Night with Meidri

if you saw the episode I am well aware of the context but this is as close we’ll probably get to letting Meidri getting laid. Meidri: Hahhh hahh I can’t fight this anymore… ahhhh I hate that you know my weakspot ahhhhhh!!!! Meidri: Ahhh hahh your dick feels so amazing! Ahhh hahh! Meidri: Hahhh hahh….Continue reading “Night with Meidri”

Night with Tiaplate

Tiaplate or Tia for short is a Salamander girl so unless your Fire/Heat Resistance is about 70 to 90 percent or you’re immune to high heat and fire like Natsu Dragneel from Fairy Tail due to Fire Dragon Slayer Magic then Tia is a very tasteful time to be having as she can cook yourContinue reading “Night with Tiaplate”

Elma x Okpa bath service

yeah for those who don’t pay attention these prostitute monster girls have names in ishuzoku reviewers though i had to look up the wiki to be sure since we aren’t focused on them much lol Elma is the elf and Okpa is the octogirl. Okpa: Welcome, dear costumer. Elma: Let’s get you cleaned up beforeContinue reading “Elma x Okpa bath service”

Ishuzoku Reviewers ep 4

So this week’s interspecies prostitutes was kind of tamer than last week’s but that’s not really saying much. this week our perverted heroes are near broke and need cheap thrills so they go to the lesser succubi pub where things are shady there and you pretty much have to sign a release form where theContinue reading “Ishuzoku Reviewers ep 4”

Ishuzoku Reviewers ep 3

Time for more how to have sex with monster girl prostitutes. Today’s episodes is all about the guys plus Krim who has both a dick and pussy and pretty much shaped like a girl in every other way so label her or him whatever gender you want lol but pretty much our heroes all becomeContinue reading “Ishuzoku Reviewers ep 3”

Ishuzoku Reviewers ep 2

alright time to come back to ep 2 as this week we learn how to plow tinker bell(fairies) and Cow Girls(female minotaurs who produce milk). yeah I don’t know what is it with japan and other people in world wanting to stick their dicks in something the size of a doll. so we get ourContinue reading “Ishuzoku Reviewers ep 2”

Interspecies/Ishuzoku reviewers thoughts

and time for what’s pretty much one of the most lewdest anime to come out in a long while and considering the disappointment that was jet girls this is a blessing. Ishuzoku Reviewers aka Interspecies Reviewers where given it’s concept you’d think would be more of a hentai series of OVAs but nope it gotContinue reading “Interspecies/Ishuzoku reviewers thoughts”