Bleach Girls Measurments Part 1

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Yep for the maker of the Fairy Tail Female measurements, comes the Bleach Female measurements. This would be a three-part measurements chart for all the females within the series or at least the most notable females. The first edition would e dedicated to Humans like Orihime and Shinigami, the Second edition would be dedicated to Arrancars and Vizards and the last one would be dedicated to Fullbringers and Qunices as well as the Bount females. Anyways enjoy.

One study in the United States estimated the average human head circumference to be 57 centimetres (22   1 ⁄ 2  in) in males and 55 centimetres (21   3 ⁄ 4  in) in females. , we’ll be using this as comparison in bust width, Cup Size, Hip width and ass depth.

We’ll be using these as reference for the images to scale bobs and asses.

And would be trying our best to get the breast volume and breast weight of each female here, using math eqautaitons to get to our desired calc.

Going by this chart, fore about every 0.8-0.9cm with Cup Diameter, we increase the Breast Weight by 1.29 times as well as Breast Volume, if the breasts don’t fall within range of this chart.

Rukia Kuchiki

The default main character of Bleach and the character who’s probably going to be my rule of thumb for anyone to be measured.  I instantly disqualify any and all Loils from being measured, they have nothing to measure and our children so they won’t be measured by me. Find some sick pedo degenerate for that shit, anyways the law here is Rukia’s Law. If a character is under 4’8″, has no curves at all or looks like a child or the combination of all three, they’re instantly banned from being measured.

Meaning no Hiyori

No  Lynnette 

No Lilooto 

And definitely no Yachiru

So now that I got out of the way, let’s do the Rukia measurements or lack of measurements.…

144 cm (4’8½”)

RUkia's measurments by IreneBelserion69

Rukia’s Height:529px(144 cm /4’8½”)

Rukia’s Bust:66px(18cm)x3.14=58cm/23 Inches

Rukia’s Underbust:63px(17cm)x3.14=53cm/21 Inches

Rukia’s Waist:47px(13cm)x3.14=40cm/16 Inches

Rukia’s Hips:86px(23cm)x3.14=74cm/29 Inches…

Rukia’s Cup Size: 2″ more than bust

Rukia’s Bra Size: 24 B or B Cup

Body type: Pear Shape

Rukia’s Measurements

BHW:58, 40, 74 cm (24, 16, 29 Inches)

Bra Size:  24 B or B Cup

So Rukia, as expected, is flat chest albeit having a bit more than originally thought and has a pretty nicer ass considering her size.

Rukia’s chest would be way too small for this chart, the cloest her boobs are is roughly 28C or 240cc. Her Breast milk capcity would be less than a US Pt and weigh a total of 0.43 kg or 15 ounces.

Rukia’s Breast Volume: Under 240cc

Rukia’s Breast Milk Capacity: Under 0.51 US pts

Rukia’s Breast Weight: Under 0.43kg(0.95 lbs)

Orihime Inoue…

Perhaps one of the cutest and bustiest girls in Bleach who’s probably very fun to corrupt and pervert, it’s Orihime. I would provide some interesting art here but because”Deviant Art” would ban me for being “Deviant” I can’t show you them, let’s see how busty Orihime is here.

Orihime's measurments by IreneBelserion69

157 cm (5’2″)


Orihime’s Height Height157 cm /5’2″)

Orihime’s Bust:144px(29cm)x3.14=92cm/ 36 Inches

Orihime’s Underwaist:113px(23cm)x3.14=71cm/ 28 Inches

Orihime’s Waist:106px(22cm)x3.14=69cm/27 Inches

Orihime’s Hips:106px(32cm)x3.14=100cm/39 Inches

Orihime’s Cup Size: 8″ more than bust

Orihime’s Bra Size:  36 H or E Cup

Orihime’s Measurements

BHW:92,69,100 cm (36, 27, 39 Inches)

Bra Size: 36 H or E Cup

Body Type: Pear Figure

See the source image

Pretty much the results I was expecting,  she’s quite big and cute, seriously she’s too adorable.  

At 36 H, Orhime’s boobs would be 1,370cc in volume or weight roughly 2.5kg(5.5lbs), meaning Oirhime’s weight without her boobs is 94 to 103 lbs.

