Magia Record ep 4

So, time for the Magia Record episode 4 to begin and… it was okay. not terrible just okay. I think my personal issues just come from how the anime adaption feels like it has to give up a lot more than fate grand order when adapting their mobile game and has to do a lotContinue reading “Magia Record ep 4”

Magia Record ep 3

So episode 3 of Magia Record happened and it closes out the rule of ending friendships storyline where again much like the FGO Babylonia adaption it had to make changes to basically summarize this story and unfortunately this is where Magia Record fell short compared to what FGO was able to compromise in how toContinue reading “Magia Record ep 3”

Magia Record ep 1 review

So it’s finally here. Magia Record aka Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story. The spin off story based on the ever so talked about Madoka anime that sparked many conversations and had many consider it the darkest take of a magical girl series in like ever. While there is a bit of truth into howContinue reading “Magia Record ep 1 review”