Sailor Moon is FAR Stronger than you think.Anime and Manga composite Respect Thread.

( UPDATE: Updated the size of the Muitiverse based on the Muitverse forumala, EoS Sailor Moons Speed is now past Infinite Speed as well as  God tiers in Sailor Moon)

So previously we did possibly the best waifu respect thread ever.

And then on the worst waifu ever.

Now let’s cover someone who has perhaps shifted from one of the most pathetic Superheroines in fiction to one of the mightest Superheroines within fiction, going from a Sakura to an Erza in under 200 chapters, that’s right we’re  talking about Sailor Moon, one of the most popular and beloved anime fictional female characters ever

Physically, Sailor Moon might not seem all that powerful. But then again, she is the sole person who could wield the Silver Crystal, which is, as noted earlier, the rumored source of absolute and limitless power. Apart from this, she also holds the power of love; something which, considering the genre of the series, is the ultimate form of power. She is also the one with the purest heart, as could be seen through the course of the series itself.

Apart from this, Sailor Moon also holds a ridiculous amount of courage, something which was seen time and again despite the odds being stacked against her. For one, she has the capability to keep fighting even after losing those she deems most important to her, all the while maintaining hope that things will turn out alright in the end. It definitely takes something in order to be that strong.

Usagi Tsukino (月野 うさぎ Tsukino Usagi, renamed “Serena Tsukino” or “Bunny Tsukino” in some foreign adaptations), better known as Sailor Moon (セーラームーン Sērā Mūn), is a fictional superheroine who is the main protagonist and title character of the Sailor Moon manga series written by Naoko Takeuchi. She is introduced in chapter #1, “Usagi – Sailor Moon” (originally published in Japan’s Nakayoshi magazine on December 28, 1991), as a carefree schoolgirl who can transform into Sailor Moon, the de facto leader of the Sailor Soldiers. Initially believing herself to be an ordinary girl, she is later revealed to be the reincarnated form of the Princess of the Moon Kingdom, and she subsequently discovers her original name, Princess Serenity (プリンセス・セレニティPurinsesu Sereniti).

In Sailor Moon, Usagi meets Luna, a magical talking black cat that is searching for the Moon Princess. Luna reveals that Usagi is destined to save Earth from the forces of evil and gives her a brooch to transform into Sailor Moon. She asks Usagi to form the Sailor Soldiers, find their princess and protect the “Silver Crystal“. As Usagi matures, she becomes a powerful warrior and protects her adopted home planet, Earth, from villains who wish to harm it. Usagi is depicted as usually carefree and cheerful, but with cry-baby tendencies that show themselves when things don’t go her way.

As the protagonist, Usagi appears in every episode, film, television special, and original video animation (OVA) of the anime adaptations, Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon Crystal; as well as the live action adaptation, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. She also cameos in the sister series Codename: Sailor V. She has been the subject of parodies and has appeared in special events. Most Western audiences were introduced to Usagi appearing in the Sailor Moon anime, which is an adaptation of the manga series. Usagi’s critical reception has been largely positive and she is recognized as one of the most important and popular female superheroes of all time

We’re going to be covering both anime and manga feats within this journal, while separate continuities, they’re actually not that far apart power wise when you rewatch the series.  Since Sialor Moon is a Multiverse,we would be making this a composite list of Sailor Moons best ever feats. We will be using direct feats, power scaling and even statements that fit within these realms.

Strength/Attack Potency

Even with Zero combat experience and next to no training whatsoever, Sailor Moon can effortlessly bring down a muscle bond bodybuilder with a single punch and mind you one enhanced greatly to being much stronger than an average human.  

As we  discussed within the Sakura respect thread, to bring down a person of considerable superior size to yourself by a 2 to 1 ratio in a single strike, you would need to generate forces greater than a standard-issue Assault Rifle.

Usagi’s casual punching strength in the first 3  episodes should be much stronger than any normal human punching]boxers in weight classes ranging from flyweight to super heavyweight showed a range of 447 to 1,066 pounds of peak punching force.  Usgai would be punching roughly 34.8 times the punching force of a Super Heavyweight boxer. Yes this little petite crybaby

Could punch you harder than Ivan Dragov by at least 34 times his force which is up to 1,850 Foot Pounds and this with zero training and just recently obtaining Senshi powers and keep in mind this is extremely lowballing her, especially given she didn’t want to outright kill her opponents.

To put into context, your body can take up to 4,000 Newtons of Force or 2 950.249  foot-pounds of force before you’re instantly Ko’ed or killed depending on where you’re stuck, that’s equivalent to the force from an M-1 Garand firing a 30-06  Springfield round.

If you want a good possible example of how strong Sailor Moon is, let’s scale her form an iconic feat from  Tuxedo Mask alone, his famous Rose through the concrete stone.

Rose flowers’ size ranges from tiny miniatures 1.25 cm (0.5 inch) in diameter to hybrid flowers measuring more than 17.5 cm (7 inches) across.  On average stem length will be about 18-19 inches. let’s assume that the flower weighs at least 5 grams at best.

Rose Length:167px(19 inches/48.26 cm)

Rose Diameter:13px(1.48 Inches/3.75 cm)

Ultimate Tensile Strength of Concrete:3000 PSI

Square Inches Penetrate:2.1904 in^2 (6571.2 PSI)

Mass of the rose:5  Grams

The volume of Concrete penetrated:52.734375 cm^3

The density of Concrete:2.4 g/ cm^3

Mass destroyed:126.56  Grams of Concrete

So Tuxedo mask is casually generating roughly 13,142,400 times the force of the Rose throwing it through Concrete.  

The force of the Rose hitting through concrete is at least 742.45 joules or 547.6 lb/f,  around or near the force of 45 ACP handgun and this is merely throwing a rose casually, not even factoring in later speed, this would be the bare minimum punching force of Usagi by power scaling.

Of course this is massively lowballing as these same roses can hurt the likes of  Kunzite.

Who survived a blast from the Silver Crystal which mind you is is a casual star busting super weapon directly compared to a Supernova, this is just the bare minimum energy needed to penetrate the concrete.

Able to break anything from Metal Chains.

To the main villain herself.

Now for Velocity of the rose needed to produce this feat by reverse-engineering the speed.

Mass of the rose:5  Grams or 0.005 Kilograms

Energy from throw:742.45 joules


C^2=:742.45 joules


C^2=385.344  m/s or 1,264.2520 ft/s(Mach 1.132)

Speed of Rose Throw:Mach 1.132(Supersonic)      

Going by bare minimum speed scaling from Tuxedo Mask throws and Usagi’s 0.5  kg Fist at Supersonic Speeds, we get a better scale of her punching force moving Supersonic speeds.

Usagi’s Fist: At least 0.5 kg

Minimum Velocity:385.344  m/s 


E=0.5kgx385.344  m/s/2

E=37,122.499584  J or 27 380.151 Foot Pounds

Usgai is generating more than twice the Energy/stopping power of a 50 Caliber Round which is  9.28 times the force of a 30.06 round and this is her holding back her blows and pulling her punches.

However  SUpersonic is massively lowballing the speed and power of Sailor Moon as she kick Youma straight in the face in the manga.  She can actually damage Youma with sigluar strikes as seen with her first battle within the Manga where she kicked a Youma damaging it 

Note the same Youma can withstand her crying which is powerful enough to create an Earthquake.  To generate an earthquake, even a minor scale one felt by anyone you need to at least generate the energy of a Magnitude 5.0  which would require a minimum of 476.8791 Tons of TN.

Her Ultrasonic crying was so powerful that it could potentially dimension bust a dimension 

large enough to fit a whole star and a moon, essentially putting even her crying at maximum Large Star Level and this is like the beginning of the series . So yeah we have up to Large Star level Youma,At least in the manga version .

As for the anime version, they at the very least scale to a causal Jadeite who can effortlessly take away all the energy within Tokyo  in the anime.

And a casual Kuztine who effortlessly froze Tokyo solid.

And it should be noted that the bodybuilders she was bodying in the anime were all enhanced by Youma, so her punching potency is likely far higher than we thought.

After all we’re talking about Yomua who easily scale to a casual Kuzhine freezing an entire city in the manga and Jadeite threatening to destroy Tokyo in the anime, putting an average Youma somewhere between the Island level range to possibly in the star level range depending on their fighting power, threat level and how much of a problem they are for individual Senshi or team of them.

Now imagine just how much stronger the likes of Makoto Kino( Aka best Sailor Senshi )  would be when she’s not only casually defeating men 3 times her size in civilian form

But even shadowboxing one of the Shinetntoiu in a straight-up fistfight,even managing to hurt Zoticte  depsite not having achieved her powers

As seen in both the anime and Manga, her Moon Tiara Action has enough raw energy to vaporize a human being instantly.    To vaporize a human-like creature, you need at the very least 2.99 Gigajoules of TNT to vaporize a human to ash yet Sailor Moon can do so with ease.

 However how truly destructive is this Tiara, thankfully we got a good feat for this.

Sailor Moon Moon tiara by IreneBelserion69

A store gate should be at least 3 meters high

Gate Height:491px(300 cm)

The diameter of Hole:407px(249 cm)

Depth of the Hole:22px(13.44 cm)

The volume of Hole:1,003,968 cm^3

The density of Steel: 7,980 kg/m^3

Mass destroyed:8011.66464 kg

Vaporization  Energy:25700 (j/cc).

203 835 623 040 joule = 48.717 883 136 ton [explosive]

Minimum Energy of Moon Tiara Action: 48.717  Tons of TNT (City Block level)

And this is merely casual vaporization Energy as a side effect, now for the potential Attack Potency of Sailor Moon’s attacks.

Translating Vaporization energy to PSI, we get roughly at least 1 804 097 347 100 PSI  or 1 .804 Trillion PSI which is roughly 1.243881334e+16 Pascals or 12.4 PetaPascals, this is nearly half of the Pressure within the Sun’s Core, that’s how much energy is within  Moon Tiara Action. Now for how many Square Inches are within Moon Tiara.

Sailor Moon Tiara by IreneBelserion69

Sailor Moon: 480x(4’11″/ 59 in)

Sailor Moon’s Tiara length:69px( 8.48 in )x3.14=26.63 in/67.64cm

Sailor Moon Tiara’s Width:9px(1.1 in/2.794 cm)

Sailor Moon Tiara’s Depth:2px(0.244 in/0.621 cm)

Square inches within the Tiara:29.45509565217391 sq inches

The pressure produced by the Tiara itself:53,139,859,924,663.7 pounds or 24154481783938.05  kg or roughly 365.242 PetaPascals of Pressure.

Sailor Moon’s Moon Tiara on its own is producing easily more pressure in her Tiara than the Core of the Sun. Now for the mass of her Tiara.

The volume of the Tiara:124.9 cm^3

The density of Gold:19.32 g/cm^3

Tiara mass:2.413 kg or 5.31 lbs

Now let’s multiply pressure with Mass

365.242 PetaPascalsx2.4313 kg=888 PetaPascals  or 58,284,764,544,642.51 kg 

Now for the throwing force of her merely scaling from Tuxedo Mask Rose Throw.  

M= 58,284,764,544,642.51  kg 

C=385.344  m/s (Mach 1.132)


E=58,284,764,544,642.51  kgx385.344 m/s/2


8 654 704 590 248 118 000 joule = 2 068.524 041 6 megaton [explosive]

Sailor Moon Tiara’s Attack Potency: 2.068 Gigaton of TNT(Large Mountain Level+)

Merely throwing something with this much pressure at  Mach 1.1 would produce over 41 Tsar Bombas of force,

 now let’s see what happens when you throw the Tiara at over the speed of Light.

M= 58,284,764,544,642.51  kg 

C=1,401,829,533.608 m/s  


E=58,284,764,544,642.51  kgx1,401,829,533.608 m/s  

E=5.72684543087304e+31 Joules

5.72684543087304e+31 joule = 13 687 489 080 000 000 megaton [explosive] or  13.687 Zettatons of TNT( Small Planet level+)

Sailor Moon’s Early Season/Arc Moon Tiara Action true attack potency  13.687 Zettatons of TNT( Small Planet level+)

This would put an average Youma roughly int this range of power,especially when you factor the average attack speed of Early Sailor Moon is FTL.

This is not counting the D&D girls who are stronger than the Sheienetitou who actually killed most of the Sailor Senshi in the anime 

 Speaking of the sun.  In the Anime and Manga Rei destroys a whole dimension with the release of her powers, in the manga, the dimension is shown to actually be roughly the size of a whole Planet with a visible moon and star.  This would make both Anime and Manga Rei easily Large Star level+ for destroying a Star sized Dimmesion and would drastically put the Senshi at a way higher level than possible.

It’s arguably higher given multiple stars are in view within the manga.

Let’s assume the explosion timeframe is equal to the anime timeframe of distortion the Dimmeisons is roughly  93 Million miles or 149,600,000km assuming the only thin in this dimensions is an Earth-size planet, the moon, and Sun.

Going by this we get 5:04  for the start of both attack and around  6 seconds. We’ll assume Rei’s flames are as hot as the sun and so powerful, it hit the sun of the dimension and caused a Supernova type explosion.

Mass of the Sun:1.9885×10^30 kg

Explosion Velocity:‭24,933,333,333.33333‬ m/s(‭83.17 c)


E=1.9885×10^30 kgx:‭24,933,333,333.33333‬ m/s^2/2

E=‭6.180965022222221e+50‬  Joules

6.180965022222221e+50 joule = 1.4772860952e+35 megaton [explosive]   or 6.18 MegaFoe of TNT( Solar System level+)

Kinetic Energy of   Sailor Mars dimension busting: 6.18 MegaFoe of TNT( Solar System level+)

HOLY SHIT! I wasn’t expecting this result…Shit, this drastically upgrades the Sailor Moon Verse considerably  and this is just the Kinetic Energy of the sun exploding but yeah Sailor Mars flames are so powerful, she can vaporize a star size dimension

Chapter 5 Rei/ Episode 9 Rei can casually shit on  Kaguya who’s able to bust a Star sized Dimmmeison in Naruto and again this is all first arc, not even in the first half of the arc.  Now for the heat of Rei’s attack

Rei’s flames:10,000,000,000 Celius

The temperature of the Sun: 15,000,000 Celius 

LenghtxWidth and Height of the Dimmeison: At least 149,600,000,000 meters

The estimated mass of the Dimension:  At least 1.9885×10^30 kg (Going by the sun’s mass)

Heating Capacity of Hydrogen:14,304 J/kg

Heating Capacity of Helium: 3,115.6 J per kg

Now for the Temperature and thermal energy of Sailor Mars burning a dimension

9,985,000,000 Celiusx1.9885×10^30 kgx3,115.6 J per kgx14,304 J/kg

E=‭8.84856531908064e+47‬  J

8.84856531908064e+47 joule = 2.1148578678e+32 megaton [explosive]  or 884.86 Foe( Solar System)

Sailor Mars destroys a dimension(Thermal Enegery) 884.86 Foe( Solar System)

Well, shit,  her Supernova are even stronger than that of a normal Supernova, in fact, they’re even stronger than Hypernovas which are Supernovas on Steriods and over 100 times stronger than a normal Supernova.

