Bleach Girls Measurements Part 3

Now for the finale of the Bleach Girl Measurements with the Qunicy and full bringer  Waifus before moving onto other verses. 1)Candice Catnip…  The hot yet very psychopathic waifu of the Sterinner is known for her Lightning-fast attacks and her long legs and firm hourglass body but how thicc is this Quincy Waifu? BeforeContinue reading “Bleach Girls Measurements Part 3”

Naruto vs Bleach verse battle part 2

by IreneBelserion69, Mar 9, 2019, 11:56:11 AM Journals / Personal King Tier Naruto Characters vs King Tier Bleach characters. Now here’s where we get to the characters who can do serious damage to the planet itself. At this point, there should be each their own fights and vs battles and would not be tally it. Naruto Madara is an absoluteContinue reading “Naruto vs Bleach verse battle part 2”

Naruto vs Bleach verse battle

by IreneBelserion69, Mar 8, 2019, 1:11:47 AM Journals / Personal Now that we got Naruto and Ichigo out of the way and I finished my rant journals, let’s finish up the Bleach vs Naruto saga by matching up verse by verse going by characters of comparable rank and power and see without bias which displays who in power. Naruto vs IchigoContinue reading “Naruto vs Bleach verse battle”