Farewell to new wave

Not an RP, just a small update and mention that senran kagura new wave officially closed it’s servers as of this morning of october 30th, 2020. While it never got a western release probably cause they felt there wasn’t enough of a support for it in the West, it’s reasons for shutting the servers downContinue reading “Farewell to new wave”

Pokemon Discussion 4: Top 5 disturbing poke facts/lore

Hello… Welcome back to another pokemon topic and probably the last one for a long while so we can move on to other topics in the future. Today’s topic is gonna be the opposite. No, not me being overly negative pokemon and while there are certain episodes and movies I could do that on, that’sContinue reading “Pokemon Discussion 4: Top 5 disturbing poke facts/lore”

Pokemon Discussion 3: Best intros(dub)

Hello and welcome back to another Poke-topic as now I will go over what are likely my all time favorite openings or intros to the pokemon anime and spoiler warning on the fact that the sun and moon dub openings won’t be in this list and neither will the XY-XYZ openings due to how despiteContinue reading “Pokemon Discussion 3: Best intros(dub)”

Pokemon Discussion 2: Favorite Pokemon movies

And welcome back as we continue pokemon discussion topics and today I want to talk about the ones I feel are the best and still hold up. There’s 22… 23 technically if you want to count detective pikachu.. or maybe 24 if you also count the remake to the first movie in the line upContinue reading “Pokemon Discussion 2: Favorite Pokemon movies”

Pokemon Topic 1: Worst to Best Seasons

Hello! Today I think I’m gonna do Pokemon Topics for a bit cause holy shit it’s 2020 and Pokemon in all its forms of media aren’t going away. the only other anime that compare to its long running time are detective conan, shin-chan, and one piece. but Long running shows that never end aren’t anythingContinue reading “Pokemon Topic 1: Worst to Best Seasons”

Least favorite type of characters.

I haven’t done a topic in a long while as I’ve tried to catch on RP posts cause hey it’s in the name of the blog and that’s kind one of it’s main reasons for existing lol today I want to talk one of my least favorite types of characters that are mainly prominent inContinue reading “Least favorite type of characters.”

Fate Grand Order Babylonia act 2 review

Welcome back fellow Chaldea Masters and fate viewers alike. we are nearing the end of the year and 2019 has been a lot of big ups for FGO from some of the best new events in the game, crossing the billion dollar mark as an app game, jesus over 15 million downloads in just 4Continue reading “Fate Grand Order Babylonia act 2 review”

Kandagawa Jet Girls ep 11 review

So this it. This is really the best Takaki can do in terms of story telling? * sigh * let’s just get on with it. Hello and Merry Christmas~! Now is the time of being thankful and loving. Or at least it would be! * dramatic crying * Yeah this episode is just so… god…Continue reading “Kandagawa Jet Girls ep 11 review”