BSTDT:All Lives Matter is Racist

BSTDT:All Lives Matter is Racist Part 1

(Archived from 2015 DA)

Thanks to an anonymous source tipping me off about some people talking shit about All Lives matter and wouldn’t you know it, our good old Feminazi friend Biranna”Victim Card” Batter.  

Feminism by Briannabater

For those not familiar with this attention whore . She is the birllrant genius who thinks that Feminism has done no wrong ever and that it’s an infaiiabl ideology

Profile by Briannabater

Also the same attention whore who bitches about sexual objectification while making pictures sexually objectifying herself.…

SIC strikes back:Censorship against my deviatons


Funny how all the Sociopathic Injustice Coward’s claim they’re not Jack Thompson and no sooner you PWN them badly within a debate, they turn around, get butthurt and organize to take down your critcisms of them.

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Such a shame, such a pretty girl and yet so moronic and vapid.Anyways this the latest shit she’s been spewing against me.

capture2 by ryuuseinow d95l2hy

So for those who don’t understand she is refering to me and we’re going to get to that in a minute but look here to see the sheer dishonesty and arrogance of Briannbater as she blocks one of my friends who chooses to remain anonymous.


I find it ironic that you are labeling me a troll Brianna because you’re the one who constantly trolls people and the plays the vitcim when you’re called out on it. 

Butthurt Gamer Girl Syndorme

After all it was you who had this deviation i made token down because it got your panites in a bunch when i called you out on your cowardice and hypocrisy

I don't tolerate haarasment

And you had this post token don as well even though it was directly calling for action against someone doxxing you directly. So the only troll here is you.

You rely on your pretty looks to lure Feminist mangina White Kinghts like :iconrinzley::iconmovie-man:   and :iconscythemantis: into defending your cause when half these hypocrites are gulity of sexually objectifying women .  

Femen Hypocrisy by 345rv5

In short, Biranna Batter is an attention whore who’s not worth the two cents she sells her soul for.Much like the whores of FEMEN,she wants to mask her narcissism and entitlement in the form of vriute which is pretty much like any religion ever, minus any form of decency religions tend to have most of the time. But we’re not here to talk about here, we’re here to talk about a dumbass BLM retard who started this shitstorm and shit talking in the frist place. Our good old SJW mangina beta male racist 

Black Lives Matter by Rad-Pax

Rad Pax is just another example of how Black Lives Matter only gives a shit about Black Lives and no other lives ! He’s another SJW black racist who like all SJW’s are narcissistic,egoistical retards who only care about people within their in group. This picture he made back in February just show’s how narcissistic and racist this individual is .


Rad-Pax May 31, 2015    Hobbyist Digital Artist

you mean the fucking lies

get this racist garbage out of my face.


This entire post you sent me is full of ignorance and bullshit.

For those who are wondering who he is calling a racist and what he’s refering to as a racist, he is referring to me and calling me a racist because i support #alllivesmatter  and because i made a post like this !

The Hypocrisy of Black Lives Matter by 345rv5

So where’s the outrage from all the Civil Rights leader who claim to be for equality? Why do they ignore the suffering of White Victims of Racism  ? Why do SJW’s constantly use the term “White Privilege ” when the majority of white people in this country are not much better off from Blacks and worse yet, make up even more of the countries poor than Blacks? But the true extent of hypocrisy of #blacklivesmatter is the fact they don’t give a shit about blacks killed by Black on Black violence.Yep Black Lives Matter, unless it’s blacks being killed by other blacks and to this day with the Baltimore riots, we see the same disgusting hypocrisy again and again. Fuck Black Lives Matter, All Lives Matter and you’re never going to fix racism until you fight for all rights.

Oh yea i’m such a terrible racist for supporting the rights of everyone instead of one race. I mean fuck treating everyone as equals or anything like that, fuck giving people the same rights, instead let’s be like our typical Black Lives Matter supporter and only care about one race over others. I’m pretty sure Hitler is blushing at the level of racism this n*** has displayed.