In Sailor Mars debut episode, episode 10 (Cursed Buses! Fire Warrior Mars Appears!) the Fire Soul completely incinerates the youma Kigaan and the leftover power starts collapsing the pocket universe.

And keep in mind Rei’s power pales in comparison to that of the Silver Crystal which is said to easily bust a Star.

Sailor Mercury also easily scales to this level given her manga counterpart has

Hyperspatial Sphere Generate is a defensive attack used by Sailor Mercury in the manga series and in Sailor Moon Crystal

Sailor Mercury used this power during the battle with Queen Beryl in Act 12 of the manga to protect the Game Center Crown (as well as Motoki) from destruction. It creates a shield that dimensionally seals off a place from its surroundings. Mercury used it to create a shield around the secret Senshi control room at Game Center Crown, so that the damage from the battle wouldn’t destroy the rest of the arcade. She was able to do so by using “time axis calculations” given to her by Luna, which suggests that the power not only puts the affected area into a sort of subspace, but into a sort of chronolock as well. She must have her Mercury Goggle on in order to do the attack.

In other words Sailor Mercury can utilize  4D hAX and freeze time around a are and teleport it into a Star System size Dimension and keep  her comrades safe. Assuming this is a whole Constellation of stars , this would make this space Upt to as high as Multi Solar System level and she’s the weakest of the Sailor Senshi.

If anything it doesn’t even measure up to Kuztine who was so strong in both the manga and anime, the Sailor Senshi needed to work together to beat him.

It should be noted Metaiala and Super Beryl matched the power of the  Silver Crystal.

The same Silver Crystal capable of casually destroying a Star and is stated within the manga to casually outshine a Supernova which would make the Silver Crystal a potential Solar System buster even by an unmastered user.   This would also make Sailor Moon’s attacks burn hotter than Supernovas.

Let’s use the math form Rei’s Dimmeison busting using the Sun’s mass and increase the timeframe to at least 1 second of the sun exploding

Mass of the Sun:1.9885×10^30 kg

Explosion Velocity149,600,000,000  m/s(‭83.17 c)


E=1.9885×10^30 kgx149,600,000,000 m/s^2/2


4.450294816e+52 joule = 1.0636459885e+37 megaton [explosive]  or 445.025 MegaFoe(Solar System level+)

‭6.180965022222221e+50‬  Joules

Silver Cystral’s mnium Attack Potency:445.025 MegaFoe(Solar System level+)

And this is the minimum base power of this superweapon, As seen in both the anime and manga Queen Metaiala’s mere presence nearly destroys the earth as well as the sun, the Silver Crystal completely negate the effects of that, showing causal Solar System wiping abilities.

The Makajiu Tree of the 90’s ANime easily scales to the power of   Slvier Cystral as it’s direclty compared to Queen Brely in power within the anime.

In episode 59, it is stated that the Makaiju can destroy the planet. Going by sheer power scaling alone and by the fact that even within the power-ups they achieved  Post Beryl fight and new moves, none of them can actually defeat the Makaiju tree in battle. Only Sailor Moon with Moon Healing Escalation was able to defeat it and only after it allowed itself to be purified do they actually win. That’s enough reasonable ground to believe that the Doom Tree’s full power can rival that of Queen Beryl’s Super Form  which matched the Sliver Crystals power which might you can destory the solar system with ease.

In the anime, we have  Seven Youma who are basically powerful named Youma capable of pushing the Sailor Senshi to their limits.  It should be 1/7th the power of the Crystal, which would put them around Solar System level, making it consistent with scaling of the anime as the Youma re still inferior to the Sheienentou  yet Sailor Moon can fight easily on par with them and beat them.

It should be noted that a casual burst of power from the Silver Crystal is still inferior to that of Kunzite to which in both in the manga and anime was able to tank the power of the Silver Crystals in both versions.

 In episode 34. he drains the entire city of Tokyo of all it’s electricity, without moving, just by willing it. Another sign that he’s not just a casual citybuster , he’s an extremely casual citybuster. Even the likes of Nappa needed at least a finger to level one city, Kunzite  simply just blinks and easily shuts down all the power within the city to form his castle,generartign a wind storm

Even more impressive is the fact he converted all the energy within the city into one massive tower. In the same episode he uses the city’s energy to reality-shift a skyscraper-sized building filling it with negative energy, causing lots of space-time distortions to appear for positive-energy beings like the senshi and surrounding the building with a tornado. Even casually, in episode 35 , he traps the senshi in a pocket dimension and shows notable dimensional manipulation. The only way to shatter this tower was to use the power of the Silver Crystal.

In chapter 9 Kunzite’s forcefield holds briefly against the power of princess serenity, compared to a supernova and said to have the power to easily destroy stars (with the image being of a supernova). 

Which puts him far above the  Inner Senshi’s combined power in total in both anime and manga as none of their individual attacks could do shit to him.

It took the individual blast from the Silver Crystal to overpower him and force him to retreat

After her boost from awakening her Princess Serenity memories Sailor Moon’s power remains static for a while.In chapter 10 Kunzite was confident in his own ability to kill Sailor Moon, despite witnessing firsthand the power she had, and it took all 4 of the Awoken Guardian Senshi, who were Princess Serenity’s bodyguards to stop him

The same thing in the anime for the most part.  Sailor Moon via Sialor Planet Power could beat kunzite, the strongest of the SHieneenitou.

However even Kuzrtines power pales in comparison to Queen Breyl

The first real demonstration of her powers actually begins around ep 42 when it’s revealed that she can grow sunspots on the Sun with her own magical power. 

Sun:1673px(1,390,000,000 m)

Sunspot:207px(172,858,800 m)

Going by this, the sunspot is roughly 2,700°C  versus the average surface temperature of 5,500 °C. Now to see how much power a Sunspot from Berly drains.

Area of Sunspot:2.988016473744e+16 m^2

Depth  of Sunspot:5,000,000 m deep

Volume of Sunspot:1.494008236872e+23 m^3

Density of sun: 1 411.35837 kg / m^3

Mass of the Sunspot:2.10858102995824e+26 kg

Heat capacity of hydrogen is 14320 j/kg K

Heat capacity of helium is 5190 j/kg K

Heat capacity of oxygen is 919 j/kg K

Freezing Capacity of the Sun total:68,300,815,200 j/kg

2,700°C – 5,500 °C=-2800°C

2.10858102995824e+26 kgx68,300,815,200 j/kg calories/kgx2800 °C

E=3.247214786135689e+36  Joules

4.032498491319296e+40 joule = 9.6379027039e+24 megaton [explosive]  or 9.637 Tenatons of TNT(Small Star Level)

Berly casual Sunspot Draining energy:9.637  Tenatons of TNT(Small Star Level)

The effects are far more noticeable within ep 45 where the sunspot activity grew so bad that the Earth itself was facing chaos and turmoil. It was affecting the earth in every way from its gravitational energy, to its tectonic plates and even radically affecting the climate and environment many times over with natural disasters occurring at massive rates. All this from Queen Beryl who’s merely stationary and not even fighting. This confirms Beryl being an extremely casual planet buster.

The same is shown in the manga as well where a Stationary QueenMetiaial/Brely was causing planetary damage with just her presence alone

This isn’t too far off from the Manga version where Queen Metaila/Queen Beryl displayed similar feats such as casually destroying the Sun’s surface turning it into a Brown Dwarf.

And even more true to form, around the end of ep 46, it nearly took over the entire sun, had not for Super Beryl’s death and the use of the Silver Crystal, the creature would’ve been born.

In the Manga Queen, Metaila is awakened and could casually take over and blacken the entire sun which isn’t too far from the anime feat either.  This means the temperature of the sun towards the end would be 127 °C

5,500 °C-127 °C=5373 °C

Heat capacity of hydrogen is 14320 j/kg K

Heat capacity of helium is 5190 j/kg K

Heat capacity of oxygen is 919 j/kg K

2X10^30kgx68,300,815,200 calories/kgx5373 °C


7.339605601392e+44 joule = 1.7542078397e+29 megaton [explosive]  or 7.33 Foe of TNT( Large Star Level+)

Queen Beryl’s Sunspot Drain:7.33 Foe of TNT(  Large Star Level+)

Now for potential darkening of the sun itself or completely freezing the sun which both the anime and manga Berly/Metaiala are capable of doing. 

Hell considering some Senshi are Senshi allegedly  able to even be born within stars themselves as it’s in the case of the Starlights, they should also be able to withstand the surface of the sun. There’s pressure at the center of the sun of more than 1 million metric tons/cm sq. or ‭2,200,000,000‬  kg per cm or ‭4,840,000,000‬ pounds per square inch, meaning you’re body would feel like it weighs ‭15,333,120,000,000‬ pounds or ‭6,969,600,000,000‬ kg, combine that with 28 G’s and you get the bodyweight feeling of‭ 195,148,800,000,000‬kg

The temperature at the surface of the Sun is about 10,000 Fahrenheit (5,600 Celsius),.The human body consists of 70% water,  the heating capacity of water is 4,184 j/kg, When you account for that along with the temperature change from 37.5 °C 5,600 °C  and the evaporation energy of water being 2,264,705.7 j/kg, you would be hit with a total heating energy of roughly‭646,247,925,905.625‬ Joules per second.

Now for wind speed. The speed of the solar wind is about 400 km/s  or 400,000 m/s. Being flung around by the wind would, impact your body between‭ 4,320,000,000,000‬  Joules and ‭11,840,000,000,000‬ Joules or the equivalent of 1 Kiloton to 2.829 Kilotons of TNT

The  maximum durability needed to survive all the effects of the sun’s heat,gravity, winds, and pressure would be ‭1.493195765756784e+39‬  Joules or 3.5688235319e+23 megaton or 36.68 Ninatons of TNT, that’s roughly more durability on your body than a Brown Dwarf

It should be noted Queen Metaial can cover the entire sun, ranges from 5,600 degrees celsius to over 15,000,000 degrees celsius. Time to  calc how much power would it take to completely turn the sun into a Black Dwarf with a temperature of 10−18 K, now to factor this

Solar Mass: 2e+30kg

Heat capacity of hydrogen is 14320 j/kg K

Heat capacity of helium is 5190 j/kg K

Heat capacity of oxygen is 919 j/kg K

Freezing Capacity of the Sun total:68,300,815,200 j/kg

15,000,000°C/K – 1e+−18 K=‭‭-1.000000000015e+18‬C

2e+30kgx68,300,815,200 j/kg calories/kgx‭-1.000000000015e+18‬°C

‭1.36601630402‬e+‭58 Joules  

1.36601630402e+58 joule = 3.2648573232e+42 megaton [explosive] or 136.601  TeraFoe( Mutil Solar System level)

Queen Metaiala Drains the Sun: 136.601  TeraFoe( Mutil Solar System level)

Dam Queen Metal is no joke, her feat is pretty much in the Majin Buu Saga tiers of power. The anime  Super Berly should easily scale to this level too given Queen Beryl’s base form was effortlessly draining the sun while she was stationary in   and grew far more powerful and was rapidly growing the sunspots to revive Queen Metalia

Now for the manga feat in which Sailor Moon vaporized  Queen Metailafrom existence

Mind you the same being that can casually absorb the Silver Cyrstal.

Usagi can shoot destructive beams of light that move many times faster than natural light, the Light is so powerful, it can vaporize anything on a SubAtomic level showing Sailor Moon can generate enough destructive energy to erase your atoms from existence.

The bare minimum destructive power of the Silver Crystal should be able to produce roughly the same heat as  The thing i can think of when going by this is to use the Large Hadron Collider which produces heat up to 13 EK at heavy nuclear conversions/This is just a mindblowing amount of heat. Now let’s covert this to Plasma. That’s over 1.300000e+18°C. This is where the plot thickens.

Solar Mass: 2e+30kg

Heat capacity of hydrogen is 14320 j/kg K

Heat capacity of helium is 5190 j/kg K

Heat capacity of oxygen is 919 j/kg K

 Heating  Capacity of the Sun total:68,300,815,200 j/kg


2e+30kgx68,300,815,200 j/kgx1.300000e+36°C

E=  ‭1.7758‬e+77

E=1.7758e+77 joule = 4.2442638623e+61 megaton [explosive]  or 424.44 TenaKiloFoe (Muilt Galaxy level)

Sailor Moon’s Sliver Sailor Planet Healing Escalation  Attack Potency:424.44 TenaKiloFoe (Muilt Galaxy level)

The anime also isn’t too far from it as   Beryl was anhailaited along with the sunspots about to take over the sun

In both the anime and manga, Queen Metaila was engulfing the planet with her mere presence with the former lending enough power to darken the solar system and the latter having Queen Metaiala completely take over the entire planet Earth.

This would potentially make her a Galaxy Buster if this is merely the casual energy output of her in both the anime or manga in which coinsdering how broken a full power Sailor Moon could be and the recoil of the effects of killing Beryl and Metaila had in the manga an anime which was ..

She’s also far superior to Kuzitne who tanked the initial release of the Silver Crystal.

And was able to easily take over the entire planet earth in the manga

And was draining the sun within the anime.

Yet despite this power, Sailor Moon was able to slay Beryl with two different results.’

In the Manga, Sailor Moon vaporizes Queen Metalitalia on a subatomic level by herself.And in the anime, she turned into  princess Serenity and fought a fusion of Metialaia and Berly who she was able to beat by having her dead Senshi leaned her their powers from the grave to not only obliterate Beryl but  completely rewrite reality on a planetary level while undoing the damage.

Either way it’s  easily in the Multi Solar System levels of power by power scaling. If  fodder tier Youma range from Planetary threats to Star levels threats and the Shintentou are much stronger  and confirmed Solar System level+, then by sheer scale and powerscaling, Berly is easily Multi Solar System level as she required far more power than Kuzitne to beat and the residual power caused different wishes to occur. Now onto Season 2.

Season 2 Sailor Moon/Dark Moon Manga Arc villains as expected of any Manga becomes much more powerful as in the battle with the Ayakaski Sisters in the anime , Sailor Moon and company with a combined Sailor Planet Power casually sealed a Micro Blackhole in ep 74.  considering the blackhole is large enough to cover a bridge length.

Blackhole size(Low End) :60px(6.388 m)

Blackhole size (High End)188px(20.01573 m)

Human Height:  17px(1.81 m)…

The mass of the Blackhole is at least 720.2 Earth Masses moving at the speed of light, more on the sheer Gravitational durability in durability but at the very least to be able to destroy the black hole, you would need at least 3.818972530384911e+44  Joules or 3.82 Foe of TNT at bare minimum which is near the same amount of power Super Berly showed casually within the final battle in the anime. that alone is crazy to think there are casual Large Star level+ to Solar System level enemies within the second Arc.

The higher-end Blackhole size would be 2256.7 Earth masses in energy moving at Lightspeed. This would give the larger limit of the black hole roughly 1.196650278994672e+45 Joules or 11.96 Foe or roughly half the power needed to blow up the entire Solar System putting the Second Arc Sailor Senshi and Amayaski Sisters Solar System level. however, let’s remember the potential of Hawking Radiation which makes this feat even more powerful.

If anything the power might be greater as it’s stated that the black hole would’ve expanded to the size of Earth and destroy the entire planet. The Wand that created the Micro Blackhole.  As we know merely a 1mm Blackhole has enough energy to destroy the earth in 42 minutes, imagine a black hole many times larger. 