Orihime’s Breast Volume:1,370cc

Orihime’s Breast Milk Capacity: 2.9 US pt

Orihime’s Breast Weight:2.5kg(5.5lbs)

Tatsuki Arisawa

Orihime’s best friend and possible closest Lesbian Tatsuki Arisawa, seriously am I the only one who thinks her and Orihime look…

  155 cm (5’1″)

Tatsuki Measurment's by IreneBelserion69

 Tatsuki’s Height:1683px(155 cm /5’1″)

 Tatsuki’s Bust:271px(25cm)x3.14=80cm/ 31 Inches

 Tatsuki’s Underwaist:231px(23cm)x3.14=71cm/ 28 Inches

 Tatsuki’s Waist:181px(18cm)x3.14=58cm/23 Inches

 Tatsuki’s Hips:281px(26cm)x3.14=81cm/32 inches…

 Tatsuki’s  Cup Size: 3″ more than bust

 Tatsuki’s Bra Size: 32 C or C Cup

Tatsuki’s Measurements

BHW:80,58, 81cm (31, 23, 32 Inches)

Bra Size:  32 C or C Cup

Body Type: Hourglass Figure

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 0b2f9-calculatingcupvolumeandbreastweight.png

At 32 C,Tatsuki’s boobs is a meager 390cc or 0.82 US pts and weigh around 1.5 lbs.

Tatsuki’s Breast Volume: 390cc

Tatsuki’s Breast Milk Capacity: 0.82 US pts

Tatsuki’s Breast Weight:0.70kg(1.5 lbs)

Chizuru Honsho…

She seems no shorter than Tatsuki

Chizuru's measurments by IreneBelserion69

Chizuru’s Height:1387px(155 cm /5’1″)

Chizuru’s Bust:215px(24cm)x3.14=75cm/ 30 Inches

Chizuru’s Underwaist:194px(22cm)x3.14=69cm/27 Inches

Chizuru’s Waist:182px(20cm)x3.14=64cm/25 inches

Chizuru’s Hips:284px(32cm)x3.14=100cm/39 Inches

Chizuru’s  Measurements

BHW:75,64, 100cm (30, 25, 39 Inches)

Bra Size:  30C or C Cup

Body Type: Pear Figure

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 0b2f9-calculatingcupvolumeandbreastweight.png

At 30 C, Chiuzru’s breast would be only 310 cc which is roughly 0.66 US Pts or 0.56kg which is only a measly 1.2 lbs

Chizuru’s Breast Volume:310cc

Chizuru’s Breast Milk Capacity: 0.66 US pts

Chiurzu’s Breast Weight:0.66 kg( 1.2 Lbs)

Masaki Kurosaki

 Time for the original MILF of the series, Masaki Kurosaki, before the shitty Masaki Qunicy Retcon ruined her and made her a unerable Mary Sue who despite having “Baby Steps” training to kill Hollows as powerful as Captains,…

Masaki is a woman of average height.

So roughly 5’4″ or 163cm

Masaki measurments by IreneBelserion69

 Masaki’s Height:209px(163cm)

 Masaki’s  Bust:34px(27cm)x3.14=86cm/ 34 Inches

  Masaki’s  Underwaist:25px(20cm)x3.14=64cm/25 inches

  Masaki’s  Waist:16px(13cm)x3.14=40cm/16 Inches

  Masaki’s  Hips:33px(26cm)x3.14=81cm/32 inches…

 Masaki’s Cup Size:9″ more than bust

 Masaki’s Bra Size: 34 I or F Cup

Masaki’s  Measurements

BHW:86,40, 81 cm (34, 15, 32 Inches)

Bra Size:  34 I or F Cup

Body Type: Hourglass Figure

At 34 I, Masaki’s boobs would be 1,370cc in volume or weight roughly 2.5kg(5.5lbs), which gives her the same mass as Oirhime’s boobs.

Masaki’s Breast Volume:1,370cc

Masaki’s Breast Milk Capacity: 2.9 US pt

Masaki’s Breast Weight:2.5kg(5.5lbs)

Considering her younger self was very busty, these measurements aren’t too surprising.

Render Masaki Kurosaki by YaelRukia

Needless to say, Masaki is quite the MILF, shame she’s dead. 

Ikumi Unagiya…

Probably the hottest MILF in the series by far and easily the best part of the mess that was the Fullbringer Arc, however, the Bleach Wiki gets her height wrong and here’s why.