Rad-Pax 3 days ago    Hobbyist Digital Artist

If i remember right, I’ve explained it once or twice now?

but honestly, i see you really don’t care and you’re just trying to start a fight.

so……. bye lmao

(ง •̀_•́)ง have you come for an ass kickin? (ง •̀_•́)ง

And of course being the little bitch he is, he blocked me even though he was talking shit behind my back. So much for being a real nigga, i guess you’re only “black” when it comes to pushing your racist beliefs, for a guy who claims to be against whitey and claims that white people are pussies, you’re one giant pussy. In case you think i’m strawmaning this guy as a militant black supremacist, just take a good look at his 


Rad-Pax May 28, 2015    Hobbyist Digital Artist

black lives are important and matter.

black people are more oppressed and face more racism than any race.

black lives matter.

So Black Lives are important but no other lives ?

Geez where did i hear this logic that one race is more important over others ?Also that’s immensely funny that you think African Americans in the 21st century are oppressed let alone more oppressed than any other race.…@

  • (Imprisonment Rates In The US By Race, Age, And Gender, 2013) “At yearend 2013, 17% of all inmates (253,800) were ages 30 to 34, while an estimated 2% (31,900) were age 65 or older (table 7). An estimated 58% of male inmates and 61% of female inmates in state or federal prison were age 39 or younger. Among males, white prisoners were generally older than black or Hispanic prisoners. An estimated 17,300 inmates age 65 or older (54%) were white males.
  • “BJS uses race and Hispanic origin distributions from its 2004 Survey of Inmates in State and Federal Correctional Facilities to adjust the administrative data from NPS to reflect self-identification of race and Hispanic origin by prisoners (see Methodology). On December 31, 2013, about 37% of imprisoned males were black, 32% were white, and 22% were Hispanic. Among females in state or federal prison at yearend 2013, 49% were white, compared to 22% who were black and 17% who were Hispanic.
  • “Almost 3% of black male U.S. residents of all ages were imprisoned on December 31, 2013 (2,805 inmates per 100,000 black male U.S. residents), compared to 1% of Hispanic males (1,134 per 100,000) and 0.5% of white males (466 per 100,000) (table 8). While there were fewer black females in state or federal prison at yearend 2013 than in 2012, black females were imprisoned at more than twice the rate of white females.
  • “Black males had higher imprisonment rates across all age groups than all other races and Hispanic males. In the age range with the highest imprisonment rates for males (ages 25 to 39), black males were imprisoned at rates at least 2.5 times greater than Hispanic males and 6 times greater than white males. For males ages 18 to 19—the age range with the greatest difference in imprisonment rates between whites and blacks — black males (1,092 inmates per 100,000 black males) were more than 9 times more likely to be imprisoned than white males (115 inmates per 100,000 white males). The difference between black and white female inmates of the same age was smaller, but still substantial. Black females ages 18 to 19 (33 inmates per 100,000) were almost 5 times more likely to be imprisoned than white females (7 inmates per 100,000).”
  • (Racial and Gender Disparities) “Looking at the numbers through the lenses of race and gender reveals stark differences. Black adults are four times as likely as whites and nearly 2.5 times as likely as Hispanics to be under correctional control. One in 11 black adults—9.2 percent—was under correctional supervision at year end 2007. And although the number of female offenders continues to grow, men of all races are under correctional control at a rate five times that of women.”

– See more at:…@

  • (Chance of Imprisonment, 2001) “In 2001, the chances of going to prison were highest among black males (32.2%) and Hispanic males (17.2%) and lowest among white males (5.9%). The lifetime chances of going to prison among black females (5.6%) were nearly as high as for white males. Hispanic females (2.2%) and white females (0.9%) had much lower chances of going to prison.”

In other words going by empirical facts and data, Black Women, who are the most disenfranchised group of women are still slightly better off than white men. Yeah, the whole  “White Male Privilege “argument is complete bullshit! Black Men are being disenfranchised the most within this country( Still far from oppressed ) ,however looking at the statistics, Black Women are still better off regarding prison sentencing than even white men.

Which is why the media is silent when whites are killed by cops, sometimes by racist black cops.

Also here’s a good list of privileges Black people have here in America.

