plays one of the characters here too but I won’t spoil which one and let you guys figure out which or just read the credits to find out. So, yeah the voice actors all played their parts really well and I was really hooked on their performances and got a good grasp on these characters without feeling distracted on anything.

I suppose next I gotta talk about the music. Just wow, the last thing i was expecting this to be was a musical lol and I honestly couldn’t help but laugh. again if you watched it then you can understand why. The songs just in a way feel like disney songs but with more of an adult edge to it is the best way I can describe it and I mean that in the best possible way. it’s easy to see the creator Viziepop took a lot of inspiration from shows like south park, old school simpsons, and a few other adult animated shows that knew how to do musical numbers. In fact it’s no secret her favorite shows are those very shows where the characters are all bastards in their own rights and have that mean spirited tone that’s hilarious to see play out.

I should’ve mentioned this at the beginning but Hazbin Hotel is not safe for kids as there’s a lot of dirty humor and cussing and innuendo references in just this one episode alone. I should also say that if your not big on shows like south park and other shows that use that kind of humor or comedians like dave chappelle then you may not get into this show as much as almost 2 million folks who have watched it so far. This is the kind of comedy you don’t really see in western shows and movies as often these days so it’s a breath of fresh air to see them go all in on holding nothing back on who they make fun of and how they do it whether it’d be the trans demon adult film star, angel dust who I’m surprisingly taking a fun liking too or even taking shots the kind of folks who have drug or alcohol abuse problems. the execution of the humor is pretty on point but again cause comedy is subjective I felt this warning was warranted.

So, for a pilot episode on youtube that is completely independently made and funded by fans of Viziepop, I have to say this kept me entertained from beginning to end. it should also come as no surprise that the usual group of folks that tend to rage on twitter and resetera are trying to get this shut down cause it offends them by being offended for other folks who from what I can tell enjoyed this as well. Okay, so why exactly is this big deal? well as I said it’s independently made meaning no sponsors or corporate owners like warner, AT&T and Disney to filter them or tell them what to add or take out. This was a project that was made by someone who like many of us all have ideas for stories whether it’d be original or based on existing franchises was able to bring to life. while that’s not to say those who work in these companies all didn’t have similar aspirations at one point, Viziepop like many youtubers made her own content with help from others who chose to do this of their own accord and free time and you can tell a lot of heart and passion was put into it since it can’t have been easy to animate and edit this whole episode with few people they had working on it. Now there is the other issue that the SJW’s and other far left groups try to throw on Vizie by telling folks she did an art drawing something that was offensive 5 or 6 years ago and she’s long since apologized for it and clearly has been doing something to still hold 1.78 million subscribers and even managed to get over 2 grand in support via patreon alone from her fans. I think also makes her a breath of fresh air is just in the fact she’s making this happen independently like how Rooster Teeth used to at once upon a time… now they’re bought out…

So Hazbin Hotel had an impressive start and there’s a lot to admire here and hell as i said practically done with no sponsorship or guarantee to gain this much popularity is pretty inspiring. and I don’t really have many negatives to give this where I will be giving this a definite 5 out of 5 rating for me and here’s hoping she’ll continue it for at least a season to see how she holds up.

This has been Fu-reiji and I will continue to look into talking about topics that you may or may not want to talk about.

what did you think of Hazbin Hotel? like it? disliked it? whatever your thoughts leave them in the comments below. and if you liked it who was your favorite character in the episode? I personally enjoyed the Radio Demon. Just freaking wow. bravo to the actor playing him and man his design is cool lol

The Cowardly Heroes

We’ve had quite an interesting october this year as a certain duo who are pretty much cowards by nature had to once again show the world their courage. No, I’m not talking about Shaggy and Scooby Doo. Sir Daniel Fortesque and Luigi…. uhhh… Mario I guess, both return as they show how cowardly they are but show even cowards can be heroes.

Hello! I’m Fu-reiji and welcome back to the blog where we talk about topics you may or may not want to. Today we will have a double review of these 2 games as thankfully this past weekend I was able to play these 2 games due to my sister’s brother in law having access to these games.

