Bleach Girls Measurements Part 3

Now for the finale of the Bleach Girl Measurements with the Qunicy and full bringer  Waifus before moving onto other verses.

1)Candice Catnip…

 The hot yet very psychopathic waifu of the Sterinner is known for her Lightning-fast attacks and her long legs and firm hourglass body but how thicc is this Quincy Waifu?

Before we do that we gotta determine her actual height and go by Bleach wiki descriptions.

Candice is a tall and well-endowed young woman, with long, light-green hair. She has blue eyes, prominent eyelashes and thin, lightning bolt shaped eyebrows.[3][4] Her attire is a heavily modified and revealing variation of the regular Sternritter’s white uniform, consisting of the typical double-breasted jacket, which she keeps tied up to reveal her midriff and unbuttoned, as well as removing the fabric on the sides,

Let’s assume she’s Rangiku’s Height of roughly 172 cm and assume that for the height od Candide and scale from there.

Cancide measurments by IreneBelserion69

  Esimated height:172 cm

  Height(70% height frame):231px(‭120.4‬cm)

  Bust:48px( 25cm)x3.14=78 cm/31 Inches

  Underbust:38px(20 cm)x3.14=  62 cm/24 inches

  Waist:31 px(16 cm )x3,14= 51 cm/ 20 inches

  Hips:56px(29 cm)x3.14=92cm/36 inches…

 Cup Size: 7” more than bust

Bra Size:  32 G…

Candice Catnip’s Measurements

BHW:78,51,92 cm(31, 20,36 inches)

Bra Size: 32 G

File:579Sternritter arrive.png

2)Meninas McAllon

Meninas is a tall and well-endowed girl of slender build. She is light-skinned with long wavy pink hair and short bangs that frame her forehead and green eyes.[3] Her attire is a variation of the Sternritter’s typical white uniform, consisting of a frilled skirt, frilled gloves, frilled boots, leggings, a belt with a heart-shaped buckle, a large purple bow with a white Wandenreich symbol around her neck, and a white cap with gold[3] trimmings, which features a black peak and the Wandenreich insignia emblazoned on its front, turned sideways.[1][4]

Going by this, we can assume Memina isn’t much taller than Candie so let’s go with 172cm

Mmeenias measurments by IreneBelserion69

  Esimated height:172 cm

  Height(60% frame):423px(103 cm)

  Bust:123 px(30cm)x3.14=94 cm/37 Inches

  Underwaist:102px(25cn)x3.14=78 cm/31 Inches


  Hips: 144px…

 Cup Size: 6”  more than bust

Bra Size:  38 F

Meninas McAllon’s Measurements

BHW:94,51,92 cm( 37, 20,36 inches)

Bra Size: 38 F

3)Bambietta Basterbine…


Going by scaling to the other females, Bambeita should be at least 5’5” or

Bambietta measurments by IreneBelserion69

 Esimate  Height:166 cm  or 5’5”

Height:(80% frame):583px(133cm)

 Bust:121px(28 cm)x3.14=87 cm/  34 Inches

Underwaist:86px(20cm)x3.14 cm=62.5 cm/25 Inches

Waist:82px(18cm)x3.14= 57cm/22 Inches

Hips:125px(29cm)x3.14=91 cm/36 Inches…

 Cup Size: 9” more than bust

Bra Size:  34 I or K Cup in Japan

File:556Bambietta profile.png

Bambietta Basterbine’s Measurements 

BWH:87 ,57,91 cm (34 22,36 Inches)

Bra Size:  34 I or K Cup in Japan

Bambietta Basterbine by thexelo

4)Yoshino Sōma……

A busty  bounty that we certainly here to measure her curves.

Given Kiariya equals Byakuya’s height at around 5’10-5”11,  Yoshino should be around the average height of a woman which is around 162cm.

Yoshino's measurments by IreneBelserion69

  Estimate height:162cm

  Height(80%  frame):440px(130cm)

  Bust:83x(25 cm)x3.14=77 cm/30 Inches

  Underwaist:68px(20 cm)x3.14=62.5 cm/25 Inches

  Waist:67px(20 cm)x3.14=62.5 cm/25 Inches

  Hips:97px(29 cm)x3.14=91 cm/36 Inches…

 Cup Size: 5” more than bust

Bra Size:  30 DD

Yoshino Sōma’s Measurements

BWH:77 ,62.5,91 cm (30, 25,36 Inches)

Bra Size:  30 DD


Yoshi's measurments by IreneBelserion69

Rukia’s height:180px(144cm)

Yoshi’s height:203px(162cm)


  Bust:36px(29 cm)x3.14=91 cm/36 Inches

  Underwaist:32px(26cm)x3.14=81 cm/32 Inches

  Waist:28px(23 cm)x3.14=71 cm/ 28 inches

  Hips:44px(35 cm)x3.14=111 cm/ 44 Inches…

 Cup Size: 4”  more than bust

Bra Size:  36 D

Yoshi’s Measurements

BWH:91 ,71,111 cm (36, 28,44 Inches)

Bra Size:  36 D

6)Riruka Dokugamine…

Riruka measurments by IreneBelserion69

  Height:422px(156 cm/5’1½”)

  Bust:36px(13cm)x3.14=42 cm/  16 inches

  Underwaist:28px(10 cm)x3.14= 32 cm/12.5 inches

  Waist:25px(9 cm)x3.14= 28 cm/11 Inches

  Hips:41px(18 cm)x3.14=  57 cm/ 23 inches…

 Cup Size: 4” more than bust

Bra Size:  Too small to be considered

Riruka’s measurements

BWH:42,28,57 cm(16, 11, 23 Inches)

Damn Rirukia is very petite and skinny, she’s literally a twig in comparison to most of the females. She’s almost as small body wise as a Lolicon, however, she doesn’t look or resemble one, either inconsistent sizing or just how she’s meant to be.

