Hazbin Hotel Pilot review

You know there’s a lot be said when something special comes out. First one being is checking out for yourself to see if that something special is actually worth the hype. on most occasions I find myself either disappointed or just found that supposed special something to be okay but mostly over hyped. However, I’m happy to report this is one special something that manages to earn its praise.

Hello, My name is Fu-reiji! Welcome to the blog where we talk about the topics you may or may not want to. Today we’ll be doing a review on the currently talked about independent animated youtube sponsored by a large number fans and currently sits at 6.4 million views after being on for only a week, Hazbin Hotel. If you haven’t seen it I’ll leave a video link below this paragraph box so you can stop reading and watch it for a bit and you’ll get the idea of what I’m talking about when reviewing this but you already seen it then you can skip it or rewatch it so you can be sure if I’m giving this show a fair review.

Hazbin Hotel is the story of a princess named Charlie who wants to open a hotel that’ll help the denizens of hell rehabilitate into good souls since lately there seem to more corrupt souls becoming demons to the point hell is having an over population problem and needs a way for some of these guys to go heaven over committing genocide on each other. That proves to be a bit difficult cause… well it’s hell and everyone is a complete douche to each other and only care about their personal ambitions.

So, right off the bat Charlie has her work cut out for her and her only support is her girlfriend and partner Vaggie. I say girlfriend mostly cause apparently that’s supposed their relationship status but hey at I’m not complaining since at least this is being forward about it over playing the yuri tease game like many anime and game series tend to do and even current airing cartoons in the west do. We’re introduced to quite a few interesting looking characters and designs for what the hellish demons look like. a lot of the designs especially Charlie gives me Beetlejuice design vibes but it can also be compared to a lot of other similar 90’s cartoon shows that weird.

So yeah, right off the bat I’m already liking the designs and animation style where as it does have a bit of that cal arts influence from what i can tell at least and my god the animation is just so smooth and well done that I can’t even believe that this is was independently done and funded by fans on their patreon. The Voice acting is also independent meaning a lot of the actors came of their own accord. Faye Mata is i guess a big deal since I only know she played the english dubs of Aqua on Konosuba and Astolfo on Fate Apocrypha so she’s a bit 50 50 for me but apparently she plays one of the characters here too but I won’t spoil which one and let you guys figure out which or just read the credits to find out. So, yeah the voice actors all played their parts really well and I was really hooked on their performances and got a good grasp on these characters without feeling distracted on anything.

I suppose next I gotta talk about the music. Just wow, the last thing i was expecting this to be was a musical lol and I honestly couldn’t help but laugh. again if you watched it then you can understand why. The songs just in a way feel like disney songs but with more of an adult edge to it is the best way I can describe it and I mean that in the best possible way. it’s easy to see the creator Viziepop took a lot of inspiration from shows like south park, old school simpsons, and a few other adult animated shows that knew how to do musical numbers. In fact it’s no secret her favorite shows are those very shows where the characters are all bastards in their own rights and have that mean spirited tone that’s hilarious to see play out.

I should’ve mentioned this at the beginning but Hazbin Hotel is not safe for kids as there’s a lot of dirty humor and cussing and innuendo references in just this one episode alone. I should also say that if your not big on shows like south park and other shows that use that kind of humor or comedians like dave chappelle then you may not get into this show as much as almost 2 million folks who have watched it so far. This is the kind of comedy you don’t really see in western shows and movies as often these days so it’s a breath of fresh air to see them go all in on holding nothing back on who they make fun of and how they do it whether it’d be the trans demon adult film star, angel dust who I’m surprisingly taking a fun liking too or even taking shots the kind of folks who have drug or alcohol abuse problems. the execution of the humor is pretty on point but again cause comedy is subjective I felt this warning was warranted.

So, for a pilot episode on youtube that is completely independently made and funded by fans of Viziepop, I have to say this kept me entertained from beginning to end. it should also come as no surprise that the usual group of folks that tend to rage on twitter and resetera are trying to get this shut down cause it offends them by being offended for other folks who from what I can tell enjoyed this as well. Okay, so why exactly is this big deal? well as I said it’s independently made meaning no sponsors or corporate owners like warner, AT&T and Disney to filter them or tell them what to add or take out. This was a project that was made by someone who like many of us all have ideas for stories whether it’d be original or based on existing franchises was able to bring to life. while that’s not to say those who work in these companies all didn’t have similar aspirations at one point, Viziepop like many youtubers made her own content with help from others who chose to do this of their own accord and free time and you can tell a lot of heart and passion was put into it since it can’t have been easy to animate and edit this whole episode with few people they had working on it. Now there is the other issue that the SJW’s and other far left groups try to throw on Vizie by telling folks she did an art drawing something that was offensive 5 or 6 years ago and she’s long since apologized for it and clearly has been doing something to still hold 1.78 million subscribers and even managed to get over 2 grand in support via patreon alone from her fans. I think also makes her a breath of fresh air is just in the fact she’s making this happen independently like how Rooster Teeth used to at once upon a time… now they’re bought out…

So Hazbin Hotel had an impressive start and there’s a lot to admire here and hell as i said practically done with no sponsorship or guarantee to gain this much popularity is pretty inspiring. and I don’t really have many negatives to give this where I will be giving this a definite 5 out of 5 rating for me and here’s hoping she’ll continue it for at least a season to see how she holds up.

This has been Fu-reiji and I will continue to look into talking about topics that you may or may not want to talk about.

what did you think of Hazbin Hotel? like it? disliked it? whatever your thoughts leave them in the comments below. and if you liked it who was your favorite character in the episode? I personally enjoyed the Radio Demon. Just freaking wow. bravo to the actor playing him and man his design is cool lol

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11 thoughts on “Hazbin Hotel Pilot review

  1. I like it so far. I don’t get all of the joke, especially some of the adult ones (cause I’ve just become one a year or two and had a ‘very safe childhood’. Plus I’m not English speaker so some references I don’t get), but it’s really enjoyable.

    and was that a ‘deep web sex doll’ reference during the limo scene?


    1. you can say that. I think once you become acclimated to some of the dirty humor in the world. shimoneta is also a show that goes around with sex jokes and various dirty humor and same with seitokai yakuindono. 2 anime that go for a lot of dirty humor and sex jokes I recommend if you want to expose yourself a bit to more various adult humor lol


      1. I watched those already actually.
        And I hope you’re on the same page with me about “the doll”.


  2. This is a very good start for an individual to do with the backing of fans to help bring this project to life.

    Some if the dirty jokes are clever, I laughed at the ‘Harder Daddy’ part so much along with just any scene with Alistor, the last demon anyone wants to anger.

    Not many times you have a character admit that their interest in something stems from boredom and such.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I saw this one guy last night do a review about it and how he didn’t think it was good, man he was cringy himself, cut scenes to bring his point up, and complained about being introduced to so many characters in a pilot episode.

        Odd thing was that this guy I think is in the furry community as his furry outfit was on the couch in the background as he complained about over used tropes and whatnot


      2. This SOB even did a video responding to the comments he got from his review trying to defend his review being subjective.

        He even claimed the “Harder Daddy. Son?” joke was cut because he said they’re 2 different jokes (an adult and a childish joke)… dumbass that is one whole joke in itself. Honestly I think he would be happier if he went back to the furry community and complained to all of his furry friends about stuff that doesn’t involve his central focus of all his videos.


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