Hawking Radiation:  TemapturexMassxHeating energy

Black Hole Temperature: -273.15 

Mass of an Asteroid:  Room Temperature (20°C)

Mass of a Mountain: Surface of the Sun  (5,550°C)

The average weight of a mountain: 3 Billion Tons  or 3×10^12 Kg

The average weight of an Asteroid:1.0125e+16  kg

The difference between masses:3,375

Differences between Temperatures:5480

The margin of temperatures and mass:1.62  times

1.0125e+16 kg/3,375/5,480

Average mass to Temperature output:54,7174,912.1384158 kg lost per celsius

Average Temperature to joules range:1899.1  Joules per °C

Specific Vaporization energy of Black Holes(Hawking Radiation):1,039,139,875,642.065  Joules/kg

Heated up Black Hole(Hawking Radiation):2.994003844736829e+17 Joules per Kg/ °C

Now for the mass of the black hole itself.  

Mass of Blackhole: 720.2   to 2256.7 Earth Masses

Temperature increase:1.331453e+28 °C

Differences of temperature:1.331453e+28 °C  (13.31 Octillion °C )

720.2  Earth Masses(4.249×10^27kg)x2.994003844736829e+17 Joules per Kg/ °Cx1.331453e+28 °C

 2256.7 Earth Masses(1.331453×10^28kg)x2.994003844736829e+17 Joules per Kg/ °Cx1.331453e+28 °C

1.7655633978978e+73  Joules

5.307671486902671e+73 Joules

1.7655633978978e+73 joule = 4.2197977961e+57 megaton [explosive]  or 421.98 NinaFoe

5.307671486902671e+73 joule = 1.2685639309e+58 megaton [explosive] or 1.27 TenaFoe

Sailor Planet Attack:421.98 NinaFoe  (Multi Galaxy level+)       

                              1.27 TenaFoe (Multi Galaxy level+)      

So yeah Sailor Planet Attack was able to completely evaporate a black hole with the force between and 1,676,698 and 5,040,522 exploding Galaxies, that’s insane but then again that’s Hawking Radiation weaponized. What takes about literally forever for blackholes to reach the evaporation point only took seconds by the Senshi and this is a far smaller Blackhole than the one Usagi blew up in the manga.

The Ginzhuisho has far more potent purification energy. In episode 70, a weakened Sailor Moon using the Ginzhuisho manages to remove the negative energy of Koan and replace it with positive energy. This feat would be repeated in the next two episodes with the rest of the Ayakashi Sisters.

Additionally it is shown in flashback in episode 83 that she has planetary-level reality-warping as she casually reverses the great freeze that befallen the Earth in the future. Considering that a much weaker  Princess Serenity with the combined power of her friends not only killed Super Beryl but purified the Sun, it’s not surprising that her level of power has grown so high that she can simply restore entire planets.

In episode 74, Sailor Moon stands under the supergravity of Rubeus’s spaceship which was so intense that it dented the metal surface of the floor all around her. This is by far the most radical strength feat from Sailor Moon I’ve observed. Think about this carefully. Sailor Moon is withstanding the same amount of gravity that would make reinforced steel dent and crack under its immense power,  so much for Senshi not having the physical power to back up their magical power but how much Kilogram Force did Usagi tank with the increased Gravity and exactly how much G’s did her petite body tank.

Usagi:281px( 1.5 m)

Crater depth:143px(0.7633 m)

Crater length and width:569px(3.037 m)

The volume of hole:7.04 m^3

The density of Steel:7,980 kg/m^3

Mass crushed:56184.1kg

Now for the pressure of the attack and the factoring of mass increase from Usgai.…

Going back to the Kenshrio steel bending feat, To bend stainless steel, you need roughly 860 MegaPascals of force or roughly 98625.66 PSI according to this here.

Or over 6 times as much pressure as the bottom of the Mariana Trench to easily bend steel into a pretzel.…

Using the m^3 to SI convertor, we got 5693.522 Square Inches from  7.04 m^3. Meaning for Usgai to crush and bend steel from her body weight, that means her body would be weighing roughly 561,527,364.97452  pounds or 255,239,711.352 kg, considering Usgai only weighs 45kg at best, that means she’s tanked the Gravitational force of roughly 5,671,993.585  G’s.

That’s right, you’re not reading this wrong,5,671,993.585  G’s times’ gravity she withstood and stood up to fight against, IN HER FIRST TIME!

 Mind you, it took Goku weeks just to get used to 10 times Gravity when he trained with King Kai 

And a full week to get use to 100 times Earth’s Gravity. This feat alone makes Sailor Moon Orders of Magnitude stronger than Fireza Saga Goku at this point considering if she can quickly adapt to 5,671,993.585  G’s, 100 G’s would be nothing to her.

Even Superman in Man of Steel fighting against Zod’s Gravitation devices which have roughly the same Gravity as Krtyon which is over 1,000 G’s compares to this insane gravity feat and this is ltierally nothing compared to the manga.

The commercial oil tanker AbQaiq

At  over 5.67 Million G’s, your body would be about as heavy as a Supertanker meaning Usgai theoretically can easily  lift the mass of a Supertanker given she can not only lift her entire body up from the ground.

However this is actually lowballing the feat considerably when this user brought this into my attention here.


SuikotsuDario Aug 19, 2019 

Well, I was talking about the anime.…

this should be the original dub.

About mystakes… I don’t think sailor starlights fought in space and destroyed galaxies with galaxia, because we saw explosions but the galaxy is not dameged. They could destroy the milky way with a finger, but the explosion was, for me, a scenic effect. 

“Using the m^3 to SI convertor, we got 5693.522 Square Inches from  7.04 m^3. Meaning for Usgai to crush and bend steel from her body weight, that means her body would be weighing roughly 561,527,364.97452  pounds or 255,239,711.352 kg, considering Usgai only weighs 45kg at best, that means she’s tanked the Gravitational force of roughly 5,671,993.585  G’s.”

You forget one thing: rubeus’s spaceship came from the future, when you calculed you used modern steel. Steel from 3000 must be leagues stronger.

In which he brings up an excellent point, why are we using normal steel to judge the durability of the ship.

The best thing to potentially compare the ship’s construction to is possible Grapheme, yep we’re using Grapahe yet again for another test of strength  which we known has the tensile strength of over 9,500,000 PSI.

Chinese material scientists have created the world’s lightest material: A graphene aerogel that is seven times lighter than air, and 12% lighter than the previous record holder (aerographite). A cubic centimeter of the graphene aerogel weighs just 0.16 milligrams — or, if you’re having a problem conceptualizing that, a cubic meter weighs just 160 grams (5.6 ounces). 

The graphene aerogel is so light that an cube inch of the stuff can be balanced on a blade of grass, the stamen of a flower, or the fluffy seed head of a dandelion.The end result is an aerogel that weighs just 0.16 milligrams per cubic centimeter, and has truly superb elasticity and absorption. The graphene aerogel can recover completely after more than 90% compression, and absorb up to 900 times its own weight in oil, at a rate of 68.8 grams per second.

Steel by contrast has the density of 7,980 kg/m^3, that is over ‭49,875‬  times heavier than Graphene, meaning for Graphene to eqaul the mass of Steel, you would nee to make 49,875 Cubic meters of Graphene to equal a single cubic centimeter of steel  or the Length,Width and height of the cube to be 36.8 meters high, 

that’s about the size of an average High Rise Building within New York City or Project complex.

But let’s assume the Dark Moon Kingdom can compress Graphene and compact it origami style folding the graphene and wielding it to some unknown metal, forming the same mass as normal steel.  That would give a single square inch of Graphene roughly ‭473,812,500,000‬ PSI in tensile strength or balalncing ‭215,369,318,181.8182‬ kg 

That one square inch of Graphene condensed into the steel like mass would have enough strength to withstand the weight of 3 and a half Three Gorges Dams on it’s single Square Inch, that’s the largest man made structure[ and largest concrete structure[ at 60 Billion Kg…

Using the m^3 to SI convertor, we got 5693.522 Square Inches from  7.04 m^3. Meaning for Usgai to crush and bend steel from her body weight, that means her body would be weighing roughly ‭2,697,661,892,625,000‬ pounds or ‭1,226,209,951,193,182‬  kg

HOLY SHIT! That’s 30.65 times the mass of Global annual human carbon dioxide emissions Usgai is tanking on her body. considering Usgai only weighs 45kg at best, Usgai is tanking the force of not  5 Million G’s but ‭27,249,110,026,515.16‬‬ G’s or well over 27.25 Trillion G’s

HOLY MOTHER DEATHCLAW SHIT! That’s nearly 13 times the gravity of the Protons in the Large Hadron Collider,  and considering we’re talking about Space Technology, very fitting, so Usgai can pretty much tank gravity from the Hardgeon COllider.  Now how to translate this in strength?

As we know Steel  weighs about 7.98 kg per cubic centimeter with  steel, Usagi’s body was weighed down , convacing through 56184.1kg] of the ships metal which can withstand .]   The pressure the metal go crushed by was over 473,812,500,000‬ PSI there are over 15.5 Square Inches within a Cubic centimeter, if the dense metal with the same tensile strength as Graphene has 56,184.1 kg of mass shattered by the force of this , that would be a combined pressure of over ‭2.848979427470531e+16‬ kg of energy she had to  lift to overcome the insane gravity.

That’s a mind-blowing  lifting of over twice the mass of 951 Gaspra, the first asteroid ever to be closely approached by a spacecraft

Sailor Moon’s Lifting Strength(Anime):‭2.848979427470531e+16‬ kg( Class P)

But even fight Rubeus with the same level of reaction speed and power as she was under 1g. We’ll cover more of her feat under durability but this feat is insane regardless.

A  very casual yet powerful feat from Sailor Moon in the manga is when she channeled her power into Planet Nemesis which is a Planet Sized Blackhole which notably absorbs power itself. COnsidering this planet i s said to be massive, about  1,921.56 AU in diameter or over 287,461,284,404,996 meters long, it’s safe to assume that Sailor Moon’s energy tunneled through a planet surface to the center roughly ‭143,730,642,202,498‬ meters away at the planet’s center. 

Given the   fissure is a meter wide and a meter thick  and assuming the planet’s surface has the same density of a Neutron Star  which is 6 × 10 ^17 kg/m 3, The volume of the fissure is around 143,730,642,202,498‬ m^3,  the mass destroyed by Usgai is ‭8.62383853214988e+31‬kg

Which is easily  times the mass of our sun,HOLY SHIT, Sailor Moon can casually bust the earth with merely her finger at this point.

 Mupilty it by 1,000,000 to get the Cubic Centimeter for Nerutonim  and we get ‭600,000,000,000‬ kg per cubic centimeter, once we do that, we  then divide by 1,000,000 for the cubic meters for cm^3

143,730,642,202,498,000,000 cm^3x‭600,000,000,000‬kgx8j/cc

E=‭6.899070825719904e+32‬ J

6.899070825719904e+32 joule = 164 891 750 140 000 000 megaton [explosive]

Sailor Moon’s Casual Energy Lend to the Senshi: 164.891 Zettatons of TNT(Planet Level+)

And to think this was merely lending her comrades energy, quite the power.

The anime and manga both have a different ending for the end of Wiseman, one is the entire planet being vaporized by Chibiusa and Usgai

And in the anime, Wiseman was vaporizedSailor Moon also and CHibusa were also added by all the Inner Senshi

And Planet nemeinsis surrived destruction, presumably never growing as big as the manga.

Then there’s the feat where she busted Planet Nemesis which was a Solar System sized Black Hole. 

In the manga, Sailor Moon busted the Planet Nemesis,s a massive blachole that was the size of a planet, correction was the size of a planet until  it grew to be big enough to engulf our solar system.

. Given the Solar System is 1,921.56 AU in diameter and Planet Nemesis was said to be large enough to engulf the entire Solar System, this would give the planet Nemesis roughly the mass of 97,311,592,699  suns or 1.94623185398e+41 kg.  

Now for the force needed to destroy the mass.


E=1.94623185398e+41 kgx287,461,284,404,996 m/s^2/2

E=1.94623185398e+41 kgx8.263399003177e+28/2

E=8.04124518106483e+69  Joules

8.04124518106483e+69 joule = 1.921903724e+54 megaton [explosive]  or 19.21 YottaFoe of TNT(Mutil Galaxy level)

 Now for the crazy shit, the  Hawking Radiation needed to vaporize the black hole.

Average Temperature to joules range:1899.1  Joules per °C

Specific Vaporization energy of Black Holes(Hawking Radiation):1,039,139,875,642.065  Joules/kg

Heated up Black Hole(Hawking Radiation):2.994003844736829e+17 Joules per Kg/ °C

Now for the mass of the black hole itself.  

Mass of Blackhole: 1.94623185398e+41 kg

Temperature increase:1.331453e+28 °C

Differences of temperature:1.331453e+28 °C  (13.31 Octillion °C )

1.94623185398e+41 kgx2.994003844736829e+17 Joules per Kg/ °Cx1.331453e+28 °C

7.758410787516622e+86  Joules

7.758410787516622e+86 joule = 1.8543046815e+71 megaton [explosive]  or 185.43 TenaTeraFoe

GBE of Planet Nemesis:19.21  YottaFoe of TNT(Multi Galaxy level+)

Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon’s combined power: 185.43 TenaTeraFoe(Multi Galaxy level+)

The sheer energy needed to destroy Planet  Nemesis is the same force needed to destroy Billions of Galaxies at once, that’s a mind-blowing amount of power.  And that’s merely a Blackhole the size of a Super Massive Star, imagine one as big as a galaxy.

This is not counting powerscaling in which Wiseman himself was said to be able to reduce to the entire Universe into nothingness, a feat backed by the fact Sailor Senshi can vaporize a Micro Blackhole on Earth destroying it’s Hawking Radiation.

In the anime, there’s also a slimair shaped planet functioning like a black hole much like them 

And combined with the fact he had his own Silver Crystal equivalent.

Which is pretty much to be confirmed a Low Muitvierisal power as seen with this thread here.

3. The Feat

-Miss Dream-Sailor Moon Volume 05 RAW 0139 (2)

It’s time to describe the feat: Demand take the two Silver Crystal (he understands that nothing can surpass this power) and want to control these power which can cross space time, pluto claim if the two silver crystal collide “This World and evrythings in it will be Erased”, and King endymion sy that “all existence will be destroyed”, we have seen tat the SMVerse is composed to Multiple dimension (universe) and the world of pluto so this feat will be Low Multiversal but i can thinking a question and counter argument about this like:

Sailor Moon Black Moon - Demande Fusesw Two Silver Crystals
Sailor Moon Black Moon This is the end...!

Add a photo to this gallery

>The world mean planet

A last things,the silver crystal can create a new Universe (this is claimed in the last arc but the power of the silver crystal is Eternal, he never diminishes, it’s the same in wathever area it exist in ) The Infinite power is really a things in Sailor moon


Yeah, i have give my opinion about this another 2-C feat it’s a support for low Multiversal the lunar rabbit, summary, the feat is Low Multiversal because the Cosmologie of SM allow this, many support for the silver crystal which make this feat and the context plus many statemate make this 2-C! Thanks for your attention!