Ikumi is a tall, curvaceous, and fair-skinned woman with brown eyes. 

Bleach 455 Page 6

However this is completely misleading as going by manga scans and the anime, Ikumi isn’t all that tall at all

Ichigo timeskip is only  6 feet tall so Ikumi is not tall, however how short she is to Ichigo?

Ikumi's height by IreneBelserion69

Ichigo: 276PX(181 cm/6 feet tall)

Ikumi: 234Px(154cm/5’1″)…

So yeah that statement Ikumi is a tall woman, yeah I think Turmp has something to say about Bleach wiki

Now for a reference of her boobs, I’m doing this because of lack of good angles for Ikumi’s body. Ichigo’s head is almost as big as one of her boobs as seen here.…

From the forehead to the occiput, the average length of an adult skull is around 21 to 22 centimeters. Meanwhile, the average width is about 17 to 18 centimeters. In terms of circumference, the average skull of an adult measures 54 to 57 centimeters

Ikkumi's boobs by IreneBelserion69

Ichigo’s head length :159px (22cm)

Ikumi’s boob length:107px(15cm)x 2=30 cm 

Ikumi's measurments by IreneBelserion69

Ikumi’s Height:154cm/5’1″

Ikumi’s Bust:72px(30cm)x3.14=94cm/37 Inches

Ikumi’s Underwaist:47px(20cm)x3.14=61cm/24 Inches

Ikumi’s Waist:44px(19cm)x.3.14=60cm/24 inches

Ikumi’s Hips:79px(32cm)x3.14=100cm/39 Inches

Ikumi’s cup: 13″ more than Bra Size

Ikumi’s Bra Size:38 M or K Cup

Ikumi’s Measurements

BHW:94,61,100 cm (37, 24, 39 Inches)

Bra Size:38 M or K Cup

At 38M, she’s at the highest part of the chart by far at straight up 3,000cc which is 6.3 US Pt and weigh 5.2 kg or 12 lbs.

Ikumi’s Breast Volume:3,000cc

Ikumi’s Breast Milk Capacity: 6.3 US pts

Ikumi’s Breast Weight:5.3 kg ( 12 Lbs)

In other words, she’s very busty and a bonafide MILF. I was honestly hoping she turned out to be a Secret Qunicy or Shinigami.

Body Type:Hourglass Figure

Kukaku Shiba

Another underrated Mature woman i wish had more use and a bigger role within Bleach, Kukaku SHiba.…

168 cm (5’6″)

Kukkau's measurments by IreneBelserion69

Kukaku’s Height:607px(168 cm /5’6″)

Kukaku’s   Bust:112px(31cm)x3.14=97cm/ 38 Inches

Kukaku’s   Underwaist:69px(19cm)x.3.14=60cm/24 inches

Kukaku’s   Waist:60px (17cm)=53cm/21 Inches

Kukaku’s   Hips:111px(31cm)x3.14=97cm/ 38 Inches

Now for bra size

Kukaku’s  cup: 14″ more than Bra Size

Kukaku’s Bra Size: 38 N or JJ Cup

Kukaku’s Measurements

BHW:97,53,97 cm (38, 21, 38 Inches)

Bra Size: 38 N or  JJ Cup

Body Type: Hourglass figure

At 38 N, she’s actually too big to be within this chart. Let’s now figure out how Busty Kukaku must be.

Let’s appoimeaxte the size via math


Length of each breast:Bust Width/2

31cm/2=15.5 cm

15.5cmx15.5cmx35.56 cm

the breast weight is around 90% the volume.

8,543.29cm^3×90.1%/1,000=7.7 kg

Kukaku’s Breast Volume:8,543.29cm^3

Kukaku’s Breast Milk Capacity: 2.3 US Gallons

Kukaku’s Breast Weight:7.7 kg ( 15.4 Lbs)

These boobs make up roughly 12% of Kukaku’s body mass and without boobs of that size, Kukaku is only suprisngly 112.6 lbs in mass, this would make Kukaku about 5-6 pounds under the average weight of an average woman at 5″6″ without the boobs.


