Ashiya is Asia?

Pronunciation wise their names do sound similar lol After waking up in what looks to be a school yard Ashiya mangas to find you. Ashiya: Sensei! You’re here too!? By any chance do you where we are? Ashiya: Hehehe I think this is someone who attends this place, sensei. Maybe we can investigate by posingContinue reading “Ashiya is Asia?”

Sexy nurses Akeno and Asia

Akeno: How does it look? Asia: Mmm Akeno, it’s really hard to concentrate like this. Akeno: Fufufu I know a way that can help with that. Minutes later after pulling you out of your office Akeno: Oh doctor I think Asia is in need of some stress relief. Asia: Umm I’m sorry if this isContinue reading “Sexy nurses Akeno and Asia”