So yeah  it’s some shit where Muitl Galaxy level is actually lowballing the fuck out of Sailor Moon.  Multi Galaxy level applies to all the females aside from Neo Queen Serenity and Death Phantom.

And Black Lady was bodying every single one of them with ease both in the anime and manga.

Even overpowering the inital base Sailor Moon, forcing her to use Sliver Cysrtal in her base form

Which she referred the power  of the Silver Crystal as “Puny” when wielded by Sailor Moon in that era

Mind you CHibusa can  even travel across space-time..Yeah that is something she did but more on that in speed.As the title said, Black Lady has managed to travel to the end  of Space-Time, Wiseman lives at the end of space Time. This can actually be confirmed with Black Lady able to travel at infinite speed across the entire Space-Time Communication as well which we would later confirm it’s size.

There’s also a deathbed future Sailor Moon letting ehr present counterpart power from space-time.

It is also backed by the cross dimensional light caused by Serenity from another plane of the Multiverse.

Who admits her powers  vastly diminished from her prime in the future

Yet in both the anime and manga, She directly intervenes and boosts present Sailor Moons powers.

In the anime directly no selling a direct blast from Black Lady while trying to talk no jutsu her.

This works and due to the positive energy of  Queen Serenity, instantly dispels the power of Black Lady turning her back to Chibiusa.

 In ep 88, the pure energy of the Ginzhuisho calls Neo-Queen Serenity from the future to briefly replace Sailor Moon where she temporarily resists the power of The Death Phantom by herself despite her injuries.

That’s right even with next to no power, Queen Serenity can casually fuck with he Space-Time Comninatuim which is a solid Low Muiltversial feat in itself and keep in mind this is in the second arc.

This would be like if Frieza in Dragon Ball Z turned into Golden form last second to flex on Goku and go into GT  via time travel and beat the shit out of SSJ 4 Goku, that’s how insane of a jump in power this would be.

Which lit up the unvierse which actually becomes a plotpoint later on.

More Supporting evidence is that Death Phantom does a variation of the original feat. He distorts spacetime, and entire cast falls through darkness to the end of Space-time. Sailor Moon is able to do that destruction to spacetime, and bring everyone back from the end of spacetime.

So just in 2 Arcs, Sailor Moon already had Universe shaking battles

Suck on that Dragon Ball Super

Or Marvel Comics.

Keep in mind this is Season 2/Arc 2 of the anime and we’re seeing casual Reality warping and casual space-time wrapping,  these are something you expect from Jiren or Toppa when they both shook the world of Void and almost destroyed it, a Dying Queen Serenity is on par with these two monsters of power, that in itself is terrrfying

This makes all the previous comparison to DBZ in the past seem silly in hindsight, but more on that later.

We then have the R movie which takes place after the events fo R but before the  S Season or the anime only feats

The  Zexian Flower Steroid, a major plot point in the movie is an asteriod that is moving very  fast in space rapidty apporching the earth

Ami’s comptuer bascially gives us the size of the meteor/

Evne giving a mass for the meteor.

One thing wrong about this is that it would burn up in the Aotmpshere.  We later learn half the meteor is hollowed out, however the other half, roughly 300 meters in diameter and weighs over  ‭72,900,000,000‬ kg, given the meteor is said to be approaching very fast, we give it 72 km/sec , that means the meteor would not burn up in the Atmosphere, it would be too big and moving too fast,

Last time i checked there is no car the size of skyscraper,. Even if the density  of the asteroid is far less than rock, it would not burn up all the way

And even a small 10-meter Asteriod made of wood would explode with the force of a nuclear bom

Keep in mind an Asteriod the size of a 20 story building  can blow up a major city like Paris 

And one roughly the size of a football field 

Would desotry my hometown.

And an asteriod roughly the same size in Sailor Moon would be a global threat,

Instead, it would impact the earth  with the force of 188 956 800 000 000 000 000 joule  or 45 161.759 Megatons of TNT or 45.161 Gigatons of TNT, more than twice the explosive force as the worlds nuclear stockpile  or enough to vaporize everyone in an area the size of Virgina

Meaning Makoto is right and the Asteirod would do serious damage to the entire global climate.

As this would block out our sun equalling the warth of a SuperVolcano.

And that’s  if it was a normal meteor which given Luna’s concerns, far from the case.

As Luna explains, the Xneian flowers are one of the deadliest creatures in the Universe. Implying the grave threat of these creatures

Frist the actual freefall speed of the meteor once it loses power as a baseline of its speed.

As seen with the final movie the Asteirod falls from around the Moon’s Orbit at around 48:02 of the movie, it was falling up until   Usagi stopped it, attempting to kill the severely weakened Senshi via freefall and reentry heat and have the Xenian Flower spread it’s spores on the earth so it can regenerate and planet bust its energy.  At around 51:55, it was already in Earth Obrit

With the villain stating they’re too weakened to stop the attack.

Meaning in roughly 3 minutes, they were at Earth’s  Exposure where it was beginning to reach entry heat which is around 10,000km above sea level. This means a dying Fiore can casually move the Asteirod at roughly ‭2,077,777 m/s or roughly Mach 6,052, while hardly imp[ressive by this verse standards, it would drastically make the asteroid much more threatening even with a reveately lower mass.

Considering the asteroid is at least half hollowed out of its 600-meter size, that’s still roughly 300 metersx3 to worry about in mass, that would be roughly ‭27,000,000‬  cubic meters of rock or 

‭72,900,000,000‬  kg. At the speed of  2,077,777 m/s, this Asteroid would actually impact with the force of  ‭1.573603821900221e+23‬ Joules or 37 610 033.984 megatons or 37.61 Teratons of TNT.

  THat’s nearly  1/3th the force of the  Chicxulub impact this Asteriod moving at such a speed would do serious damage to the world via impact alone which would definitely have more than enough energy to spread the spores around the planet and aaaclreate the destruction of the Earth.

Sailor Moon severely weakened and near death was able to use the Silver Crystal which redirected the Asteriod off course from the planet entirely, meaning a near-death Usagi can casually overpower Country-level attacks, Moving the Asteirod away from the planet.

Keep in mind  Sailor Moon was drained of her power by the main villain when she did this feat  and was left at a near death state

It’s stated within the movie that it can casually planet bust via feeding off negative emotions of people and drain the planet dry, while planet busting is hardly impressive for the verse as Berely a FAR weaker villain can casually starburst, it should be noted it’s devasted a whole galaxy within  a lifetime. Still, it’s reveately casual planet busting as it seems like it drains the life of planets for nourishment much as Galactus does.

Kinda like the claims with Broly.  Let’s measure the estimated Maximum speed of this Meteor.

We’re going to use several speeds since there’s no estimated timeframe of the meteor going between planets, remember the cats said that the meteor can travel between planets and can threaten the entire galaxy so we need to consider not only the length of the Galaxy  but the area of it as well and all the start systems

The low end is that it can Galaxy lifetime within  1,000 years or a minieinla

The Mid end would be life wiping withing   78 years

The High end is life wiping within a decade

Milky Way  Galaxy length:‭9.46086856e+17‬ km

Area of the Milky Way Galaxy::‭‭8.950803390959647‬e+35 km^2

Now for the timeframe.

8.950803390959647‬e+35 km^2/1,000 yr/365 days/24 hours/60 minutes/60 seconds/299792458 m/s=‭9.467486790975412e+16‬ c  

8.950803390959647‬e+35 km^2/78  yr/365 days/24 hours/60 minutes/60 seconds/299792458 m/s=‭1.21378035781736e+18‬ c

8.950803390959647‬e+35 km^2/ 10 yr/365 days/24 hours/60 minutes/60 seconds/299792458 m/s=‭9.467486790975412e+18‬

Xenian Flower Asteroid   Maxixnium Speed: 94.675 Quadrillion C(Massively FTL+/Petaluminal) low end

Xenian Flower Asteriod  Maxniuim Speed:1.214 Quintillion c( Massively FTL+/Exaluminal speed)

Xenain Flower Asteriod Maximum speed:9.467 Quintillion c(Massively FTL+/Exaluminal speed)

Damn that’s one fast fucking fl‬ower, this would make the Asteroids true speed roughly ‭0.317 Lightyears per second at the lowest and slowest end and  31.7 Lightyears per second within it’s a fastest high-end feat, seems very consistent with the speeds we see within the Sailor Moon seires.Enough to cross our Milky Way Galaxy in roughly an hour to a full day

Now for potential durability Kinetic Energy of the Asteriod via kinetic energy

Low End:‭0.317  ly/sec/

Mid End:‭4.1 ly/sec/

High End:31.7 ly/sec/

Low End 


E=‭72,900,000,000‬  kgx‭2.838309538609424e+25‬  m/s^2/2

E=‭‭72,900,000,000‬  kgx‭8.056001036961241‬e+50 /2

E=72,900,000,000‬  kgx‭8.056001036961241‬e+50


5.87282475594e+61 joule = 1.403638804e+46 megaton [explosive]   or 587.282 TeraFoe( Muilt Solar System level+/Small Galaxy level+)

Mid End


E=‭72,900,000,000‬  kgx‭3.638821969421859e+26‬ m/s^2/2

E = 72,900,000,000‬  kgx‭1.324102532514718‬e+53

E=‭9.6527074620e+63 J

9.652707462e+63 joule = 2.3070524527e+48 megaton [explosive]     or 96.527 PetaFoe( Muilt Solar System level+/Small Galaxy level+)

High End


E=‭72,900,000,000‬  kgx‭2.838309538609424e+27 m/s^2/2

E=72,900,000,000‬  kgx‭8.056001036961241‬e+54

E=‭5.87282475594e+65 J 

5.87282475594e+65 joule = 1.403638804e+50 megaton [explosive]or  5.87 ZetaFoe( Muilt Solar System level+/Small Galaxy level+)

Xenian Flower Asteroid Attack Potency/Durability:587.282 TeraFoe( Muilt Solar System level+/Small Galaxy level+)

Xenian Flower Asteroid Attack Potency/Durability:96.527 PetaFoe( Muilt Solar System level+/Small Galaxy level+)

Xenian Flower Asteroid Attack Potency/Durability::5.87 ZetaFoe( Muilt Solar System level+/Small Galaxy level+)…

Yeah crazy right, as i alluded to within my post on Sephiroth’s meteor, the force of Kirby’s meteors is simply far greater than Seprioths. Not only are they much faster and traveled a lot more distance, but because this is factoring in a lot of force needed to deflect the asteroid back the same distance and force as the impact. 

Despite this meteor being house-sized and over 3.8 Quadrillion times smaller than the Pluto sized meteor and over 

Sephiroth’s Meteor speed:11,465,927.984 c

Asteroid Length, Width and Height:2,370,000 meters

Asteroid Volume:1.3312053e+19 m^3

Density: 7,980kg/m^3

Mass of Asteriod:1.0623018294e+23 kg

Velocity:3,437,398,733,581,728 m/s


E= kgxm/s^2/2

E=1.0623018294e+23 kgx3,437,398,733,581,728 m/s^2/2

E=6.275925202815171e+53 Joules…

6.275925202815171e+53 joule = 1.499982123e+38 megaton [explosive] or 1.5 GigaFoe of TNT(Solar System Level+)

Sephiroth’s Supernova:1.5 GigaFoe of TNT(Solar System Level+)High End

However, let’s factor in the speed of the sun exploding since the timeframe of the sun explosion was roughly a second after the meteor entered the Solar System. That means that the sun expanded to roughly 1 AU per second if we’re going with the high-end speed of the meteor, going by the AU and assuming the frame of the explosion is slowed down when plowing into the Solar System meaning the explosion of the Sun happened at 3,437,398,733,581,728 m/s.

Mass of the sun:2×10^30 kg

The velocity of the Explosion:3,437,398,733,581,728 m/s .


E= kgxm/s^2/2


2.363142010725853e+61 joule = 56.48 PetaFoe of TNT

Sephiroth’s Supernova exploding sun: 56.48 PetaFoe of TNT (Multi Solar System level+)

Damn the full kinetic energy of this asteriod at maximum speed would easily be more powerful than even Sephiroth’s  Supernova despite being far smaller than that asteriod due to how much faster it’s moving powered by the Xenian’s flower.

Makes sense considering the Xenian Flower Meteor is strong enough to tank the epicenter of planetary explosions.

And fodder tier spore hordes can withstand an onslaught of Inner Senshi attacks  

Are scalable to the meteor itself according to Ami’s Supercoumter

Yet Sailor Moon can one-shot these creatures.

And the combined power of the Inner Senshi vaporized these creatures

It should note the Sneshi grew stronger during the movie as they went from barely defeating one of the Fodder spores to one-shotting entire armies of them.

Despite this taking place after the events of R in which the Senshi vaporized a Black Hole, a Multi Galaxy level+ feat and grew stronger during the arc.

But just when you think the feats can’t get any crazier,  Enter the Tau Nebula, something Sailor Saturn destroyed in the anime.

Milky Way Galaxy:291px(100,00 ly)

Tau Nebula:298 px(102,405 ly)

So going by this, the Tau Nebula should at the very least weigh as much as our own Milky Way Galaxy. Going by the anime alone, the Galaxy was rotating roughly as fast as a Blackhole which is just frightening in itself. A Galaxy sized Blackhole? That’s an insane amount of energy.…

So assuming this Galaxy is actually a Supermassive Blackhole on steroids, doing the  calculation on this device we get basically the mass of 327,966,626,036,387,291 suns or 327  Quadrillion Suns or 6.55933252072774e+46 kg which is actually

Yeah the Tau Nebula is actually a Galaxy sized entity in both the anime and Manga that was going to consume the entire Milky Way Galaxy Galactus  style so if you want to talk about Eldritch ABominations, talk about essentially fighting a whole Galaxy sized monster 

But the next part is even more frightening, the rotation speed, the Galaxy is rotating at roughly 6 rotations per second meaning that the Galaxy is moving its own Diameter at roughly 6 times per second giving its movement speed roughly 600,000 Light Years Per Second which is just a mindblowing amount of energy

To contrast, our galaxy is rotating incredibly slowly, however. It takes the Sun 220 million years to complete a single orbit around the galaxy giving our Galaxy rotational speed roughly 136,750.805 meters per second.  To contrast this, in Pharaoh ’90s Galaxy sized dimension, the sun would’ve moved across its Galactic Orbit in roughly 1/ 5.676438283548447e+21 a second or roughly or 5.67 zeptoseconds, this would make the Galaxy rotational speed roughly 5.676440340093922e+21 m/s  or 18,934,566,859,897.2 c or 18.934 Trillion times the speed of Light.

Local supercluster-ly.jpg

This is essentially17.7  times faster than the estimated time it takes electrons to transfer between atoms.  In other words, it would be impossible for nothing but pure energy to survive within this speed in the real world, no planets, no stars, just raw energy.   This would give Tau Nebula Roughly 6.55933252072774e+46 kg in mass which is roughly 54,658.33 times the mass of our Milky Way galaxy or roughly 32.795 times the mass of the  Virgo Supercluster.