The Ebony Goddes arguably the hottest woman within Bleach, Yoruichi

Finding a perfect angle for Yoruichi was a real pain in the ass, the picture above here doesn’t do her actual measurements justice soi ac

156 cm (5’1½”)

Yoruichi's measurments by IreneBelserion69

Yoruichi’s height:837px(156cm/5’1½”)

yoruichi’s bust:161px( 30cm)x3.14=94cm/37 Inches

Yoruichi ‘s Underbust:110px(20cm)x3.14=64cm/25 inches

Yoruichis waist:88px(16cm)x3.14=50cm/20 Inches

Yoruichi’s Hips:175px(33cm)x3.14=102cm/ 40 Inches

Now for bra size

Yoruichi ‘s cup: 13″ more than Bra Size

Yoruichi ‘s Bra Size: 38 M or K Cup

Yoruichi’s Measurements

BHW:94,50,102 cm (37, 20, 40 Inches)

Bra Size:38 M or K Cup


Body Typeear Figure

At 38M, she’s at the highest part of the chart by far at straight up 3,000cc which is 6.3 US Pt and weigh 5.2 kg or 12 lbs.

Yoruichi’s Breast Volume:3,000cc

Yoruichi’s Breast Milk Capacity: 6.3 US pts

Yoruichi’s Breast Weight:5.3 kg ( 12 Lbs)

Erza Pre skip by IreneBelserion69

Yoruichi would share almost the exact same measurements as Pre Skip Erza, Difference is Yoruichi has a slightly bigger cup size than Erza and Erza has a slightly bigger ass size and a much smaller waist, especially given she’s considerably smaller than Erza.

In fact height wise, she barely is the same size as Mirajane who’s 5’2″

shihouin yoruichi (bleach) drawn by nanao (mahaya)
shihouin yoruichi (bleach) drawn by kuranosuke
Nice one, Senkou! by LordCamelot2018

Yoruichi is the current reigning ass queen of Bleach


Now for the sexy, petite badass dominatrix of Squad 2 Soifon, she would punish you with her tighs.…

Soifon's measurments by IreneBelserion69

Soifon’s Height:559px(150 cm/4’11”)

Soifon’s Bust:74px(20cm)x3.14=64cm/25 inches

Soifon’s Underwaist:70px(19cm)x.3.14=60cm/24 inches

Soifon’s Waist:65px(18cm)x3.14=58cm/23 Inches

Soifon’s Hips:94px(25cm)x3.14=80cm/ 31 Inches

Now for bra size

Soifon’s cup: 1″ more than Bra Size

Soifon’s Bra Size: 24 A or  A cup in Japan

Soifon’s Measurements

BHW:64,58,80 cm (25, 23, 31 Inches)

Bra Size: 24 A or  A cup in Japan


Body Typeear Figure 

Soifon is completely flat chested so she has no mass within her boobs at all.


The queen of Oppai, Rangiku Matsumoto, yep we’re going to check on her measurements.

Rangiku Measurments by IreneBelserion69

Rangiku’s Height: 657px(172 cm /5’7½)

Rangiku’s bust:133px(35cm )x3.14=109cm/ 43 Inches

Rangiku’s underrbust:86px(23cm)x3.14=71cm/ 28 Inches

Rangiku’s waist:82px(22cm)x3.14=69cm/27 Inches

Rangiku’s Hips:119px(31cm)x3.14=98cm/39 Inches

Now for cup size

Rangiku’s Cup Size: 15″ more than bust

Rangiku’s Bra Size: 44 O or O Cup

Rangiku’s Measurements

BHW:109, 69,98 cm (43, 27, 39 Inches)

Bra Size: 44 O or O Cup

Body Type:Inverted Triangle.

As you can see, she’s too big to be charted, so onto measuring her via our method.

Let’s appoimeaxte the size via math


Length of each breast:Bust Width/2


17cmx17cmx38.1 cm

‭11,010.9‬‬ cm^3×90%/1,000

9.91kg / 20.348 lbs

Rangiku’s Breast Volume:11,010.9‬‬ cm^3

Rangiku’s Breast Milk Capacity:2.9 Gallons

Rangiku’s Breast Weight:9.91 kg / 21.8 lbs

Nice one, Senkou! by LordCamelot2018


164 cm (5’4½”)[

Nanao's Meuasrments by IreneBelserion69

Nanao’s   Height:609px(164 cm /5’4½”)

