Yomi Claudius Augustus Germanicus

????: What’s that!? Is it beauty? Is it time? Nope! It’s me of course! Yomi: can I please have my body back? Basically yomi found a book that happened to have materials and foot notes on doing summons. Problem was it was a summoning ritual for a servant and yomi lacked a few materials thusContinue reading “Yomi Claudius Augustus Germanicus”

Pseudo-servant Yumi Tamamo no Mae

while most likely just costumes for the SK girls, a good fate fan would know that when it comes to servants it’s not that simple. more than likely the servants possessed the girls bodies since they could not be fully summoned. it’s this case it’s likely Tamamo in Yumi’s body. Tamamo: Mikon! Caster Servant, TamamoContinue reading “Pseudo-servant Yumi Tamamo no Mae”

Fate Grand Order Babylonia act 2 review

Welcome back fellow Chaldea Masters and fate viewers alike. we are nearing the end of the year and 2019 has been a lot of big ups for FGO from some of the best new events in the game, crossing the billion dollar mark as an app game, jesus over 15 million downloads in just 4Continue reading “Fate Grand Order Babylonia act 2 review”