If there was ever a woman who you can definitely say is a bitch in every sense of the word then it’d be Oboro. she’s a recurring villain in Taimanin. unfortunate as that is. So, basically the story is Oboro was a Taimanin who was later revealed to be a traitor and was going toContinue reading “Oboro”

Murasaki weight training

yes this is very canon. Murasaki likes to do her workouts topless and she pretty much does a lot weight training and she would have to given how heavy her Axe is. jesus 300 pound weights. gotta love the future in how they can do that now lol Murasaki: One! Two! Three! Hmm? Don’t tellContinue reading “Murasaki weight training”

Murasaki Yatsu

So another Taimanin who yes cause of hentai logic gets taken down easily so ignoring that what makes Murasaki a badass? Well aside from the fact she’s so hella strong she can lift this heavy axe and still swing fast making it easy for her to cut throw many foes and naturally her super strengthContinue reading “Murasaki Yatsu”