1. I can get away with being racist.

2. I can get away with cultural appropriation.

3. I actually get media attention when an officer of the opposite race executes me.

4. Black don’t have to feel ashamed for owning slaves.

5. Black men are deemed more sexy than white men.

6. Blacks are represented in sports more than whites.

7. Black people get welfare faster than a war veteran.

8. Black people get several spaces and TV channels that SPECIFICALLY cater to them.

9. Black people never get called out on their misogyny and homophobia.

10. A person who defends black people never gets his/her race questioned.

11. Black people can take pride in their race.

12. If I am a criminal, I can hide my race.

13. I can pull the race card and actually get away with it.

14. Blacks are seen as an oppressed group.

15. My privilege is never seen or heard, and when it is, it is denied.

16. It’s ok for blacks to say that they are better than whites at certain subjects.

17. Victims of racism against whites are told to get off of tumblr, while black victims aren’t told to stop playing Call Of Duty.

18. I can take credit for the suffering of my ancestors.

19. Despite the fact that blacks owning slaves was illegalized in Africa less than a century ago, blacks don’t have a collective guilt.

20. A black radical (usually liberal) Christian is never addressed.

21. I am of a protected class.

22. I can use the n word.

23. I am allowed to spend my money on things I don’t need then blame being poor on the “white-favouring racism”

24. If a white policeman takes force on me, the policeman gets a bucket full of criticism and I get none.

25. I can get away with telling racist jokes.

26. I am allowed to demand that professional animators represent me in their OWN work.

27. I am allowed to complain about representation when there are several channels that cater to me.

28. I am allowed to change dictionary definitions of words concerning racism, privilege, and power to feed my agenda.

29. A qualified student will be pushed aside for a person of colour.

30. Hate crimes against black people are hate crimes.

31. Black people are in prison because of racism while whites are just criminals.

32. When a white person commits a crime, it is remembered for years while if a black person does it is spoken off casually.

33. Facts which cause blacks embarrassment or cast them in a bad light must be suppressed. Facts which cause whites embarrassment or cast them in a bad light are reported as is. 

34. “It is quite acceptable for either party to explicitly go after the black, Hispanic, or even the Jewish vote. In fact both parties gain an indispensable moral authority by doing so. But it is absolutely verboten for either party, or any white candidate, to appeal to whites as a racial identity group. Racial identity is simply forbidden to whites in America and across the entire Western world. Black children today are hammered with the idea of racial identity and pride, yet racial pride in whites constitutes a grave evil. Say ‘I’m white and I’m proud’ and you are a National Socialist.”[7] 

35. I can have my race censored in media reports.

36. Any one who supports black people is a civil rights activist. Any one who supports white people is a bigot and if a black person does he/she is called an Uncle Tom, Uncle Ruckus, or an oreo.

37. Blacks are painted as an oppressed class in history.

38. Blacks may work for explicitly racial goals but whites may not.

39. “Whites are monitored, pestered, and punished for preposterous reasons–for a look, for an innocent word, for wearing a T-shirt, for expressing a plausible argument–but blacks can say almost anything with perfect impunity.”[5] 

40. “In discussions of race between black people and white people the conscious black person is always right; is always the ultimate authority on questions having to do with race and racism; must always be regarded as the ‘injured party,’ or the oppressed. . . . [Whites] cannot possibly be expected to be objective about questions of race.”[6] 

41. Blacks can silence and intimidate whites by calling them racist. Whites can’t silence and intimidate blacks because that would be racist

42. A black who punches a White person is a hero standing up to oppression. A White person who punches a black is a racist

43. Blacks can still claim that they are oppressed.

44. When blacks are overrepresented in a desirable field, it is due to their abilities. When Whites are overrepresented in a desirable field, it is due to racism. When blacks are overrepresented in an undesirable field, it is due to racism. When Whites are overrepresented in an undesirable field, it is their own fault. 

45. Taking precautions around black people (thugs) is racist. Taking precautions around whites is just that.

46. When it comes to thugs and rednecks, black people wont get criticized if they say “not all blacks are like that.”

47. Rich black people have a right to be rich. Rich white people don’t.

48. Blacks have the right to put a halt to any policy, statement, symbol, statistic, outcome, word or expression they find offensive. Whites have no such rights. 

49. Blacks have “black culture.” Whites are not allowed to have white culture.

50. White people everywhere, and at all times, bear guilt for the crimes of a minority of white people in the past (e.g., slave owners, Adolf Hitler). Making blacks bear guilt, as a race, for the despicable crimes of their criminal minority is stereotyping, racist, and an insult to reason; after all, no one should ever be blamed for the acts of some unrelated person. 

51. African-American studies is a celebration of blackness and black culture. Whiteness studies is a demonization of white people and white culture. 