7)Jackie Tristan…

The best way to get to Jackie’s estimated height is to scale her from Renji who we know is a fairly tall above average male at  188cm

Renji:133px( 188cm)

Jacike: 124px(175cm)

So Jackie is basically the same height as Erza, now for the measurements, let’s see if she scales to Erza’s immense bust and size.

Jacike measurments by IreneBelserion69

  Height:422px(156 cm/5’1½”)


Bust:77px( 27 cm)x3.14=86 cm/34 Inches

Underwaist 54px(19 cm)x3.14=59 cm/ 23 inches

Waist:48px(17 cm)x3.14=53cm/21 Inches

Hips:77px( 27 cm)x3.14=86 cm/34 Inches

Cup Size:11” more than bust

Bra Size: 34  K or M cup in Japan

Jackie Tirsan’s Measurements

BWH: 86,53,86 cm(34,21, 34 Inches)

Bra Size: 34  K or M cup in Japan

And now for the ultimate collection of the best waifu’s measurements, first the collection of the BHW best and then a series collection.

Largest Breasts (In Bust width)

1)Meninas: 94cm/38 Inches

2)Yoshi: 91 cm/36 Inches

3)Bambeitta: 87 cm/34 Inches

Largest Breasts (In Cup Size/Volume)

1)Jackie:11” more than bust

2)Bambeitta: 9 ” more than bust

3)Cancide: 7″ more than bust

Largest Ass (Hip Width)

1)Yoshi: 111cm/44 Inches

2)Cancide/Meninas:92 cm/ 36 inches

3)Yoshino/Bambeitta:91/ 36 inches

Median female size( Fullbringers/Quincy)

Number of females:7

Median Height: 166 cm  or 5”5”

Median Weight:54.6 kg  or 120 lbs

Median BHW: 79,53, ‭89 cm ( 31 ,21,35   Inches)

Median Cup Size: 7” more than bust

Median Bra Size: 32 DDDD/G  or H Cup in Japan

Median figure: Pear Shape

Now let’s gather all the data with the females so far and put forth the overall body types of each females.

Median female size(Real Life)

Median Height:5’4″ or 162cm

Median Weight:135 lbs

Median BHW: 84cm,60cm,86cm ( 34 Inches,24 Inches, 34 Inches)

Median Cup Size: 3 “more than breast or C Cup

Median Fairy Tail Female Size

Median Fairy Tail Verse female mages:44

Median Height:5’4″ or 163.4 cm

Median Weight:131lbs or 59.5 kg

Median BHW:94cm, 60cm,99cm( 37 Inches,24 Inches, 39 Inches)

Median Cup Size: 10″ more than bust  or J CUp in America or G cup in Japan

Median figure: Pear Shape

Median Arrancar/Vizard Girls 

Number of females:12

Median Height: 162cm/5’4″

Median BHW:73cm,48 cm75 cm (29 Inches,19 Inches, 29inches

Median Cup Size: 6 ” more than breast or H Cup

Median figure: Hourglass Type

Median  Bleachverse female numbers:

Median  Bleach female size

Number of females:38

Median Height: 162cm/5’4″

Median Weight:54.6 kg  or 120 lbs

Median BHW: 81,52, ‭84 cm ( 32 ,20,33  Inches)

Median Cup Size: 7” more than bust

Median Bra Size: 32 DDDD/G  or H Cup in Japan

Median figure: Hourglass figure

Now for the top biggest BWHs within the  Bleachverse

Largest Breasts (In Bust width)

1)Kirko Hifune:46 N or 144cm JJ Cup

2)Mila Rose:44 L or  114 cm H Cup in Japan

3) Neilel:44 R or  113cm R Cup in Japan 

4) Harribel:44 N or  113cm Q Cup in Japan

5)Rangiku: 44 O or 109cm O Cup

Largest Breasts (In Cup Size/Volume)

Neilel: 18” more than bust

Rangiku: 15″ more than bust

2)Kirio/Kukaku:14″ more than Bra Size

3)Ikumi/Yoruichi:13″ more than Bra Size

4)Unohana/Mila Rose: 12″ more than bust

Largest Ass (Hip Width)

1) Kriko: 144 cm/56 Inches

2)Yoshi: 111cm/44 Inches

3)Isane:110cm/ 43 Inches

4)Appachi/Neilel/ Harribel; 109cm/43 Inches

5)Mila Rose: 107cm/42 Inches

That is all for now , next time we do the Naruto girls and then One Piece afterwards

6 thoughts on “Bleach Girls Measurements Part 3

  1. hey erzaxzoro1991 sorry to ask this but what about the Zanpakutō spirits (ex. Haineko, Sode no Shirayuki, Suzumebachi “I can see Suzumebachi be iffy do to her fairy size”)?


  2. Suzuzmebachi is literally too small for any bra size, she’s less than a foot tall

    She’s also flat chested too so really nothing to measure here.


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