Kanu VR gaming

Kanu: I shouldn’t have too much trouble playing this. she tries playing but she panicked in less than a few minutes due to the game being a horror survival game called Residence of the Dead. basically a hybrid parody of house of the dead and resident evil complete with jump scares with a parody nemesisContinue reading “Kanu VR gaming”

Hakufu enters the battle

Hakufu: Hey! It’s the ninja girls! Long time no see! Katsu-chan!(Katsuragi) let’s have another fight after I see how strong your sensei is! Just me going off on assumption hakufu and katsuragi would be instant besties due to Katsuragi’s design and habits were based off of Hakufu as inspiration so it’d be weird for themContinue reading “Hakufu enters the battle”