52. “… any generalization–favorable or unfavorable–about any minority that someone does not like is by definition “racist” and deserves to be suppressed–as long as it is said by a white person. Black diversity consultants, in contrast, can parade, without a shred of empirical evidence, the grossest racial and ethnic stereotypes with virtual impunity.”[4] 

53. A source having a bias towards black people is still a valid source.

54. I am LESS likely to get killed by an officer. source, source, (Yes, some liberals lied to me about that)

Also Hispanics have it as bad as blacks in general.

They are the most likely to get unjustly deported just for being Hispanic (thank you Arizona…) when some of those deported where born in america, they have some of the highest percentages of people working with less than a college degree (30% of Hispanic workers over 25 have less than a high school diploma as of 2012), most likely to get the low paying jobs(…@), tied with Blacks in lowest median income…@ and not to mention they get stereotyped… a lot …but do tell me how blacks have it the worse now !

Is the mainstream media deliberately fabricating a myth of white racism in America in order to cover up an epidemic of black-on-white violence? While most Americans are aware of the Trayvon Martin shooting in Sanford, Florida@ on February 26, 2012, very few know about the thousands of whites who have been brutally murdered, raped, beaten and robbed by blacks as the media keeps regurgitating lies about the Martin case. Are the lives of these innocent white Americans not important enough to report on, or is the media purposely inciting racial tensions for a reason? Anyone who has paid attention to the Martin shooting knows that key information about the case@ has been distorted and fabricated. Evidence now shows that George Zimmerman had a broken nose, black eyes and lacerations to the back of his head. The police report stated that Zimmerman’s back was wet and covered with grass clippings. On the other hand, Martin’s autopsy revealed that Martin’s knuckles were scraped. Even eyewitnesses saw the six-foot-three-inch Martin viciously pummeling the five-foot-nine-inch Zimmerman in the face while he had him on the ground. While this dog-and-pony show is going on, however, the mainstream media has been totally silent on atrocious crimes that have been committed by blacks on whites since the Martin shooting. Here are a few—from among dozens of incidents—that this newspaper has confirmed. 

  On February 27, the day after the Martin shooting, two black males in Detroit abducted and killed a white couple. The victims were found bound, shot and burned beyond recognition in an alley. Police are calling it a random “thrill killing.” On February 28, in Kansas City, Missouri, two black teens attacked a 13-year-old white boy on his front porch as he was returning from school. They poured gasoline on him and set him on fire for no apparent reason, saying “You get what you deserve white boy!” On March 14, a 20-year-old black man broke into the home of Bob and Nancy Straight in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He raped the 85-year-old Mrs. Straight and then beat her to death. Then he shot 90-year-old Mr. Straight in the face with a pellet gun and broke his jaw and ribs. He died several days later. The thug stole $200, a TV set and their Dodge Neon, which he drove to a nearby house where he went to hide. The police spotted the stolen car in front of the house and arrested him. On April 1, in Jackson, Mississippi, a 31-year-old black man broke into a house to rob it and found a white woman inside. He forced her to lie on the floor with a blanket over her head as he shot her in the back of the head, execution-style. On April 5, in Tunica, Mississippi, a 34-year-old black man checked into a hotel with his pregnant 25-year-old white girlfriend and their one-year-old child. The next day the woman was found dead on the floor brutally mutilated and covered with blood, as was the one-year-old child. The knife was in the room. On April 15, in Las Vegas, a 22-year-old black man raped a 38-year-old white woman and her 10-year-old daughter. He then killed them by smashing their skulls with a hammer. On top of all these brutal murders there have been a number of “flash mob” attacks across the country where anywhere from half a dozen to as many as a hundred blacks gang up on innocent people and beat them senseless. In at least 12 of these cases documented by this writer, the blacks have cited revenge for the shooting of Martin as the motive for the savageries, although in many cases the victims were also robbed. One of these attacks occurred in Norfolk, Virginia, where more than 30 blacks brutally beat a white couple as another 70 blacks watched and cheered them on, a typical phenomenon in these black-on-white “flash mob” attacks. Martin’s name came up as the excuse for the brutality. The couple actually worked for the main newspaper in town, The Virginian Pilot@, which has direct political ties to the Obama administration. That publication could not even be bothered to report on the attack of its own employees for two weeks—and even then it was only as an opinion piece written by a friend of the couple. The couple said the police officer who responded acted strangely. After having been viciously beaten, kicked in the face and dragged by her hair, the battered woman was told by the officer to “shut up and get in the car.” He did not record any names of witnesses and said the attackers were “probably juveniles anyway. What are we going to do? Find their parents and tell them?” Pointing to public housing in the area, he said large groups of “teenagers” look for trouble on the weekends. “It’s what they do,” he told the couple.…@