G=V^2/ R

G= 5.676440340093922e+21 m/s /4.844132275227651e+20 m

G=3.22219749346456e+43/4.844132275227651e+20 m


Going by Rotational speed, the Gravity within this Galaxy would be, now for the Kinetic energy and GBE of  Tua Nebula, that would be roughly 66.52 Billion times the Gravity of a Neutron Star meaning the aliens within this Dimensional Galaxy could withstand Gravitational Forces beyond that of human comprehension Now for it’s GBE and  Kinetic Rotational Energy .


E=6.55933252072774e+46kgx5.676440340093922e+21 m/s 


E=2.11354648070891e+90  Joules

2.11354648070891e+90 joule = 5.0514973248e+74 megaton [explosive]  or 50.51 TenaPetaFoe (Multi Galaxy Level+)

Attack Potency/Rotational Energy of the Tau Nebula:50.51 TenaPetaFoe (Multi Galaxy Level+)

Basically, the power of Pharaoh 90 is roughly 1/134th the power of the Big Bang itself. This fits with dialogue and statements from the anime that the Universe would be eventually consumed by  Pharaoh 90.

It should be noted that around this point the manga and anime diverge in terms of power levels, in the anime   Sailor Moon is barely able to match Pharaoh 90’s power even with Super Sailor Moon state.

Whereas the Manga, Sailor Moon’s Super Sailor Form absolutely fodderize the full power of the Taioron Crystal and she scared pharaoh 90 just by transforming.

That means Manga Super Sailor Moon is Universe Level If Anime Pharaoh 90 is 1/134th the power of a Universe Buster, going by power scaling   Super Sailor Moon Manga version is easily 74.626 UniFoe or over 74 times the force needed to bust the entire Universe.

Using the newly created Universe busting tier, we can accurately rate Sailor Moon’s power from this point.

Even base Sailor Moon in the S Arc is very powerful as she can send a massive energy blast through space across several galaxies and hit Pharaoh 90 through the Dimensional portal

In the anime, one of the most impressive feats shown was Sailor Moon shooting a massive beam of light through space itself towards an approaching Galaxy sized Pharaoh 90. To understand the power of this attack, first, we need Pharaoh  90’s distance from the planet by calculating time along with his rotational speed

we’re introduced to him roughly in Ep 120, Going from Ep 120 to ep 125, a passage of time of roughly 4 days happened during the episodes. [Pharaoh 90 moves at roughly 600,000 Lightyears Per SecondGoing by the timeframe and that it boiled to the last 10 minutes when Sailor Moon performed her attack, Pharaoh 90 traveled 207,360,000,000  Lightyears in 4 days which is roughly 2.21 times the length of the Observable Universe,this fits with the statements that Pharaoh 90 and the Tau Nebula Galaxy come from a parallel Universe. Given the attack, from Sailor Moon happened 10 minutes before Pharaoh 90s demise, meaning Pharaoh 90 was 360,000,000 Lightyears away when Usagi attacked it or 3.405864204056353e+24  meters

Distance between Galaxies: 360,000,000  Lightyears away or 3.405864204056353e+24  meters

The distance of Pharaoh 90/15 seconds

3.405864204056353e+24m/15 seconds

2.270576136037569e+23 m/s/299,792,458 m/s

7,573,826,946,067,417 c  or 7.573 Quadrillion times the speed of light

Sailor Moon’s Moon Cosmic Power Attack Speed:4,207,681,524,421.346  c (Massively FTL/Petaluminal speed)

Gunshot Martyrs movie scene

Now for the sheer force of the attack. Considering the blast have enough force to knock down human-sized creatures like fictional Hollywood Shotguns tend to do, it should have at least  430 Kg/m^3 and this is severely lowballing. Now comes the crazy math of this.

Assuming the galactic center of the Tau Nebula is a supermassive Blackhole is at least 37 Pluto Orbits which is 218.3  Billion Kilometers wide, that would give context to the massive size of the beam.

Pharaoh 90 center: 290 px( 218,300,000,000,000 m)

Beam width and length:9px(6,774,827,586,206.897 m)

Beam Distance:508px(382,401,379,310,344.8 m)

Volume of the Beam:1.755156895383476e+40 m^3

Energy Density:430kg/m^3

Energy mass of the beam:7.547174650148947e+42 kg


Sailor Moon’s Energy Beam has roughly the same mass as  6 Milky Way Galaxies.


E=7.547174650148947e+42  kg x2.270576136037569e+23 m/s/2


E=3.890957958471873e+89 Joules

And this is the power of BASE  Sailor Moon in the anime. Keep in min Anime Sailor Saturn destroyed  Pharaoh 90 from existence, completely erasing his existence. Now to calculate that using Hawking Radiation.

Average Temperature to joules range:1899.1  Joules per °C

Specific Vaporization energy of Black Holes(Hawking Radiation):1,039,139,875,642.065  Joules/kg

Heated up Black Hole(Hawking Radiation):2.994003844736829e+17 Joules per Kg/ °C

Now for the mass of the black hole itself.  

Mass of Blackhole:6.55933252072774e+46 kg

Temperature increase:1.331453e+28 °C

Differences of temperature:1.331453e+28 °C  (13.31 Octillion °C )

6.55933252072774e+46 kgx2.994003844736829e+17 Joules per Kg/ °Cx1.331453e+28 °C

3.481478219338005e+92  Joules or 8.32 TenaExaFoe or 2.945 UniFoe

Sailor Saturn Evaporates Pharaoh 90(Galaxy Size_:8.32 TenaExaFoe or 2.945 UniFoe(Universe level+)

In other words, that’s enough energy to equal nearly 3 Big Bangs of power.However believe it or not this is likely lowbally even Phraho 90.

The name of the structure seems Designed a galaxy as well as its shape

The Structure is indicate as being a Space Time Continuum, The Dimension is another space time.

Il is to declare that Tau Stars System is a Universe and also “World”

sometimes, Universes have a shape of galaxy (Men in Black, DBS and other pic in Japan)

in the Anime, the Tau Dimension is an Entire Universe

Which is actually an interesting point raised here.

In Dragonball Super, the Universe appears to be a Super Galaxy and we know there are many galaxies within this universe

As confirmed by the existence of Super Shenron

If this is the case, then this changes everything about Pharaoh 90 as we knew it  and puts the destruction of Pharaoh 90 at a far more terrifying level.

In Ep120 of Sailor Moon’s anime, The Lead Scientist of Japan states that he believes that our universe is surrounded by another universe and his theory was that the entire universe was a single entity. Professor Tomoe’s reaction implies that this is true.

Very telling is the final statement “The Universe is a giant life form”

Which fits the anime version perfectly as it’s a living Celestial object

As we discussed within the Captain Marvel strongest Marvel character DEBUNKED  , the Observable Universe is much smaller than the actual Universe’s full size.

A Multiverse with at least  47,385,383 known dimensional realities going by the Marvel Database wiki which would be shaking 47 Million Universes at once with each of them having separate Mircoverses, Space timeline relates and too much to even count. That’s how powerful Odin is and Thor surpasses that.

Let’s do some Math for this one. One Universe is at least 93 Billion Light Year Long or roughly 870 Yottameters, that is 1×10^24 Meters wide with a mass of over 6×10^52 kg or 52 zeros and this is merely the size of the obsverable Universe.…

Instead of taking one measurement method, a team of scientists led by Mihran Vardanyan at the University of Oxford did a statistical analysis of all of the results. By using Bayesian model averaging, which focuses on how likely a model is to be correct given the data, rather than asking how well the model itself fits the data. They found that the universe is at least 250 times larger than the observable universe, or at least 7 trillion light-years across.

Going by the Sicnfetic models, we got two sizes of the actual Universe size, 7 Trillion Light Years that can be used for the Low End and 23.25 Trillion Light Years as a high end.

Now let’s take into account the Roache Limit to separate Universes. That’s between 25 to 30 times the length of the celestial object. So let’s go with the 25 times for Roach Limit. 

This means that we got a High-End Distance between the Universes between 175 Trillion Light Years and 581.25 Trillion Light Years which is thousands of times the length of our Observable Universe.

Our Universe:291px(23.25 Trillion ly)

Tau Nebula:298 px( 23.81 Trillion  ly)

But the next part is even more frightening, the rotation speed, the Galaxy is rotating at roughly 6 rotations per second meaning that the Galaxy is moving its own Diameter at roughly 6 times per second giving its movement speed roughly 145.258 Trillion Light Years Per Second which is just a mindblowing amount of energy.

This means the Universe Tau Nebula is moving at a mindblowing ‭1.351536580775258e+27‬ km/s or ‭4.505121935917526e+21‬ c or  4.5 Sextillion Times the Speed of Light. Meaning everything in this Universe would be rotating incomprehensibly fast


E=1.62×10^60 kgx‭1.351536580775258e+30m/s 

E=1.62×10^60 kgx‭1.351536580775258e+60 m/s

E=‭2.959174829261354‬e+120 J or  29.59 NinaUniFoe

Attack Potency/Rotational Energy of the Tau Nebula(Universe Size):29.59 NinaUniFoe( High Universe level+)

Basically, the power of Pharaoh 90 is roughly  the power of the Big Bang itself. This fits with dialogue and statements from the anime that the Universe would be destroyed by  Pharaoh 90. Now for the intense gravity of this immeasurably high Universe.

G=V^2/ R

G= 1.351536580775258e+30m/s /‭1.126316402068e+29‬‬ m

G=‭1.351536580775258e+60 m/s/1.126316402068e+29‬‬ m


Going by Rotational speed, the Gravity within this Universe would  be that would be roughly 1.4 Billion times the Gravity of the wakefield accelerator  meaning the aliens within this Dimensional Galaxy could withstand Gravitational Forces that would turn them into Plasma and be within an immeasurably hot Universe.

For the Universe scaling, we’re going to have to revise Sailor Moons’s beam speed.

we’re introduced to him roughly in Ep 120, Going from Ep 120 to ep 125, a passage of time of roughly 4 days happened during the episodes. Pharaoh 90 moves at roughly 145.258 Trillion Light Years Per Second . 

  Going by the timeframe and that it boiled to the last 10 minutes when Sailor Moon performed her attack, Pharaoh 90 traveled ‭5.02011648e+19‬  Lightyears in 4 days which is roughly ‭2,136,219.7 times the length of the Observable Universe,this fits with the statements that Pharaoh 90 and the Tau Nebula are  a parallel Universe. Given the attack, from Sailor Moon happened 10 minutes before Pharaoh 90s demise, meaning Pharaoh 90 was ‭8.71548e+16‬ Lightyears away when Usagi attacked it or‭ 8.24560107173088e+32‬  meters

Distance between Galaxies: 360,000,000  Lightyears away or‭ 8.24560107173088e+32‬

The distance of Pharaoh 90/15 seconds

‭8.24560107173088e+32‬/15 seconds

‭5.49706738115392e+31‬ m/s/299,792,458 m/s

‭1.833624307237883e+23‬ c  or 183.362 Sextillion times the speed of light

Sailor Moon’s Moon Cosmic Power Attack Speed(Universe Size):183,362 Sextilllion c(Massively FTL/Zetaluminal speed)

Gunshot Martyrs movie scene

Now for the sheer force of the attack. Considering the blast have enough force to knock down human-sized creatures like fictional Hollywood Shotguns tend to do, it should have at least  430 Kg/m^3 and this is severely lowballing. Now comes the crazy math of this.

Assuming the galactic center of the Tau Nebula is a supermassive Blackhole is at least 37 Pluto Orbits which is 218.3  Billion Kilometers wide, that would give context to the massive size of the beam.

Pharaoh 90 center: 290 px( 218,300,000,000,000 m)

Beam width and length:9px(6,774,827,586,206.897 m)

Beam Distance:508px(382,401,379,310,344.8 m)

Volume of the Beam:1.755156895383476e+40 m^3

Energy Density:430kg/m^3

Energy mass of the beam:7.547174650148947e+42 kg


Sailor Moon’s Energy Beam has roughly the same mass as  6 Milky Way Galaxies.


E=7.547174650148947e+42  kg x‭5.49706738115392e+31‬ m/s


E=‭2.280586352218688‬e+‭106‬ Joules or  228.058 TeraUniFoe

Sailor Moon’s Comsic Power Beam:  228.058 TeraUniFoe (High Universe level)

And this is the power of BASE  Sailor Moon in the anime. Keep in min Anime Sailor Saturn destroyed  Pharaoh 90 from existence, completely erasing his existence. Now to calculate that using Hawking Radiation.

Average Temperature to joules range:1899.1  Joules per °C

Specific Vaporization energy of Black Holes(Hawking Radiation):1,039,139,875,642.065  Joules/kg

Heated up Black Hole(Hawking Radiation):2.994003844736829e+17 Joules per Kg/ °C

Now for the mass of the black hole itself.  

Mass of Blackhole:1.62×10^60  kg

Temperature increase:1.331453e+28 °C

Differences of temperature:1.331453e+28 °C  (13.31 Octillion °C )

1.62×10^60 kgx2.994003844736829e+17 Joules per Kg/ °Cx1.331453e+28 °C

‭6.457928149759944‬e+‭105‬  Joules or 64.6 TeraUniFoe (  Universe level)

Sailor Saturn Destroys Pharaoh 90  (Universe Size): 64.6 TeraUniFoe  (High Universe level)

Unsurprisingly, this is pretty much Universe level feat to no surprise to anyone.

What is surprising is the scale of the devastation, regardless of whether it’s a Galaxy sized dimension or a Universe size dimension, Sailor Moon tanked the attack that Sailor Saturn did that completely vaporized the entire Tau Nebula from existence.

Meaning we need to do the absolutely unthinkable and calc the subatomic destruction of a Galaxy sized entity, yes I’m fucking serious.  We’ll use Galaxy size as a low end and Universe size as a High end, anyways let’s begin this crazy train of a feat.

Tau NebulaDiameter:102,405 ly  or ‭9.688264550455302‬e+20 m or   ‭9.688264550455302‬e+26m

Tau Nebula Depth:1,024  ly or ‭9.688264550455302‬e+18 m  or ‭9.688264550455302‬e+24 m

Tau Nebula Mass:6.55933252072774e+46 kg

Volume:‭ 9.093644407153849e+58 m^3 or  9.093644407153849‬e+78 cm^3

Density of Nebula:‭1,386,367,293,135.731‬  kg/m^3 or ‭‭1.386367293135731e+18‬^3

Now for the math

9.093644407153849‬e+78 cm^3×1.386367293135731e+18‬^3×5.403E13 (j/cc).

‭6.811599713988963‬  e+110 Joules or 6.811 ExaUniFoe

Sailor Saturns Sub Atomic Destruction of Pharaoh 90(Galaxy sized):6.811 ExaUniFoe( High Universe level)

Now for the higher end of this, the Universe size Tau

Tau Nebula:298 px( 23.81 Trillion  ly)

Tau NebulaDiameter:23.81 Trillion  ly or ‭‭‭2.252632804136‬e+29‬‬ m or  2.252632804136+35 cm

Tau Nebula Depth:238.1  Billion ly or ‭‭‭2.252632804136‬e+27 or  ‭‭‭‭2.252632804136‬e+24 m

Tau Nebula Mass:1.62×10^60 kg

Volume:‭ ‭1.143065751975412‬e+86 m^3  or 1.143065751975412‬e+95 m^3

Density of Nebula:‭‭1.239859828075347e+26‬‬  kg/m^3 or ‭‭1.239859828075347e+32 g/cm^3

Now for the math

1.143065751975412‬e+95 m^3x‭‭1.239859828075347e+32 g/cm^3×5.403E13 (j/cc).