Let’s first start with Medievil. the story is a long time ago a wizard named Zarok was banished from the kingdom of Gallowmere then came back leading an army of the dead to have his revenge. the king’s army was led by sir daniel fortesque who brought an end to Zarok’s reign of terror…. Or so the legend would have you think. Turns out Dan was something of a coward and only got to be the captain of the knights cause he was good buds with the king. so, he was an overglorified hero much like Hercule Satan from Dragon Ball Z lol However, Zarok returns once again to seek his vengeance on Gallowmere as he unleashes a new spell that takes the souls of everyone turning them into well…. the Evil Dead lol No there’s no Ash Williams to save Gallowmere though that would be a cool team up since we just gotta give Ash a tim burton style looking animation lol

Anyway Zarok’s spell worked perfectly. A little too perfectly as this spell also ended up reviving his hated nemesis, Sir Daniel Fortesque who wakes up in his crypt missing his lower jaw and an eye ball only to learn his revival was by chance. a 2nd chance to go and defeat Zarok and prove himself a true hero for real.

That’s the basic gist of the story which for many of us is a classic lol Let’s first talk about the visuals. my god the visuals are very much amazing to look at as Gallowmere looks so much bigger now. the textures and the environment and even Dan’s movements, all of it is just such a welcome update which clearly took note from how spyro and crash went about it. The music is the same but with a more orchestrated sound behind it and it all sounds amazing. the sounds all have been given that HD update where i didn’t realize this till someone brought it up but most of the voice acting audio is the same audio from the original game given a more HD sound update where only Dan’s dialogue was updated by the same voice actor. why do it this way? well it’s mostly cause Zarok’s original voice actor died so I guess they didn’t want to forget about him so just kept the audio of how he read his lines in 98.

How does the game play? well it’s very much an action hack and slash platformer where exploration is everything in games like this. you explore various areas in each level to find all sorts of treasures while slaying foes to fill the chalice up to 100% and collect it to go to the hall of heroes where you’ll be given a variety of items from new weapons and health bottles to extend your health. The camera controls are a much better improvement from what we got originally as the came is more focused behind dan for the most part except when certain areas have it focused from a different angle on purpose. the platforming and timing of your jumps can be tricky but that’s part of what makes a good platformer honestly. There’s a variety of weapons and shields to use. some weapons are just to be used till you get a better version of that weapon such as starting with the small sword and working your way to claim the magic sword, a cross bow that will get replaced with an actual bow and magic arrows. you get the idea.

Enemies tend drain your life pretty quick if you’re not careful which is often why you can either keep your distance and shoot them down or just run around them and slash away till they die and each weapon does have draw backs when using them so pick your weapon and attacks carefully. Boss fights can be fun and their updated looks are quite something too.

Okay so I’ve praised this game a lot what are the down sides to it? Well since it can’t be avoided here they are. yes, despite how much i loved this game Medievil does have some problems. one of them being how apparently PS pro owners have had trouble with the FPS where it’ll slow down and even crash on them, I haven’t had it happen but i did notice how a certain level does slow down on frames and I’d be dumb to not call that out. While I did praise the visuals I do feel like that this new look may have taken away that dark gothic look the original had just a bit. and Yeah obviously certain weapons in this game are more spammable than others to the point it makes your whole playthrough an easy breeze and despite being remade this game is pretty much a shot for shot of the same 98 game. meaning you can pretty much use the exact same walkthrough and guide from 1998 to find all the hidden items this game to offer and I do wish they at least tried to put some different spin on things but I do get why they did it this way. hopefully if this does well enough maybe they’ll do a remake of Medievil 2 and do a lot more with that one.

There’s a couple other things most will point out but those are just nit picks and vary with people since despite flaws Medievil 2019 is a definite welcome remake and I do give it a 4 out 5 rating and absolutely recommend for a fun adventure.

