Final Fantasy 7 Remake Review

Final Fantasy 7 Remake! the long and I do mean long anticipated awaited release to the 1998 classic PS1 RPG(1997 in japan) that never went away and remains Square Enix’s biggest cash cow. while people have been asking for this since the an E3 showing of what it could look like during the PS3 era,Continue reading “Final Fantasy 7 Remake Review”

Ishuzoku Reviewers ep 2

alright time to come back to ep 2 as this week we learn how to plow tinker bell(fairies) and Cow Girls(female minotaurs who produce milk). yeah I don’t know what is it with japan and other people in world wanting to stick their dicks in something the size of a doll. so we get ourContinue reading “Ishuzoku Reviewers ep 2”

Magia Record ep 3

So episode 3 of Magia Record happened and it closes out the rule of ending friendships storyline where again much like the FGO Babylonia adaption it had to make changes to basically summarize this story and unfortunately this is where Magia Record fell short compared to what FGO was able to compromise in how toContinue reading “Magia Record ep 3”

Kandagawa Jet Girls finale and overall thoughts

Well this shouldn’t take long since every other episode up to this point more or less sums up how I feel about this anime. God… even the text under the title isn’t even true since that’s all they literally did in their races. increased your speed every time. that is literally the whole point ofContinue reading “Kandagawa Jet Girls finale and overall thoughts”

Fate Grand Order Babylonia act 2 review

Welcome back fellow Chaldea Masters and fate viewers alike. we are nearing the end of the year and 2019 has been a lot of big ups for FGO from some of the best new events in the game, crossing the billion dollar mark as an app game, jesus over 15 million downloads in just 4Continue reading “Fate Grand Order Babylonia act 2 review”

Kandagawa Jet Girls ep 11 review

So this it. This is really the best Takaki can do in terms of story telling? * sigh * let’s just get on with it. Hello and Merry Christmas~! Now is the time of being thankful and loving. Or at least it would be! * dramatic crying * Yeah this episode is just so… god…Continue reading “Kandagawa Jet Girls ep 11 review”

Kandagawa Jet Girls ep 9 review

You ever have one of those days where just when you thought something couldn’t a low point after it already hit a low point. well that’s this episode nutshell. so, let’s get into it. So it’s finally time for the Kandagawa River Tournament that is supposedly the longest racing track(until they reveal another longer racingContinue reading “Kandagawa Jet Girls ep 9 review”

Kandagawa Jet Girls ep 8 review

So episode 8 happened. yeah that’s probably the simplest way to talk about it. it happened and that’s basically it. things start with the twins doing their show then get taken to do a bungie jump event they didn’t want to do due to from the looks of it fear of heights. I’m not evenContinue reading “Kandagawa Jet Girls ep 8 review”