‭7.657354780224648‬e+140 J  or 76.573 TenaGigaUnilFoe( Universe level+)

Sailor Saturns Sub Atomic Destruction of Pharaoh 90(Universe sized): 76.573 TenaGigaUnilFoe( High Universe level+)

Yeah, either way, you slice it, it’s a casual Universe destroying feat that can destroy an infinite amount of Universes within a 3 Dimmeisonal space and wipe out a Universe size space-time conimaituim

So Sailor Saturn at the very least in S Arc is almost as powerful as  Goku and Beerus clashing and hence Super Sialor Moon in the thrid season of the anime could effortlessly body anyone below Beerus and Battle of Gods Goku

Hence she Thanos the entire  DBZ cast and fodderize all of GT.

Comet/Star: Snow Princess Kaguya rides around on a celestial object. Human scientists call it a “comet” and the Senshi do as well until they are informed by the cats that it is actually a star. At first I was dubious about this, because the “star” appeared smaller then the moon. However I recalled there was class of stars smaller then the Moon, namely “Neutron Stars”. If this is true then this is a huge feat upgrade given the fact that Snow Princess Kaguya was able to keep the surface of it frozen and Super Sailor Moon destroyed it (a neutron star is much harder to destroy then a star like our Sun) 

A neutron star is the collapsed core of a giant star which before collapse had a total mass of between 10 and 29 solar masses. Neutron stars are the smallest and densest stars, excluding black holes, hypothetical white holes, quark stars and strange stars.[1] Neutron stars have a radius on the order of 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) and a mass of about 1.4 solar masses.[2] They result from the supernova explosion of a massive star, combined with gravitational collapse, that compresses the core past white dwarf star density to that of atomic nuclei.

Mass of a Neutron Star:‭2.7846‬e+30 kg.

Temperature of Neutron Star:  1 Trillion ° C

Absolute Zero:-273.15 ° C or under 10e+-30 K

1.8991005347160002e+34  Joules J/Kg

1e+16×1.8991005347160002e+34  Joules J/Kgx2.7846‬e+30 kg.

‭5.28823386‬e+80  Joules

5.28823386e+80 joule = 1.2639182266e+65 megaton [explosive] or 5.288 NinaFoe(Muilt Galaxy level+)

Thermal Energy needed to freeze a Neutron Star: 5.288 NinaFoe(Muilt Galaxy level+)

Yeah this mindblowing feat was done byKgauya presumably casually as she  rides this star across the entire cosmos.

In the manga  Snow Princess Kgauya  was fruther stated to have been the creator of the Solar System and could potentially freeze the entir Universe  at her peak. This should be a n intreseting Thermal Feat if anything showing Usgai’s power.

The Universe weighs roughly 1.2e+60kg,

Absolute Zero:-273.15 ° C or under 10e+-30 K

1.8991005347160002e+34  Joules J/Kg

10e+30 K×1.8991005347160002e+34  Joules J/Kgx1.2e+60kg,

‭2.27892‬e+124  J or 227.89 TenaUnFoe(Universe level+)

Snow Princess Kaguya Big Freeze potenital:227.89 TenaUnFoe( High Universe level+)

Damn to freeze the Universe in an instant, it would require the power to create over 227.89 Million Big Bangs, talk about immensely powerful.

In Super Sialor Moon form both in the anime and manga, she easily defeats Prime Kaguya  who should scale to Phraorh 90 in power given the timeline has the movie take place After S with the Deathbusters.

However let’s also take into account this.. Sailor Moon didn’t just kill Snow Princess Kgaiya,. She vaporized her from existence itself

The next arc brings us to us actual Universe busting from Sailor Moon.Queen Nehellenia’s life-force supports the existence of the Dark World, a parallel universe, and destroying her causes the Dark World to cease to exist; She can manipulate the Dark World at will and change its composition.  Now comes the destruction.

Queen Nehellenia is comparable in power to  Queen Serenity at her primeWho is actually stated to be Mutivrisal in power as proven with plenty of statements confirming Muitvierisial power,especially when a much weaker Queen Serenity can warp space time on her deathbed.

Sailor Moon also established that the Dark Moon consists of Infinite Universes. For every mirror in existence, that’s a portal to another Universe within a Universe.  Just how many potential mirrors exist within our world. Let’s find out.

An average Mirror weighs 0.76 pounds which is roughly 345 Grams.

See the source image

We recycle roughly 8.3  Trillion Kg of plastics since 1950.

See the source image

Which is 7.66 times smaller than the amount of glass we made in the same timeframe.   This would give us at least 63.633 Trillion Kgs of glass within the world.

Let’s assume a conservative estimate of 1% of the world’s glass production being used for Mirrors.   That would give us roughly 636.633 Billion kg of glass to use for mirrors, considering it only takes roughly 0.435 Kilograms to produce an average Mirror and assuming all 1% is used for Mirrors, this would give us at least 1463524137931.034 mirrors within the world out of the potential glass used, hence just using the glass in our world, that’s at least  1.46 Trillion glass mirrors hence over 1.46 trillion Parallel Universes.

Which is confirmed further in the manga with each Mirror having a Universe-sized dimension with constellations, stars, and even Galaxies… So using this Highly conservative number and mupulting this by the Length of the entire Universe  2.223272466536786e+29 m^5 with the Roache Limit of at least 30 times, we get at least a conservative Length of the Sailor Moon Multiverse/Dark Dimension Mutiverse at 9.761438759922163e+42 meters in length and this is highly conservative estimates.

Given there are  2.16e+23 possible Inhatbatible  zones in the Sailor Moon Universe   considering there are much more worlds than ours(Not counting Parral Universes like the  Tau Universe where the Tau Nebula and Pharaoh 90 are forms or Parallel Timelines) and literally in lore stated to have a Senshi per each part of the Universe,This would mean that for  every one of these worlds, 1463524137931.034 mirrors exist giving us a total of 3.161212137931033e+35 Parallel Universes from the Dark Moon Clan

3.161212137931033e+35 x2.223272466536786e+29  m

Length of the Dark Moon Multiverse:7.028235907143954+64m

The volume of the Dark Moon Universe:2439.97469189726e+2048(2×10^1960 times larger than our Universe)

Mass of the  Dark Moon Universe:3.24×10^2020 kg


U=0.0000000000200×3.24×10^2020 kg^2/ 3.514117953571977e+64m^5

U=0.0000000000200×1.04976×10^4040/1.757058976785989e+65 m

U=1.10199605760 x10^4030kg/5.558181166341965e+29  m

U= 0.1982655880800054^4000 J  or 55.5 TousaTirHunaTirTenaGigaMuitlFoe

GBE of the Dark Moon Dimmeison:r 55.5  TousaTirHunaTirTenaGigaMuitlFoe(Low Multiverse Level+)

Super Sailor Moon with a mere gesture, blasts herself, Saturn, and Chibi-Moon out of one of Nehelenia’s dimensions which is extremely casual Universe busting.

In  her Super Sailor Moon form, she can  use Rainbow Moon Heartache to destroy a large illusory dimension so large as to seemingly contain interstellar space.

Moon Gorgeous Meditation shatters the spacetime of an enemy, locking them in a series of mirrors dimensions, resembling the inside of a kaleidoscope.

And can also free people trapped in it.

Super Sailor Moon’s power is so great she was able to enter the throne room of the Nightmare Queen Nehelenia herself against her will. The same Nehelenia sealed the Earth and Moon in a single moment from another dimension.

Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss can attack through dimensions.

Usagi and Mamoru channel the powers of the Silver and Gold Crystals together to fend off Queen Nehelenia.

For reference a weaker form of Nehelenia was durable enough to be only winded by an attack from 7 Super Sailor Senshi at once.

All far superior to Parahoh 90.

In the Super S movie, Sialor Moon destroys a “Blackhole” which is producing immense heat and can absorb her Super Form as well as Sailor Chibi Moon’s  Super form.

While the feat itslef is hard to quantify, it’s just an awesome feat in general of Sialor Moon literally puching theough a flaming blackhole.

It should be noted a typical blackhole’s core is actually cold, not hot and it’s the Blackhole’s outer edge near the horizon line that’s hot

Yet it’s clear the blackhole is generating heat at its core which should by all intense of purpose be impossible to do, the closest of Natural Pheomeom would be the Galatic Nuelius  that powers a whole galaxy.

An active galactic nucleus (AGN) is a compact region at the center of a galaxy that has a much higher than normal luminosity over at least some portion of the electromagnetic spectrum with characteristics indicating that the luminosity is not produced by stars. Such excess non-stellar emission has been observed in the radio, microwave, infrared, optical, ultra-violet, X-ray and gamma ray wavebands. A galaxy hosting an AGN is called an “active galaxy.” The non-stellar radiation from an AGN is theorized to result from the accretion of matter by a supermassive black hole at the center of its host galaxy.

Active galactic nuclei are the most luminous persistent sources of electromagnetic radiation in the universe, and as such can be used as a means of discovering distant objects; their evolution as a function of cosmic time also puts constraints on models of the cosmos

In other words, the Blackhole created here is easily a molten Planck tier temperature

It’s also extremely fast as it can absorb the energy of Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon in their super forms  faster than they can react and can react to their speeds so not only is the black hole very powerful, it’s easily MFTL. Now for the size of the Blackhole.

We got a size of the ship within the movie, assuming it’s 110meters wide, we got a decent size

Blackhole Diameter: 1441px(6,096.54 m)

Now for the calculator

Mass of the Blackhole:2.064 Suns (  4.128e+30kg),-work,-and-heat/celsius-heat-units-to-joules

Now we’re going with two ends here, the temperature of Galatic Neulius which is roughly 1ZetaKevilin or 1 Sextillion  as a low end with the heating energy of 1.8991005347160002e+24 and 142 Noillnion degrees as a high-end temperature, the heating energy of the  black hole is easily 2.6893162672113277e+35 J/kg by scaling

Going by the black hole temperature, it’s roughly 10−18 Attokeivlins in heating enegery, doing the math, the heating temperature difference of the Blackhole should be roughly 1.42e+50 degrees. Now comes the heating energy of the black hole.

H=4.128e+30kgx1.8991005347160002e+24J/kx1e+39 degrees

H=4.128e+30kgxy 2.6893162672113277e+35 J/kgx 1.42e+50 degrees. 

‭7.839487007307648‬e+93  78.94 Unifoe Low End

‭7.882063261244334‬e+‭115 or  788.206 ZettaUniFoe High End


Black Dream Hole Thermal Energy: 78.94 UniFoe (Universe level)

Low End

Black Dream Hole Thermal Energy:788.206 ZettaUniFoe(High Universe Level+) High End

So yeah by breaking physics yet again, the Blackhole is generating heat that can potentially destroy an entire Universe, which honestly seems consistent with Sailor Moon feats, especially after the Super S  and S Arcs. Now for the attack potency/Kinetic enegery of the black hole.

ASuper Sialor Moon in SUper S  Should be 10,000 times more powerful than the feat she did during S, the Blackhole controlled by the main villain can tag Super Sailor  Moon who’s qauftiably far faster than the speed of Light.

‭5.49706738115392e+31‬ m/sx10,000

‭5.49706738115392e+35 m/s/

‭5.49706738115392e+27  c or 5.497 Octilion c

Estimated speed of Super Sailor Moon:  Speed/BlackDream Holes speed:54.97Octllion c

Now for the K/E of the “Blackhole


E=4.128e+30kgx”‭5.49706738115392e+35 m/s


E=‭1.247388711452828‬e+118  Joules

Attack Potency of Black Hole Dream::  124.738 YottaUniFoe(High Universe Level+)

Shit and to think  Sailor Moon tanked the force of all that with only second degree burns and then punched straight through the  Blackhole itself. Now for the Hawking Radiditon feat drain

Average mass to Temperature output:54,7174,912.1384158 kg lost per celsius

Average Temperature to joules range:1899.1  Joules per °C

Specific Vaporization energy of Black Holes(Hawking Radiation):1,039,139,875,642.065  Joules/kg

Heated up Black Hole(Hawking Radiation):2.994003844736829e+17 Joules per Kg/ °C

Now for the mass of the black hole itself.  

Mass of Blackhole: 720.2   to 2256.7 Earth Masses

Temperature increase:1.331453e+28 °C

Differences of temperature:1.331453e+28 °C  (13.31 Octillion °C )

H=4.128e+30kgx1.8991005347160002e+24J/kx1e+39 degreesxx2.994003844736829e+17 Joules per Kg/ °Cx1.331453e+28 °C


H=4.128e+30kgxy 2.6893162672113277e+35 J/kgx 1.42e+50 degrees.xx2.994003844736829e+17 Joules per Kg/ °Cx1.331453e+28 °C

H=‭6.282026331988612‬e+161 Joules  or 62.82 BiTenaUniFoe( Muilt Universe level+)

Sailor Moon’s Moon Goregous Mediation on Black Hole Dream:  62.82 BiTenaUniFoe(Multi Universe level+)

Damn Sailor Moon you scary. Mind you striking a blackhole with what appears to be a physical strike is enough to destroy multiple Universes in scale, that’s a mindbogglingly amount of strength and durability on Sailor Moon’s part.

In episode 184 ,Eternal Sailor Moon shows that she can replace any circular object for her Moon Tiara.  Yes she can turn Pizza into a deadly weapon of mass destruction.This is purpley for shits and giggles but  yeah she can turn Pizza into a potential Universe busting weapon.

I guess she must’ve watched Dragonball GT and saw Shernon use the clock as a weapon, she might as well make pizza a weapon

This attack was accurate enough to hit Lead Crow without hitting Mars in front of her.

Right after having her wings broken, Eternal Sailor Moon used Silver Moon Crystal Power Therapy Kiss which destroyed all 8 Galactica-Power Eternal Sol Senshi at once.

In both the anime and Manga, Sailor Moon is able to keep up with Sailor Galaxia, however in the manga she was evenly matched with Galaxia whereas in the anime, Usgai struggled to keep up with her,  it should be noted though in the anime Usgai was not trying to kill Sailor Galaxia and Galaxia in the anime was actually stronger than the manga version 

as she not only defeated Chaos but merged Chaos into her own body

Chaos who is basically the ultimate threat in the Sailor Moon Verse.  So much so that Sailor Cosmos views him to her greatest much so that Sailor Cosmos was able to nuke the Galaxy Cauldron which would’ve collapsed the entire Mutiverse.

Keep in mind Chaos is considered inverse to be an Abstract being, which is far beyond anything Sailor Moon fought as revealed in this blog.