Luigi’s mansion 3 the third installment to Luigi’s ghost busting adventures and hard to tell if Polterpup is living with luigi when he’s on adventures with mario and the others or in kart racing, sports, olypmics with sonic, and what not. So, after unexplained amount of time since the dark moon adventure Luigi is once again invited to a luxurious hotel after winning another contest he once again has no recollection entering and this time is a family and friends package where his brother, toad, toad blue, toad yellow(i guess it was too much to put in toadette), and peach(who now I’m wondering if she just sleeps around with both brothers at this point lol) all get to go and he brings along polterpup.

after a bus ride there things seem normal only to realize the hotel is haunted and the staff are all ghosts and once again King Boo is free and seeks revenge as he’ already captured everyone except luigi. You’d think Mario would know how to handle himself with ghosts at this point. Luigi manages to get away and after finding the latest version of the poltergust and with the help of the ghost expert himself, prof. E. Gadd, Luigi now embarks on another ghost hunt to save his brother and friends from this haunted hotel.

so, what can I say about the game? well the visuals are very well animated and you can pretty much get a grasp of what’s going on without the need for text boxes to tell you as the characters expressions lay it on there. it definitely has a lot of color to it and the ghosts all have expressive personalities to them especially the boss class ghosts.

one of the biggest positives is easily the fact there’s a lot of exploration to do and you can pretty much find everything on every floor pretty easily but still tricky challenges. much like the original collecting rare gems and money is gonna lead to what your ranking will be which means what size hotel are you gonna end up making. Everything for the most part is interactable as every nook and cranny always has hidden money for you to collect.

The gameplay is simple enough. nothing complicated and everything you have on you from beginning to end is all you need to win it all. it’s all just a matter of how you time your attacks or how you get past a particular ghost’s defenses that are gonna get you far. you got “sucking”, you got “blowing ghosts” Oh my… lol, you even got a burst jump skill that lets you get lifted in the air to avoid ground wave attacks or blow away enemies and their protective gears, and of course you got your trusty flash light for stunning ghosts before sucking them up, and the dark light to reveal hidden secrets, another new feature is plunger where you fire a plunger and yank on it to pull things away and break them, and Luigi’s new ability is the slam attack. as you suck up ghosts pressing the A button will let you slam ghosts around to drain their HP faster and you can damage other nearby ghosts and stun them too so you can start sucking them up once your done with the current ghost, the last game feature is Gooigi who you may remember from the 3DS Luigi’s Mansion remake. Gooigi serves a more prominent role this time around as he is there to help you and act as a 2nd controllable character to get through areas luigi can’t get through except water. Gooigi melts around contact with water. He also serves as a player 2 character if you wish to do co op since Gooigi has all the same abilities as Luigi and can do everything he can.

This hotel is pretty massive and some areas are short and quick while others are very long. you got a virtual boy this time around to act as your map viewer.

what are some negatives? well one negative to note is that while it made a lot of strides it definitely doesn’t have the tone and atmosphere the original luigi’s mansion did, another negative is while the boss ghosts are a step up from dark moon they still feel lacking in a way compared to the original and all of them on each floor act like a boss that serve more as mid boss battles. main bosses who guarded the portraits of your friends are notably tougher and require more patience and timing still felt a bit lacking. in the original and even dark moon bosses those felt like boss battles with how they dragged luigi to pocket dimensions to show they’re more powerful than other ghosts. The third negative may just be me but Luigi’s mansion 3 was notably easy. I think that’s due to how the slam makes things easier this time around and there’s the fact Gooigi has regenerative health and is infinite and can back a few seconds after being killed. maybe they didn’t want to scare kids away with too much of a challenge but i think it would’ve benefited the game more if we had a DK kind of system where losing Gooigi meant you had to find certain points in the game where you could collect goo to rebuild Gooigi to summon him back or hell maybe have that regeneration take a bit of time or maybe just pay E. Gadd a certain amount of money to revive Gooigi.

I only have those 3 negatives to say about the game and overall it’s a fun time and the multiplayer was an improvement from dark moon works a lot better though I do wish multiplayer had more than just color pallette swapped luigi’s and gooigi’s to pick from when playing multiplayer. So I will give Luigi’s mansion a 4 out of 5 and also give it a recommended must play if you’re looking for a fun time.

that’s all i got on these 2 games and my overall thoughts on them. what did you think of them? good? bad? leave them in the comments and I’ll see ya’ll next time.

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