 Nanao’s  Bust:96px(26cm)x3.14=81cm/32 inches

Nanao’s Underwaist:94px(25cm) 78cm/ 31 Inches

Nanao’s   Waist:76px(20cm)X3.14=63cm/ 25 inches

Nanao’s   Hips:117px(32cm)x3.14=100cm/39 Inches

Nanao’s   cup: 1″ more than Bra Size

Nanao’s   Bra Size: 32 A or  A cup in Japan

 Nanao’s Measurements

BHW: 81, 63,100 cm (32, 25, 39 Inches)

Bra Size: 32 A or  A cup in Japan


Body Typeear Figure 

Nanao’s chest would be roughly 32A or 240cc. Her Breast milk capcity would be less than a US Pt and weigh a total of 0.43 kg or 15 ounces.

Nanano’s Breast Volume: 240cc

Nanao’s Breast Milk Capacity: 0.51 US pts

Nanao’s Breast Weight: 0.43kg(0.95 lbs)


Isane's Measurments by IreneBelserion69

Isane’s  Height:620px(187 cm /6’1½”)

Isane’s Bust:97px(29cm)x3.14=92cm/ 36 Inches

Isane’s Underwaist:73px(22cm)x3.14=69cm/27 Inches

Isane’s Waist:60px(18cm)x3.14=58cm/23 Inches

Isane’s Hips:117px(35cm)x3.14=110cm/43 Inches…

Isane’s Cup Size: 9″ more than bust

Isane’s Bra Size: 36 I or F Cup

Isane’s Measurements

BHW:92,58,110cm (36, 23, 43 Inches)

Bra Size: 36 I or F Cup


Body Typeear Figure 

Looks like Isane dethroned Yoruichi in the ass department. Then again given she’s a full foot taller than Yoruichi, not that surprising.

At 36 I, Isane’s boobs would have a voulme of 1,580 cc and has 3.3 US pts worth of milk in her boobs and weighs 2.8 kg or 6.2 lbs.

Isane’s Breast Volume:1,580cc

Isane’s Breast Milk Capacity: 3.3 US pt

Isane’s Breast Weight:2.8kg( 6.2lbs)


  159 cm (5’2½”

Uohana's Measurments by IreneBelserion69

 Unohana’s Height:573px(159 cm/5’2½”)

 Unohana’s Bust:102px(28cm)x3.14=89cm/35 Inches

 Unohana’s Underbust:65px(18cm)x3.14=58cm/23 Inches

  Unohana’s Waist:58px(16cm)x3.14=50cm/20 Inches

 Unohana’s Hips:100px(27cm)x3.14=86cm/ 34 Inches…

Unohana’s Cup Size: 12″ more than bust

Unohana’s  Bra Size: 36 L or J Cup

Unohana’s Measurements

BHW:89,58, 86cm (35, 23, 34 Inches)

Bra Size: 36 L or J Cup

Body Type: Hourglass figure

At 36 L, Unohana’s juicy big milf tites would be 2,340 cc, having over 4.9 US pts and weigh over 9.3 Lbs or 4.2 kgs.

Unohana’s Breast Volume:2,340 cc or 2,340 ml

Unohana’s Breast Milk Capacity: 4.9 US pts

Unohana’s Breast Weight:4.3 kg( 9.3 Lbs)

Kirio Hikifune…

And we come down to probably one of the best girls in Bleach if she was completely rewritten to being a badass master swordsman like Unohana or a badass hand to hand brawler like Yoruichi or someone like Ranigku who has a versatile Znapakuto… Sadly Kiro isn’t that at all, a major waste of character design. Sadly unlikes most characters, many 1,000-year war arc characters never got any scaling, which would make it especially difficult to scale them going into the third part which would have mostly female Quncies

First, we must determine Kirio’s height. scaling from Tenertou who’s to be pretty tall, she’s fucking huge, though we’re not going to scale that gogtetuse abomination of her bose form, we’re scaling her waifu form

Kirio's height by IreneBelserion69

Tenjiro :259px

Kirio : 234px

Height Difference between Tenijo and Kiro:90% Tnejiro’s height

Now to get to the height let’s scaling Tnejiro to Rneji…

Twnrijou's heigh by IreneBelserion69

Who’s already quite tall at an astounding 188 cm (6’2″)

Reniji: 398px(188 cm/6’2″)

Tenjriou:456px(215 cm/)

Height Difference between Tenijo and Renji: 87%

So Renji is 3% shorter than Kiro. crap. Well assuming her height doesn’t decrease, Kiriko would be an overwhelming  193.5cm, needless to say, prepare for some extra thiccness and possible undisputed thicc queen of Bleach.