I should note two more things. Japanese does not have as much of a singular/plural distinction as English does. Most of the time when you see something like “star” or “galaxy” it could just as easily be translated to “the stars” or “the galaxies“. What’s actually used most of the time in the fifth arc of sailor moon is a term “Ama no Gawa”, or “Heavenly River” which is a imprecise term used to indicate the precession of stars in the sky.  He wishes to become one with the light to find the state of origin of the universe, that is to say when the universe did not exist and when the Chaos was present everywhere, do not more than one with all

Another thing is the usage of Stars. In Sailor Moon Stars are used to mean literal stars and symbolically star seeds, an esoteric concept that relates essentially to abstract concept. Basically Star Seeds are the essence of something which develops every trait of the person. All things that bear life have a Star Seed and special star seeds are chosen to reach their full potential and become Sailor Crystals who uses are called sailor Senshi. Beings that have their star seeds stolen can be remade at will by the person who has them such as when Galaxia remade Usagi’s friends to be loyal to her. Your star seed controls everything about you.

Just as all Dark Stars are aspects of Chaos, so too are all Good things aspects of Cosmos, the Universe and it’s star seed the Cosmos Crystal which is where Sailor Cosmos comes in

Going by this description i would say that Chaos itself or herself is in the  Type 2 level of Abstracts Embodies an abstraction, and can be resurrected or regenerate indefinitely thanks to it. Destroying the abstraction is required to permanently kill those characters, but they can still be affected without directly altering it.

Sailor Galaxia  while couldn’t slay him, she sealed him in her body in the anime and made herself mindblowingly far more powerful than she was depicted in the manga.

The anime version of Galxia was far stronger, effortlessly tanking all the Inner Senshi in  a single attack.

And casually no sells Eternal Sailor Moon’s strongest attack.Sailor Galaxia first shows her impressive durability in episode 195 (Fireball Princess Dies Out! Galaxia Descends!) when she casually resists the Silver Moon crystal Power Kiss. 

Contrast that with the manga where she  stalemated Sailor Moon straight up and was even overpowered and killed by a Bloodlusted Sailor Moon

Whereas the anime version got bodied hard as her Eternal form is stomped even when Sailor Moon abandons her willingless to stop her via talk no Jutsu.

And only defeated her due to what appears to be the anime version of the Lamaba Power


Sailor Moon  even in the anime version should scale to the Starlights who casually were busting parts of the Galaxy,. If not the Universe in their battle with Galaxia moving casually MFTL+.

The Sailor Starlights are able to extremely casual Galaxy bust as in their fight with Galaxia in the anime produced many massive explosions in a single second the size of dwarf galaxies.

Milky  Way Galaxy:1110px( 100,000 ly)

Explosion Size:150px(13,636.36 ly)

Radius of battle:492px(44,727.27 ly)

Given the Starlights crossed the Galaxy 40 times a second, meaning they crossed the galactic radius at least 40 times. Meaning they crossed the area of 7.162331670695484e+42 meters within a second making their attack speed at least 7.162331670695484e+42 m/s or 2.389096683244608e+34 c or  23.89 Decillion times the speed of Light.…

Going by the calculator here, the explosion should have roughly the mass/force of 43,672,388,854,231,241  suns or 8.734477770846248e+45 kg or roughly 4367.2 the mass of our Galaxy.


E=8.734477770846248e+45 kg 7.162331670695484e+42 m/s /2

E=8.734477770846248e+45 kgx 5.129899496104756e+85 m/s/2

E=2.240349655770118e+ 130 J

2.240349655770118e+130 joule = 5.3545641868e+114 megaton [explosive] or 535.4 TenaMegaUniFoe

Sailor Starlight’s casual Kinetic Attack potency:535.4 TenaMegaUniFoe(High Universe Level+)

So yeah Merely the Sailor Starlights clashing is enough to casually destroy entire galaxies with merely the force of their blows so logically Sailor Moon should easily power scale to them.

Especially since she slightly injrued Galaxia with a powerful blast in ep 199

Much like the Stralights did in their last ditch attack against Galaxia.…

Going by this,  Sailor Moon would technically be at least a 5th  Dimensional character as Sailor Cosmos as she has access to the possible worlds that start with different initial conditions and can affect space and time from there, meaning she can affect 5 out o the 11 Dimensions within the Sailor Moon Multiverse, possibly more.

In the manga, Chaos was affecting at least 7 Dimensional realms at once as he was going to destroy all of the space-time

MuitlFoe:4.307432805138255×10^207J(10 Septentrigintillion  Big Bangs)

This is the minimum energy needed to be considered at least Low Multiversal Level or to consider a MutilFoe You would need at least 115 Zeros more energy than the Big Bang  or 10 Septentrigintillion times the force of the Big Bang to blow up even a small Multiverse like that of Dragonball with only 13 Universes and countless spacetime continuum, now for the minimum power to bust the Marvel Mutiverse.

Now to factor  2 more dimensions within the calc itself.

The radius of the 5th Dimensional Multiverse:5.846598184156208e+1078 m


U=0.0000000000200×2.7×10^977kg^2/ 5.846598184156208e+1078 mx5      

U=0.0000000000200×7.29×10^1954/2.923299092078104e+1078 m

U=1.458×10^1944kg/2.923299092078104e+1078 m

U=4.262170076249876e+3022  or 4.262 TousaZetaMuitFoe

GBE of a 5th Dimensional Mutiverse:  4.262 TousaZetaMuitFoe( Multiverse Level)

Sailor Moon at bare minimum should be at least able to destroy a 5th Dimensional Multiverse as Sailor Cosmos giving her roughly this attack potency.

Now for Chaos  and how she shrunk Chaos to a “Destroyed Chaos, reducing it to being “infinitesimally small” within the Galaxy Cauldron, merely as an aftereffect of releasing the Lambda Power”…

The Galaxy Cauldron was the birthplace of all-stars and all living things in the galaxy. It was first mentioned in Act 47 of the manga and was stated to be at the center of the Milky Way galaxy, in Sagittarius Zero Star. It is the most powerful star in the universe.…

 At a distance of 26,000 light-years, this yields a diameter of 60 million kilometers. For comparison, Earth is 150 million kilometers- from the Sun, and Mercury is 46 million kilometers from the Sun at perihelion. 

So using this calculator, we would get roughly the Galaxy Cauldron to have the mass of 20,311,241  Solar Masses or roughly 4.0622482e+37 kg.…

Given it’s stated no matter in the Universe could possibly survive it, even atoms, this would give the Cauldron Planck Acclreariton G  Force or roughly 5.67×10^50’g.

Most distant Gamma-ray burst.jpg

Usgai weighing  45kg would weight mindblowing  2.5515×10^51kg within the Galaxy Cauldron. That’s over the 63.7875 times mass of the  Hercules–Corona Borealis Great Wall, the largest structure in the entire Universe that is 10 Billion Light Years long and weighing 4×10^49 kg. Meaning for Usagi to move under the gravity along with Queen Serenity, this would put their mere lifting strength at Multi Galactic Class  given the sheer mass of their bodies which is also roughly 1/24th the mass of the Observable Universe

Now to find the speed of the Cauldron.

V= RxG

V=30000000000 mx5.67×10^50

V=8.505e+61  m/s or 2.836962629660283e+53c or   850.05 Sexdecillion Times the speed of light.

Now for the Energy output.


E=4.0622482e+37 kgx8.505e+61  m/s/2

E=4.0622482e+37 kgx7.2335025e+123/2

E=1.175778953556731e+161  or 1.175 BiTenaKiloUniFoe 

Galaxy Cauldron Energy Output:1.175 BiTenaKiloUniFoe (High Universe Level+)

Going by the speed of Sailor Cosmos attack Potency, to move across 5 Dimensions instaneousely,  She would need to move at roughly 5.846598184156208e+1078 m/s which is just incalculable speed.

 The smallest known object in mass and size is a Graviton which weighs -8.9×10^59 kg which is  1×10^−35 meters in size. This makes Chaos who took up the mass of the Galaxy Caudron 4.564323820224719 e+97 times lighter than it was before, which is just a mindblowing reduction of mass and over  6×10^45 times smaller. This is going to require some mind-blowing math on just how crazy Usgai’s feat is.


F=4.564323820224719 e+97 kgx 5.846598184156208e+1078 m/sx 6×10^45 m

F= 4.564323820224719 e+97 kgx3.418271032697867e+2157x6x10^45 m

F=1.560209589852702e+2255x6x10^45 m

F=9.361257539116212e+2300  or 93.61 SeptHunaSexaTenaExa MutiFoe.

Now for the High end.  The mass equivalent to the energy produced by the Galaxy Cauldron is at least 1.1989608618e+160 kilogram-force meter which is the weight of over 11.98 Duotrigintillion  Universes. The smallest known object in mass and size is a Graviton which weighs -8.9×10^59 kg which is 1×10^−35 meters in size. This makes Chaos who took up the mass of the Galaxy Caudron  4.564323820224719 e+219 times lighter than it was before, which is just a mindblowing reduction of mass and over 6×10^45 times.


F=4.564323820224719 e+219 kgx 5.846598184156208e+1078 m/sx 6×10^45 m

F=4.564323820224719 e+219 kgx3.418271032697867e+2157x6x10^45 m

F=1.560209589852702e+2376kgx6x10^45 m

F=9.361257539116212e+2421 Joules  or 9.361 OctHunaZetaMuitlFoe

Sailor Cosmos  Shrinks Chaos to Graviton Size=93.61 SeptHunaSexaTenaExa MutiFoe(Low Multiverse Level+)  Low End

Sailor Cosmos  Shrinks Chaos to Graviton Size=9.361 OctHunaZetaMuitlFoe(Low Multiverse Level+) High End

And this is merely just releasing the Lamba Power, the full effect of the Lambda Power in the Manga completely repaired the Fabric of the Multiverse heavily damaged by Chaos.

Assuming the entire Sailor Moon Verse is entirely 11 Dimensional like the String Theory of our Universe, Sailor Cosmos would be able to bend up to 11 Dimensional power which makes her far more powerful than her past Sailor Moon Form.   

Going by this thread in Vs Battle Wiki, there’s further confirmation that Sailor Moon is a large Multiverse as seen here.

Well, I makes this explanatory blog for been understandable many thing really complicated and strange on the SMVerse, indeed, the existence of others world is now confirmed and it changes radically things, let us go ther:


The Space Time Corridor

Space time of the corridor (2)

a place Between Space Time

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Well, Start by the most known world of the world of pluto, pay, characteristic of this world is strange indeed, it seems that this soiit an empty world (but not too lol), that exist in the threshold between times there are also several time slots between his places. In his places, Concepts of Distance do not exist as well as concepts of direction Thus we also know that this place is a place enter spaces time by extension, there is no space and time but to prove this, there is a statement of pluto extremely interesting

“ To have any point of reference to tell dircetion or distance you need a space time key those who do not possess one…Become Drifier, lost in the area between space times where time does not flow never be found again „

~ Sailor Pluto, Guardian of space time talk about the corridor to All Inner Senshi

Several Times

No Time in this place

No Concept of Direction or Distance

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This place is compulsory if you want to travel to many periods. It Corridors is very interesting, he is extremely vast, can be even infinite, others thing this places person possessed also other characteristics, indeed, black hole and wormhole can emerged as well as a big hole which gobbled up and erase existence Something else important, this place is connected to the conventional space time, when wiseman create disturbance in the space time, it has create a chaos has this place when it corrupted Chibi-usa by creating temporal storms.

The Tau Stars System

Tau Star system (3)

Pharaoh throw his Homeworld

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Well here it becomes more complicated… Tau Stars System (Translation official) is visually a galaxy situated in another “world” or Dimension via context, The Stars System Kanji 星系 is the old meaning of Galaxy

More Info Here: The thing complicated here it is because:

The name of the structure seems Designed a galaxy as well as its shape

The Structure is indicate as being a Space Time Continuum, The Dimension is another space time

Il is to declare that Tau Stars System is a Universe and also “World”

sometimes, Universes have a shape of galaxy (Men in Black, DBS and other pic in Japan)

in the Anime, the Tau Dimension is an Entire Universe

Sailor Moon Infinity The Tau Nebula

Sailor Moon Infinity – Serenity & The Outer Senshi

World is Tau Star system


So here it is, it is quite embarrassing to describe the true nature of this one, so I have a hypotesis: The galaxy-shaped strucure is a real galaxy but the size of the size of a Universe with its own space time is my hypotesis

Dimensions 次元

Here also the affair is complicated just a little but understandable, I explain you everything:

The Sailor Moon Universe has a multitude of Dimension, we not know the exact number of thus, it is better not to speculate on their number but there is several (a minimum of 2-3)

Indeed, Diamond has we to Confirm that the SMverse has several Dimension when he wanted to conquer all the planets of All dimensions

Hey yes, it is Multiverse, We have no cobirth of the Dimensions but we can speculate, he is too one of others dimension but another proof indicates us that they are Universes completly separate from the main continuity thanks to Parallel Sailor Moon

Parallel Sailor Moon is a history completely separate from the main story of our heroes, a Parallel Universe where there is sailors, cat ect …

What is very interesting, it is that Parallel SM is designated as being another Dimension (Here 次元) as when Diamond Claim to he can conquer all the planets of “many” dimensions.

Roughly, sizes of the dimension is Universal because dimension about which Diamond speak is world designating a Universe (Parallel Sailor Moon)

Parallel SM is another Dimension

Jigen = Dimension

SMverse-Dimension 1

The Same word here

I know this sounds obvious but it needs to be clarified for a better understanding of the World:

The Cosmos it’s all that exists in the verse of Sailor Moon, It means that it designates, The Dimension, the Main Universe (I’ll talk about it later), When Sailor moon has restore the cosmos, she to restore the main universe, the space time and possibly the Dimensions alternative as well as the world of Pluto, the whole timeline

The Cosmos is the whole of the whole existence of the Sailor Moon Verse, it seems quite simple but now, the main Universe:

The Universe is…..the Universe, but it’s Infinite let me explain:

First, the Lambda Power is the power that restores the whole existence, the link we can put is that the model of an infinite universe (Static) is related to the lambda constant that proves that the universe is infinite after a certain pattern

Secondly, I know that a Static Universe does not necessarily mean Infinite Universe except that in our case it is the case, A static Universe has something that creates matter and as if by chance, the Galaxy Cauldron is the thing that creates matter in the world of Sailor Moon

The Galaxy Cauldron

The Galaxy Cauldron is The creator of All Stars seed, each stars seed are in all living things (Planets, Stars, Human, Cells ect….) This is the source of All Things in the Milky way and indirectly The Cosmos, In the manga, it’s describe to the Center of The Universe and the Birthplace of all Heavenly Body (This can lead to confusion when it is said that it is the source of everything in the galaxy, it can lead to hative conclusion as not being the source of the universe but it is the case)

This would confirm that  Sailor Moon’s Multiverse is 11 Dimensional.

To affect an 11 Dimensional Multiverse as established before, you would need a least  1.985832917233346e+‭22,035,456‬ J  to 1.985832917233346e+44,070,912 Joules of Energy, this would put Sailor Cosmos possibly High Complex Multiverse level if she can completely affect all of the existence making her possibly 11 Dimensional if not High Complex Multiversal Level if she can completely recreate the Mutiverse requiring  1.985832917233346e+44,070,912 Joules Joules of Energy.

I noticed on Sailor Chaos’s page, her most important ability (plot wise) was removed. 

Chaos has the ability to destroy something past nothingness.

To explain it more throughly, I shall post this scan:

Here in this scan Sailor Cosmos explains that Sailor Chaos damaged the Cosmos to such degree she wasn’t able to recover it or bring it back. Sailor Cosmos can regenerate things that have been erased from existence. The Lambda power brough back Sailor Cibi-Moon even though her entire existence, even her Sailor Crystal, was erased by the Cauldron. 