Hate Crime Statistics, 2011 includes the following information:

  • There were 6,216 single-bias incidents, of which 46.9 percent were motivated by a racial bias, 20.8 percent were motivated by a sexual orientation bias, 19.8 percent were motivated by a religious bias, and 11.6 percent were motivated by an ethnicity/national origin bias. Bias against a disability accounted for 0.9 percent of single-bias incidents.
  • Of the 4,623 hate crime offenses classified as crimes against persons in 2011, intimidation accounted for 45.6 percent, simple assaults for 34.5 percent, and aggravated assaults for 19.4 percent. Four murders and seven forcible rapes were reported as hate crimes.
  • There were 2,611 hate crime offenses classified as crimes against property. The majority of these (81.4 percent) were acts of destruction/damage/vandalism. Robbery, burglary, larceny-theft, motor vehicle theft, arson, and other offenses accounted for the remaining 18.6 percent of crimes against property.
  • Fifty-nine percent of the 5,731 known offenders were white; 20.9 percent were black. The race was unknown for 10.8 percent, and other races accounted for the remaining known offenders.
  • Most hate crime incidents (32.0 percent) occurred in or near homes. Eighteen percent took place on highways, roads, alleys, or streets; 9.3 percent happened at schools or colleges; 5.9 percent in parking lots or garages; and 4.4 percent in churches, synagogues, or temples. The location was considered other (undesignated) or unknown for 11.3 percent of hate crime incidents. The remaining 19.1 percent of hate crime incidents took place at other specified or multiple locations.…@

In mid-September the Census Bureau released its latest report onIncome, Poverty, and Health Insurance Coverage in the United States@, current through 2011. Poverty as officially measured, the Census researchers found, went largely unchanged from the year before, though household income did fall.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau

The new data also show, as they’ve shown since these statistics first became available in the 1960s, that black people in the United States have a much higher risk of living in poverty than white people. But poverty, a deeper look at the data shows, does not simply boil down to a matter of black and white.

Census Bureau researchers base their poverty figures on a market-basket approach, with a formula derived originally from the cost of an emergency food budget and then corrected for family size, age, and inflation. In 2011, under this formula, families of four rated as poor if their income fell below $23,000@.

Many people — including many college students who enroll in courses about poverty and social policy — assume that black means poor. Why this assumption? Massive racial inequality certainly plays a major role.

To take but two examples: Black household income stood at only 55 percent of white household income in 2011, an even smaller share than 1999’s 63 percent. Black unemployment in August 2012 ran twice white unemployment, 14.1 to 7.2 percent.

Black people currently make up about 13.8 percent of the U.S. population, and about 27 percent of these Americans fall below the poverty line. The population overall rates as about 15 percent poor. So black people in the United States face nearly twice the risk of living in poverty as average Americans.

This elevated risk reflects past and current institutional practices that put blacks and other minorities at a disadvantage. But it’s also true that almost three-quarters of black incomes do not fall below the poverty line. Collapsing poor and black as if all poor were black and all blacks poor turns the “poverty” problem into a “race” problem.

The white poverty rate does run much lower than the black rate, just under 10 percent, one-third of the black rate. But the white poor outnumber the black poor considerably, 19 to 7.8 million. White people make up 42 percent of America’s poor, black people about 28 percent.

The basic numbers don’t change when we look at people living in extreme poverty, in households making less than 50 percent of the meager poverty line. Of the 20 million people who live at this alarming level of want and deprivation, about 42 percent are white, 27 percent black.

These data have political implications that racial stereotyping usually shroud from public view. Many white people who don’t live anywhere near poverty, even many who consider themselves liberal, think blacks compose most of the poor. Large numbers of these white Americans feel no emotional connection to the problems poor people face. They perceive poverty as a problem of some other community, not their own.

