Kandagawa Jet Girls episode 10 review

Time for another Jet Girls and there’s not much I can really say that I haven’t already said in the other episodes where again the story just pretty much stops to do a beach episode and ultimately nothing moves forward and nobody really develops or we learn anything about them personally. so I’m just gonnaContinue reading “Kandagawa Jet Girls episode 10 review”

Jet Girls ep 5 and 6 thoughts

well this week’s episode kind of got some attention from me but I guess I should briefly go over last week’s episode where basically we were introduced to the loli twin idol who are also known as Hell’s Kitchen, Tsui Pan and Tina Pan. they’re idols and they’re racers so a lot of the japaneseContinue reading “Jet Girls ep 5 and 6 thoughts”

Kandagawa Jet Girls episode 4 review

So, the time for another race begins and it was pretty much like the last one only Rin and Misa won at the end but unlike the last one that took up half the episode, this race was the entire episode. I guess one of the rules before a race is the 2 teams haveContinue reading “Kandagawa Jet Girls episode 4 review”

Kandawaga Jet Girls ep 3 review

Okay time to look over episode 3 of Jet Girls and how it did. Man the student council prez’s expression in that image really does a good of showing what I thought. So, this episode was kind of a down from last week which puts us back to where I was with episode 1. JetContinue reading “Kandawaga Jet Girls ep 3 review”