The would make Kirio an overwhelming 6’4″, just merely 3 inches shorter than Kenpachi Zaraki. Needless to say she’s extremely thicc, probably much more so than Irene from Fairy Tail, sadly though she’s basically more useless than Orihime and stuck most of the time in her ugly ass mobrdily bose form so that serverly limits the impact such beauty has. I mean for fuck sake the Royal Guard in Bleach are easily the worst Royal Guard I’ve seen in fiction.

Up there within the Alatainain Royal Guard from Atlantis Squarepantis within that infamously bad Spongebob episode during season 5. Honestly sad when Nemu, a fucking Vice Captain did more damage to Ywach’s elites than Kiro so yeah I don’t honestly like or care about her relevance but not gonna lie, this white bitch is certainly thicc, how thicc let’s find out.

Kirko's measurments by IreneBelserion69

Sadly this is the best angel I can get 

Kirio’s Height:276px (193.5cm/ 6’4″ however with 75% of bodyframe cut)

Kirio’s Bust:53px(38cm)x3.14=117cm/46 Inches

Kirio’s  Underwaist:38px(27cm)x3.14=86cm/ 34 Inches

Kirio’s  Waist:37px(26cm)X3.14=82cm/32 inches

Kirio’s  Hips:64px(46cm)x3.14=144cm/56 Inches

Kirio’s Cup Size:14″ more than Bra Size

Kirio’s  Bra Size: 46 N or JJ Cup

Kirio’s Measurements

BHW:117, 82,144 cm (46, 32, 56 Inches)

Bra Size: 46 N or JJ Cup


Body Typeear Figure 

Geez, no wonder Ichigo and Renji were blown away, she makes Rnaigku and Yoruichi look like Yachiru by comparison.

Nice one, Senkou! by LordCamelot2018

Damn, she’s basically this verse eqauilvent of Irene in terms of being the thicc queen, plus being thiccer than Irene.

Minus the compelling, interesting characteristics and personality

Minus any actual badassery

And minus any effect on the plot or characters,Granted Mashima dropped the ball hard on Irene but at least Irene’s story has potential but enough on the sad and disappointing mess that is the Royal Guard,

Seriously how useful is the title ”  really is anyway, kinda a lame ass title and ability.

It’s honestly sad when the Token black guy and other token black guy are the only ones who don’t suck in the group, one is at least capable of erasing people’s strength and the other is essentially the Irene Belserion of Bleach given he invented the Zanpakuto

Kirio's lips by IreneBelserion69
Irene's lips by IreneBelserion69

Kirko and Irene do got god tier lips though, no denying that, shame Kirko can’t stay in her waifu form for very long. Seriously Kubo what the hell?…

Now to figure out just how massive Irene really is.

Going by this chart, fore about every 0.8-0.9cm with Cup Diameter, we increase the Breast Weight by 1.29 times as well as Breast Volume, if the breasts don’t fall within the range of this chart. At 14 inches‭ /46 N or35.56cm ‬, her breasts are nearly three times the size of anything in this chart.

See the source image

Let’s appoimeaxte the size via math


Length of each breast:Bust Width/2

38cm/2=19 cm



the breast weight is around 90% the volume.

12,837.16 cm^3×90.1%/1,000=11.55 kg

Kirio’s Breast Volume:12,837.16 cc or 12,837.16 ml

Kirio’s Breast Milk Capacity: 3.5 Gallons of Milk

Kirio’s Breast Weight:11.55kg( 25.41 Lbs)

Momo Hinamori…

Momo Hinamori by IreneBelserion69

Momo’s Height:563px(151cm/4’11” 1/2)

Momo’s Bust:69px(18cm)x3.14=58cm/23 Inches

Momo’s Underbust: 65px (17cm)=53cm/21 Inches

Momo’s Waist:58px(15cm)x3.14=48cm/ 19 Inches

Momo’s Hips: 96px(26cm)X3.14=82cm/32 inches…

Momo’s Cup Size: 2″ more than bust

Momo’s Bra Size: 24 B or B Cup

Momo’s Measurements

BHW:58,48, 82cm (23, 19, 32 Inches)

Bra Size: 24 B or B Cup

Body Typeear Figure 

Like Rukia, Momo’s chest would be way too small for this chart, the cloest her boobs are is roughly 28C or 240cc. Her Breast milk capcity would be less than a US Pt and weigh a total of 0.43 kg or 15 ounces.