If those white Americans who felt this way actually had to confront the demographic reality of poverty, if they came to understand that white people make up the single largest group of the poor, how white America thinks about poverty and policy might start changing.

Well-meaning white Americans have for decades been aware that black people face the risk of poverty than whites. But “poverty,” we all need to understand, is more and different than “race.”

There are more poor whites in America than Poor Blacks yet the poverty of poor whites are ingored by the mainstream media than it is for Black media.…@

The following are some of the significant cases in this area. They are offered as a start to understanding the issues, and are not intended as a substitute for obtaining legal advice from DOI’s Solicitor’s Office or private counsel. These summaries are intended neither as a legal analysis regarding specific matters, nor as a complete review of the topic.

  1. McDonald v. Santa Fe Trail Transportation Co.@, 427 U.S. 273, 96 S.Ct. 2574 (1976). Two White employees and one Black employee were charged with stealing property from their employer. The two White employees were fired while the Black employee was retained. In the first big reverse discrimination case, the Court decided that Title VII is not limited to discrimination against minority persons, but includes discriminatory actions against majority persons as well.
  2. Middletown v. City of Flint@, 92 F.3d 396. (6th Cir. 1996), cert. denied 117 S.Ct. 1552 (1997). Challenge by White police officers passed over for promotions because of voluntary affirmative action plan involving a 50% set aside of promotions to Sergeant for racial minorities. Court found plan to be an “unnecessarily drastic remedy.”
  3. Police Association of New Orleans v. City of New Orleans@, 100 F.3d 1159 (5th Cir. 1996). City’s race conscious promotions violated Equal Protection Clause because they were not narrowly tailored.
  4. Hopwood v. Texas@, 78 F.3d 932 (5th Cir. 1996), cert. denied, 518 U.S. 1033 (1996). Strikes down the race-conscious admissions program of the University of Texas Law School. The school used lower minimum criteria for African American and Mexican American candidates than for other candidates. The Court held that obtaining a racially diverse student body is not a compelling interest under the 14th Amendment.
  5. Harding v. Gray@, 9 F.3d 150 (D.C. Cir. 1993). D.C. Circuit interpreted McDonnell Douglas (described in our “Civil Rights Cases” category in list at left) to require an additional showing for White plaintiffs in reverse discrimination cases over and above what would be required by minority plaintiffs. The court held that, because racial discrimination against White persons is so rare, in order to establish the necessary inference of discrimination, White plaintiffs must prove “background circumstances” that “support the suspicion that the defendant is that unusual employer who discriminates against the majority.” This can be done by showing that plaintiff was better qualified than the minority applicant whom the employer selected.
  6. Lucas v. Dole@, 835 F.2d 532 (4th cir. 1987). The Fourth Circuit refused to adopt the D.C. Circuit’s “background circumstances” requirement and instead applied McDonnell Douglas test in the same way to White and Black plaintiff. White plaintiff satisfied her burden in this case where she showed that she was more qualified than the selected minority applicant, that the interviewing process was too subjective, that the minority applicant had received irregular acts of favoritism, and that other employees believed that race was a factor.
  7. Schafer v. Board of Public Education@, 903 F.2d 243 (3d Cir. 1990). Reverse sexual discrimination case. The court held that male teacher stated a claim for discrimination where he was not allowed to take a year of paternity leave, while female teachers were allowed to take similar amount of maternity leave. Distinctions between men and women can be made with respect to physical disabilities related to pregnancy or the delivery of a child, but not with respect to child rearing.

So where’s the outrage from Black Lives Matter who claim to be for eqaulty? Why do they ingore the suffering of White Victims of Racism ? Why do SJW’s constantly use the term “White Privilege ” when the majority of white people in this country are not much better off from Blacks and worse yet, make up even more of the countries poor than Blacks? But hey 

Or what about the suffering of the Native Americans ?…@

When you hear the word racism, most people think African American or Hispanic, but there is an entire other race in America who experiences racism on every level without a real sense of justice, it is the American Indian.

Racism far exceeds just Black and White or Hispanic and Asian. Often forgotten, the American Indian has experienced a great deal of racism in the U.S. Although many people overlook or excuse the behavior of the settlers, this was the home of the Indian person before Christopher Columbus. Contrary to popular belief, Columbus didn’t discover America, the Indians already called this vast land home. And like any person defending their home or territory, the Indians fought to keep their land.