Momo’s Breast Volume: Under 240cc

Momo’s Breast Milk Capacity: Under 0.51 US pts

Momo’s Breast Weight: Under 0.43kg(0.95 lbs)

Kiyone Kotetsu…

154 cm (5’0½”)

Kiyone's measurments by IreneBelserion69

 Kiyone’s Height:546px(154 cm /5’0½”)

  Kiyone’s Bust:80px(23cm)X3.14=72cm/ 28 Inches

  Kiyone’s Underwaist:70px(20cm)X3.14=63cm/ 25 inches

 Kiyone’s Waist:56px(16cm)x3.14=50cm/20 Inches

 Kiyone’s Hips:96px(28cm)x3.14=87cm/ 34 Inches…

 Kiyone’s Cup Size: 3″ more than bust

 Kiyone’s Bra Size: 28 C or C Cup

 Kiyone’s Measurements

Bra Size: 28 C or C Cup

BHW:72,50, 87cm (28, 20, 34 Inches)


Body Typeear Figure 

Kiyone’s chest would be roughly 28C or 240cc. Her Breast milk capcity would be less than a US Pt and weigh a total of 0.43 kg or 15 ounces.

Kiyone’s Breast Volume: 240cc

Kiyone’s Breast Milk Capacity: 0.51 US pts

Kiyone’s Breast Weight: 0.43kg(0.95 lbs)

Nemu Kurotsuchi…

Nemu's measurments by IreneBelserion69

Nemu’s Height:582px(167 cm/5’6″)

Nemu’s Bust:75px(25cm) 78cm/ 31 Inches

Nemu’s underbust:61px(18cm)x3.14=58cm/23 Inches

Nemu’s Waist:58px(17cm)=53cm/21 Inches

Nemu’s Hips:90px(30cm)x3.14=94cm/37 Inches

Nemu’s  Cup Size: 8″ more than bust

Nemu’s Bra Size:  32 H or E Cup

Nemu’s  Measurements

BHW:78,53,94cm (31, 21, 37 Inches)

Bra Size: 32 H or E Cup


Body Typeear Figure 


First, let’s get her height.

Nozomi's height by IreneBelserion69

Ichigo:231px(174 cm 5’8½”)

Orhime:205(157cm or 5’2″)

Nozomi:195px(147cm/ 4’10”)

Nozomi's measurments by IreneBelserion69

Nozomi’s Height:478px(147cm/ 4’10” but sitting which is 50% height so 73.5cm)

Nozomi’s Bust:123px(19cm)x3.14=59cm/23 Inches

Nozomi’s Underwaist:110px(16cm)x3.14=50cm/20 Inches

Nozomi’s Waist:101px(15cm)x3.14=48cm/ 19 Inches

Nozomi’s Hips:166px(26cm)x3.14=81cm/32 inches

Nozomi’s  Cup Size: 3″ more than bust

Nozomi’s  Bra Size: 24  C or C Cup

Nozomi’s Measurements

BHW:59,50, 81cm (23, 19, 32Inches)

Bra Size: 24 C or C Cup


Body Typeear Figure 

Like Rukia before her , Nozomi’s chest would be way too small for this chart, the cloest her boobs are is roughly 28C or 240cc. Her Breast milk capcity would be less than a US Pt and weigh a total of 0.43 kg or 15 ounces.

Nozomi’s Breast Volume: Under 240cc

Nozomi’s Breast Milk Capacity: Under 0.51 US pts

Nozomi’s Breast Weight: Under 0.43kg(0.95 lbs)


The cute waifu from Bleach’s first movie, let’s see her height and her measurements. Let’s start with Senna’s height.

Senna's height by IreneBelserion69

Ichigo::396px(174 cm 5’8½”)

Senna:323px(142cm or 4’8″)

Just barely at the passable line of acceptable scaling. Now for body scaling.