It seems a shame that Native Americans are subjected to racism in a country they called their own but they do. According to the United States Department of Justice Native Americans experience per capita more than twice the rates of violence as the average American citizen. American Indians are the victim of violence by those of other races more than 70 percent of the time. So why then is the public not aware of these statistics? The answer is horrifyingly simple; the justice system in American does not tend to care for its native sons and daughters.

According to the US Department of Justice, by its own admission, crimes against Native Americans go unpunished. The DOJ states that some of the problem is reporting of crimes by Indians but they also admit that police officers nationwide are not equipped with the knowledge needed to fight crime within Native tribes. Many times because tribal members live on reservations local police are reluctant or discouraged from responding to crimes against natives. In affect this leaves many tribes policing themselves that can get difficult because of tribal ties.

Once their territories were incorporated into the United States, surviving Native Americans were denied equality before the law and often treated as wards of the state. Many Native Americans were relegated to reservations–constituting just 4% of U.S. territory–and the treaties signed with them violated. Tens of thousands of American Indians and Alaska Natives were forced to attend a residential school system@ which sought to reeducate them in white settler American values, culture and economy–to “kill the Indian, saving the man.”

Further dispossession continued through concessions for industries such as oil, mining and timber and through division of land through legislation such as the Allotment Act. These concessions have raised problems of consent, exploitation of low royalty rates, environmental injustice, and gross mismanagement of funds held in trust, resulting in the loss of $10-40 billion. The World watch Institute notes that 317 reservations are threatened by environmental hazards, while Western Shoshone@ land has been subjected to more than 1,000 nuclear explosions.

While formal equality has been legally granted, American Indians@Alaska Natives@Native Hawaiians@, and Pacific Islanders@ remain among the most economically disadvantaged groups in the country, and suffer from high levels of alcoholism and suicide.

But hey Black Lives Matter. I mean Blacks clearly had it worse than Native Americans who lost 90% of their entire race and culture right?


Rad-Pax May 28, 2015    Hobbyist Digital Artist

Literally everywhere. Holy shit.

Check the news on how police kill black people every damn day.

Are you ignorant or just stupid?

Yeah the same statistics that have Whites killed by cops twice as likely as their black criminal counterpart ? Funny how selective your outrage is 


Rad-Pax May 28, 2015    Hobbyist Digital Artist

“black people face racism” 


That’s how you sound. holy shit.

How dense are you?…@

Better question is how dense are you nigga ?

According to the US Department of Justice, blacks accounted for 52.5% of homicide offenders from 1980 to 2008, with whites 45.3% and “Other” 2.2%. The offending rate for blacks was almost 8 percentage points higher than whites, and the victim rate 6 times higher. Most homicides were intraracial, with 84% of white victims killed by whites, and 93% of black victims killed by blacks.[33]@[34]@[35]@

In other words, blacks are doing most of the shootings, in fact if you ever been to the hood, you see that most mass shootings and shootouts happen against gangs and alot of black youths are dying off by the dozens daily, however given no one gives a shit about black youths in gangs, it doesn’t get any media coverage. Ironically SJW’s are supporting the racist media narrative that ignores black youths dying en masse to gang violence and hence helping to spread more violence against blacks by their own hypocritical silence of calling out black youth’s dying en masse and not saying or doing anything to prevent more of them dying.

Now to further destroy this narrative that whites are the devil

The FBI just released the latest hate crime statistics@ and it doesn’t look good for the black community, which is portrayed as America’s biggest victim. In 2013 24.3% of all hate crime offenders were black. According to the last census@, blacks make up 12.6% of the population. That means that blacks commit hate crimes at nearly double the rate of their population percentage.


In 2013, race was reported for 5,814 known hate crime offenders. Of these offenders:

  • 52.4 percent were White.
  • 24.3 percent were Black or African American.
  • 7.0 percent were groups made up of individuals of various races (Group of Multiple Races).
  • 0.8 percent (49 offenders) were American Indian or Alaska Native.
  • 0.7 percent (40 offenders) were Asian.
  • 0.1 percent (3 offenders) were Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander.
  • 14.8 percent were unknown. (Based on Table 9@.)