Senna's measurments by IreneBelserion69

Senna’s Height:213px(142cm or 4’8″)

Senna’s Bust:40px(27cm)x3.14=84cm/33 inches

Senna’s Underwaist:37px(25cm)x3.14=80cm/ 31 Inches

Senna’s Waist:33px(22cm)x3.14=69cm/27 Inches

Senna’s Hips:47px(31cm)x3.14=98cm/39 Inches…

Sena’s Cup Size: 2″ more than bust

Sena’s Bra Size: 34 B or B Cup

Sena’s Measurements

BHW:33,69, 98 cm (33, 27, 39 Inches)

Bra Size: 34 B or B Cup


Body Typeear Figure 

At 34 B, Sena would roughly have

Orihime (MILF version)

Same height as before.

MILF Orhime measurments by IreneBelserion69

Orihime’s Height Height:953px(157 cm /5’2″)

Orihime’s Bust:191px(32cm)x3.14=100cm/39 Inches

Orihime’s Underwaist:141px (24cm)x3.14=75cm/ 30 Inches

Orihime’s Waist:128px(22cm)x3.14=69cm/27 Inches

Orihime’s Hips:201px(34cm)x3.14=106cm/ 42 Inches

Orihime’s Cup Size: 9″ more than bust

Orihime’s  Bra Size: 40 I or F Cup in Japan

Orihime’s Measurements

BHW:100,69, 106 cm (39, 27, 42 Inches)

Bra Size:   40 I or F Cup


Body Typeear Figure 

At 40 I, Orihime would have 2,060 cc in volume with 4.4 US pts of Breast milk with the breasts weighing 3.7 kg(8.2 lbs)

Largest Breasts (In Bust width)

1)Kirko Hifune:46 N or 144cm JJ Cup

2)Rangiku: 44 O or 109cm O Cup

3)MILF Orihime:40 I or F Cup

4)Kukaku:38 N or 97cm JJ Cup

5)Yoruichi:38 M or 94cm K Cup

Largest Breasts (In Cup Size/Volume)

1)Rangiku: 15″ more than bust

2)Kirio/Kukaku:14″ more than Bra Size

3)Ikumi/Yoruichi:13″ more than Bra Size

4)Unohana: 12″ more than bust

5)Orihime MILF/Masaki/Isane:9″ more than bust

Largest Ass (Hip Width)

1) Kriko: 144 cm/56 Inches

2)Isane:110cm/ 43 Inches

3)Orihime MILF :106cm/ 42 Inches

4:Yoruichi:102cm/ 40 Inches

5)Nanao/Orihime/Tatsuki/Chizuru:100cm/39 Inches

Largest Breast to Hip Gap

 1)Kriko:10″  more than breast

2)Nozomi/Momo/Chizuru:9″  more than breast

3)Isane:7″  more than breast

4)Senna/Nemu/Kiyone/Rukia:6″ more than breast

5)MILF Orihime/Orihime:3″ more than breast

The average breast measurement in the U.S., U.K. and Ireland by bra size is 34DD, also called 34E, 

Median female size(Real Life)

Median Height:5’4″ or 162cm

Median Weight:135 lbs

Median BHW: 84cm,60cm,86cm ( 34 Inches,24 Inches, 34 Inches)

Median Cup Size: 3 “more than breast or C Cup

Median female size( Shinigami/Human)

Number of females:19

Median Height:159cm /5’3″

Median Weight:

Median BHW: 84cm,54 cm,89 cm ( 33 Inches,21 Inches, 35 Inches)

Median Cup Size: 7 ” more than breast or H Cup

Median figure:

Median Fairy Tail Verse female mages:44

Median Height:5’4″ or 163.4 cm

Median Weight:131lbs or 59.5 kg

Median BHW:94cm, 60cm,99cm( 37 Inches,24 Inches, 39 Inches)

Median Cup Size: 10″ more than bust  or J CUp in America or G cup in Japan

Median figure: Pear Shape

I hope you like this post for we’re going to get to the Arrancar babes next.

8 thoughts on “Bleach Girls Measurments Part 1

  1. Hi!

    I like the pixels to inches conversion, but the way you calculated bra sizes is incorrect.

    The underbust (or underwaist like you called it) is the band size. Not the bust measurement.

    When someone’s measurements are, for example, 30 inches (underbust) and 34 inches (bust), their bra size is 30D.

    Not 34D, that would be for someone with a 34 inch underbust and 38 inch bust.

    Hope this helps! 🙂

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