The ethnicity was reported for 368 known hate crime offenders. Of these:

  • 54.1 percent were in the ethnic category Not Hispanic or Latino.
  • 6.3 percent were groups made up of individuals of various ethnicities (Group of Multiple Ethnicities).
  • 3.3 percent were Hispanic or Latino.
  • 36.4 percent were of unknown ethnicity. (Based on Table 9@.)


Age was reported for 2,527 known hate crime offenders. Of these:

  • 68.0 percent were 18 and over.
  • 32.0 percent were under 18. (Based on Table 9@.)

Now let’s compare that to whites: The FBI reports that 52.4% of hate crime offenders were white. Keep in mind that the FBI considers Hispanics as whites so the percentage of actual white hate crime offenders is likely much lower. In any case, non-Hispanic whites make up 63.7% of the US population. Throw in the Hispanics and it’s 72.4%. Either way, whites commit hates crimes at a rate lower than their population percentage.

Here are the other races that the FBI keeps stats on with their hate crime and population percentages:

0.8% of offenders were Native American and Alaskan versus 0.9% of the population. It’s close but still lower.

0.7% of offenders were Asian versus 4.8% of the population.

0.1% of offenders were Hawaiian or Pacific Islanders versus 0.2% of the population.

The only race that exceeds their population percentage in hate crime offenders are the blacks. If all things were equal, you’d think the numbers would match up. Actually, based on the media’s insistence that white people are all horrible racists, you’d expect that nearly 100% of all hate crimes were committed by them.

You can look at these numbers in any number of ways, but what you can’t escape is the fact that blacks are more likely to commit a hate crime than any other race.

That brings us to the question: what does it mean to be racist? Is simply being white racist? Is being unaware of the latest politically correct sensitivity racist? What about assaulting someone for the color of his or her skin or ethnicity? To me, the last one seems a hell of lot more racist than having “white privilege” or being culturally ignorant.?

I’m not going to pretend that there aren’t racist white assholes, there are, but they are the exception rather than the rule. With 24% of hate crime offenders being black when their population is only 12% tells me there is an alarming amount of racism and hatred in the black community. In fact let’s look at an older statistic to prove this correlation

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation Uniform Crime Report database, in 2010 58.6% of hate crime offenders were white (including Hispanics), 18.4% of offenders were black, 8.9% were of individuals of multiple races and 1% of offenders were Native Americans.[43]@ The report also reveals that 48% of all hate crime offenders were motivated by the victim’s race, while 18% were based on the victim’s religion, and another 18% were based on the victim’s sexual orientation.[44]@ The report states that among hate crime offenses motivated by race, 70% were composed of anti-black bias, while 17.7% were of anti-white bias, and 5% were of anti-Asian or Pacific Islander bias.

In 3 years alone from the last statistic, hate crimes done by blacks has increased by 6 %.Why is there in an increase in hate crimes amongst black youths ? Maybe because they’re being taught by race baiting Charltons that racism doesn’t exist against whites and it’s okay to hate white people based on their race because they have power.


Rad-Pax May 29, 2015    Hobbyist Digital Artist

You come to me, on my art, post a racist comment, then you’re shocked when I’m mad?



(ง •̀_•́)ง have you come for an ass kicki

Oh noes, how racist is it that someone said #alllivesmatter  because you know, only black people face racism right ?

CHARTS_MAC04 Gilmore

I’m pretty sure blacks have it the worse indeed right ? *sarcasm *

By that very logic of yours , you should be referring to black people as racists but funny enough you don’t talk much about racism against whites that are over double that of black hate crimes nor do you talk about the Black on Black violence within the Black Community. So much for Black Lives Matter ! I guess Black Lives only matter when you can use it as an excuse to blame Whitey.


Rad-Pax May 30, 2015    Hobbyist Digital Artist

You come to my art, a drawing for BLACK LIVES MATTER

Something i made for black history month, and spout shit saying “all lives matter”

which is offensive cause its literally just what whites say to feel important

this was made for BLACK LIVES

And you say they have “more equality” when they have the LEAST.

And then state I need “statistics” for these claims, and even when i give you them you refuse to read it.

go. fuck. yourself.

Images of grossly tortured and mutiliated White South African farmers

I’m pretty sure white people in South Africa would disagree with your black ass about the fact All Lives Matter not applying to all lives, then again i’m dealing with a dumb n**** who thinks Islam is a race but that would be for another part because this retard is stupid as shit and has enough lulz for everyone.

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