Yet despite having this power, Sailor Cosmos could not repair the damage that Sailor Cosmos. Which tempted her to try to change histroy and destroy Chaos before he was reincarnated as a Sailor Senshi. 

I would suggest this ability be called something similar to Absolute Destruction  and be descfribed as something like (can destroy something past nothing preventing it from being regeneration, remade, or recreated in anyway)

Of course there is the problem of NLF, but I don’t think this applies to that. Anyone who has better Regeneration powers than Sailor Cosmos should be able to undo Sailor Chaos’s ability as well as those in higher tiers than Sailor Chaos and Sailor Cosmos. 

This profile shows us that Chaos is High Godly because “it will not stop existing even if all of reality is erased, which it will eventually do” which seems correct and an immeasurable Speed because “the lack of space-time itself”. So taking example on this profile add the capacity on the profile of chaos here because it too is an abstract entity and represent the Chaos

The anime isn’t too far from this power either as the final battle with Chaos Galaxia(Arguably more powerful than even the Manga counterpart as it was a fused state of Galaxia and Chaos) especially when  Chibi Chibi (Who’s Sailor Cosmos in the manga was the one)who manifested her true power) this would make Usagi within the anime almost as powerful as her manga counterpart despite being slightly nerfed.

And the anime itself confirms  that a Multiverse exist going by statements form the top scientist within Japan.

Going by the concept of Multiverse theory, there’s a potential amount of over 1×10^10^10^122 Parallel Universes in our Multiverse. Sailor Moon is going directly by Multiverse Theory going by the Scientist statements of Alternative Universes.

The Sailor Moon Verse has confirmed a total or at least 5 Multiverse Alt realities , there’s the Main Multiverse with all the Universes and Space Time.

Then there is the Parallel Sailor Moon Multiverse which mirrors the main Universe with all the space times, Parallel Universes and other factors of the Universe.

There’s the Aforementioned Dark Moon Parallel “Universe” as we discussed is likely another Multiverse saying to be easily equal to our Universe per Mirror and mind you we’re only lowballing that as Low Multiversal as we’re only going by scaling by all the glass within our planet. Considering that there are Quntillions of possible planets within the Universe and alot of these societies have glass, it’s likely this dimension is far bigger.

You also have the first anime which takes place within the 1990’s that literally has changed events from the manga yet following the concepts of the original manga which is the Original timeline yet mirrors 99.9% of the original Multiverse

See the source image
See the source image
Sailor Moon Crystal Act.2 Ami - Sailor Mercury - Ami at her comput

And there’s the existence of Crystal itself which itself is a literal Parallel multiverse and a near exact copy of the original Multiverse the manga created, however in this Multiverse, rather than being in the 1992, they’re in 2014

See the source image
Sailor Moon Crystal Act.1 Usagi - Sailor Moon - Sailor V game
Usagi playing the Sailor V video game

Hence the vast difference of technology between Crystal and the original anime and manga which just further supports the Multiverse theory of the Sailor Moon Verse and makes the claims with the Scientist of the original anime add up. I’m aware Crystal was a disappointment in every way possible but that’s for a whole different review.

The differences are most notable by the fashion sense and the cars within the original and Crystal

Journey to the Future! Battle in the Space-Time Corridor Episode Screencap 2x36, Screencap from Episode 36 of Season 2 of Sailor Moon.

Most notably the Space Time Corridor that controls all of Space Time in Sailor Moon further confirms the Multiverse theory. All versions of Sailor Moon(Minus Pretty Grudain Sailor Moon) have the Space Time Corridor which exists in a 5th Dimension confirmed in the manga to exist outside of Space Time.

Basically Sailor moon’s answer to Dragon ball Super’s World of Void which exists outside of Space Time and larger than all the Universes combined.

And speaking of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, you can even throw this into the argument of being a parallel Multiverse with the very bad ending Alt Multiverse in which Sailor Moon never got Past the Dark Kingdom arc(As the Live Acton only had one season) And with the deaths of Tuxedo Mash and Mianko Anio(Two curical characters in the main Sailor Moon Timeline with the former being a major curical plot point within the R Season/Arc 2 and Super S/Arc 4), this probably the Mutriverse where everything went to uttter shit in.

While loosely connected to the original manga or even anime, in headcanon terrrotiy, one can argue that the events of this reality could’ve lead to the bad timeline where Chaos took over the Multiverse and was destroying all of reality. After all Pretty Gurdain Sailor Moon is the weakest of the 4 illreaitons of the characters and without a major powerhouse like Minako or a plot curical character like Tuxedo Mask, things would only get far worse for Sailor Moon,especially against Queen Neheleihina. After all Sailor Cosmos said she faced so many loses in her lifetime, though maybe i’m just overthinking this, i strongly doubt a live action in id 2000 would actually precede a mid 1990’s manga are.

Or does it?

Anyways there’s at least 5 Parallel Multiverses that have the 10^10^122 Universes within them with at least confirmed 11 dimensional space with a solid 5th dimensional realm outside of space time, so what does that make Sailor Moon? Easily a small Hyperverse, it’s larger than an average Multiverse but still doesn’t reach pass 11 Dimensional so it can’t be a full Hyperverse. The best backing of this would be the existence of Chaos himself.

In almost all incarnations Chaos exist within,yes even Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon .Going by the nexus of the original canon,Chaos was a being that existed outside the Multiverse yet can influence all beings as a Abstract, as a Concept, which is probably the most important aspect of Sailor Moon and understanding Sailor Comsos and EoS Sailor Mon;s power

Chaos is an immortal being, and so long as the Galaxy Cauldron exists, it will never die permanently. And through some vague degree, it is responsible for the existence of the other antagonists that Sailor Moon had to fight

Going by ther Abstract existence of Chaos, it’s safe to say Sailor Cosmos and A full powered Chaos are easily in the Low Hyperverse range of power, just barely out of the Multiverse range.

But just how powerful you have to be to blow up 5 11 dimensional Multiverse Space Time Continuations, of which 3 are within the main canon Sailor Moon Multiverse?

One Multiverse alone contains 1×10^‭10^2.075722438217725e+42‬ Universes with over 11 Dimensions going by M-theory.,with%20a%20finite%20or%20infinite%20number%20of%20universes.

The Multiverse is very huge. Our Local Multiverse has approximately 10^10^10^120 universes, although a multiverse can contain anywhere from only 2 universes to omega universes. Our universe lasts long, most of them only live for xonoseconds and pop. The diameter of the Local Multiverse is on the order of 92,200,000,000 * 10^10^10^120 light years across! A multiverse is a self-contained group or larger bubble filled with a finite or infinite number of universes. In many cases, the term is used to define a larger bubble filled with a finite or infinite number of universes. In many cases, the term is used to define the hypothetical set of every single possible universe, including the universe in which we live.

A single Universe as we discussed is roughly 23.5 Trillion Light Years long with a roache limt of roughly 571 Trillion Light Years . Now comes the Dimensional spacing within a single Universe, this translates a minimum length of ‭2.2233041116e+26‬ km per Universe length or ‭2.2233041116e+29‬ m to a size of 5.40215594776e+27km or 5.40215594776e+30 m

This would give our Multiverse in the Sailor Moon Multiverse each roughly 5.40215594776e+‭‭88,141,824‬ m^11 meters in size and this is within a Multiverse plane of a Average size Multiverse.

We’re going to have to completely revise the Marvel Multiverse as they have over 47 Million Universes at least confirmed by the Marvel Database which includes the MCU.

Which is confirmed to have a Multiverse

Shame they waste such great potential in the main comics on shitty woke bullshit and spending most of their time bitching about Trump and America when we can have Space Battlers and super hero struggles.

Menang the Multiverse as a whole weighs a total of  1e+88,141,824 kg. Now for the GBE of one Sailor Moon Universe and to bust even the Sailor Moon Multiverse, you would need at least 1e+‭88,141,976‬  Joules to destroy one of the 5-6 Multiverses in Sailor Moon Verse and about 5+‭88,141,976‬ -6++‭88,141,976‬   Joules to destroy the Multiverse entirely in Sailor Moon.

That’s enough Zeros to make 22,057 Pages with nothing but Zeros on it or the equivalent of making 163 large books with nothing but Zeros, that’s how many Zeros in mass the Multiverse weighs.

Essentially unless you’re a Abstract tier DC or Marvel character or a High end anime character with Abstract power, you’re going to have an extremely difficult time fighting a full power Sailor Moon.


Usagi has shown casual High-Speed feats even within  then beginning of the series with speed being easily FTL even from the start.

Even in the anime, she’s shown casually dodging Light.  YES SHE’S DODGING LIGHT AND WE’RE NOT EVEN IN EP 20!

Usgai’s height:244px(1.5m )

Distance Sailor Moon Traveled:175px(1.075m)

Lightspeed:299,792,458 m/s

Distance of projectile from Usagi:627px(3.854 m)

Timeframe:0.0000000128  seconds or 1/77,787,352.88th a second ( 77.787 Microseconds)

299,792,458 m/sx 3.854 m+1.075m/3.854 m =383,413,862.3461339 m/s  or 1.28 c

Sailor Moon Arc 1’s Casual Movement speed:1.28 c (Low End)

IN other words Usgai is casually faster than the speed of light. Looking back at the feat though, notice Usgai isn’t just dodging light barely like say Naruto is.

She’s moving casually at Faster than Eye reactions while dodiging light, so it’s casually FTL.

To move FTE, you would have to move roughly 1/200th a second, Usgai was moving so fast, she created an afterimage not once.

But Twice

See the source image

To Create an Afterimage, you would have to move at bare minimum of 1000 meter per second and this is going from Zero to 1,000. S to move Faster than light via Afterimage, Usgai would have to be traveling at a bare minimum of 1,280 times the speed of Light to effortlessly avoid being hit by light beams, putting her within the Massively FTL range of speed.

This is pretty much more or less consistent with the speeds within the Sailor Moon Manga where Hotaru can casually cross to Pluto to save Sailor Moon from Galaxia in Civilian form

Usagi Height: 316px(1.5m)

Laser Distance:332px(3.677m)

Going by the slowed down the timeframe, the laser traveling at 3.7 meters in roughly   7 seconds. Usagi moved roughly Light Travels at 299,792,458 m/s, Usagi moved roughly 7.354 meters in 3 seconds while the light was still hitting the mirror.  

For light to travel one Meter within the vacuum,  it would require 3.3356409519815 nanoseconds. It takes roughly 1.89 seconds in the episode for the light to travel within a meter making the timeframe roughly  1.7648 Nanoseconds. Usagi moved roughly 7.354 meters within 3 anime seconds while the light was moving to jump in the air and backflipped 3.67 meters while the light hit the mirror meaning Usagi moved 7.354 Meters while the mirror was being hit. This would give Usagi a speed of 2.4513 m/ns while light only moves at 0.5242 m/ns, this would make Usgai  4.676 cor 4.6 times the speed of Light with at least Nanosecond Reaction speed giving her reactions up to 1,401,910,057.793 c or 1.4 Billion times the speed of Light.

Usgai’s First Season Movement Speed:4.676 c( FTL) ( Low End)

None Usgai dodged the attack while time seem slowed down so her speed should be actually Massively FTL+

Usagi’s  First Season  Reaction speed: 3.335 Nanoseconds to Light ( 1,401,910,057.793 c/Massively FTL Reactions/Gigaluminal)

So even early series Usagi is FTL and can perceive essentially Gigalumial speeds which is enough to react to characters who can cross Solar Systems within seconds.

The manga isn’t that far off as Minako alone in Sailor V  can casually jump across the distance between Earth and Venus Instantaneously and this was at the very start of her own manga series where she was far weaker than Sailor Moon was at the start of the series.

Minako at her weakest once flew to Venus within the manga in mere seconds, assuming timeframe of 5 seconds, Minako would’ve reached 27.619  times the speed of Light in casual travel speed as a Civilian.

Or random CIvilian versions of the Senshirace able to cross entire Light Years within a few Hours as it was easy for them to do so. To note These non Senshi sprits are based on  Stars within the Lrya Constellation. Vega is the brightest star in the northern constellation of Lyra. It has the Bayer designation α Lyrae, which is Latinised to Alpha Lyrae and abbreviated Alpha Lyr or α Lyr. This star is relatively close at only 25 light-years from the Sun  Altair, or Alpha Aquilae, is the brightest star in the constellation Aquila, the Eagle. It lies only 16.7 light years from Earth.  

This means they travel about  8.3 Light Years to each other every year,  assuming it takes them an average of 3 hours to reach other, 

 63241.0771  AU=1 Light Year

149,600,000 km= 1 AU

they would need to travel ‭7,273,765,471.540556‬ km/sec or ‭24,245.88 times the speed of light , this would be equivalent to crossing over  48.6 AU’s per second, this is more or less on par with the speed of the Saiyan Space Pods that traveled to Earth to Namek in under a week.

She can also use teleportation to reach the moon instantly, while not a speed feat, keep in mind this is her civilian form

The Sailor Senshi, as well as the Ayakashi Sisters, resist being sucked into the mini-black hole of the Dark Wand in episode 72.This would take superhuman amounts of strength that would make the Hulk blush and even immense speed considering Black Holes are fast enough to absorb light, therefore, confirming the Senshi and Ayashi sister counterparts being FTL.  In fact, let’s look at the possible Escape velocity of the Black Hole.

As i pointed out in my Might Gai vs All Might review, Prime All Might is FTL at maximum speed and scales to have higher speed than even 8th Gate Gai however because Night Guy times Guy into a Human Blackhole,  All Might would need to move faster than the velocity of the Blackhole in order to escape it, however since 53.3 c is nowhere near fast enough to escape a Micro Blackhole’s speed which can suck up light, his speed is irrelevant The Escape velocity of a black hole like object like Gai’s body would be roughly 24,827,491,125,326,454 m/s  or ‭82,815,596. Times the speed of Light, unfortunately for All Might, at only 53.5 c, he’s only moving at roughly 53c, not nearly fast enough to get out of the escape velocity.

The Senshi, on the other hand, are resisting the pull of the black hole  which is not only an immense durability and strength feat but a speed feat as they’re moving faster than the acccelariton of the blackhole. The escape vecloityof the black hole is at least 7,034,714,924,365 m/s or  ‭23,465 c, meaning the Sailor Sneshi were casually moving their bodies at 23,465 times the speed of light to tank the suction of the blackhole

In fact, Planet Nemesis in the anime while much smaller than the Manga Verison(Which was the size of the Solar System is still described as a black hole like planet.

Nemesis (宿敵) was the tenth planet of the Solar System, and the base of the Black Moon Clan in Sailor Moon R. The planet itself was made of Evil Black Crystal, which was capable of absorbing light and energy, much like a black hole. This would cause the planet to appear and disappear from the sensors tracking it in Crystal Tokyo, making its orbit seem erratic and difficult to calculate. For a long time, the planet remained cloaked in darkness, but some time in the 30th Century it began to emit large amounts of negative energy, indicating its presence.

Soon after the creation of Crystal Tokyo, there was a challenge to the peace made by the Death Phantom. Because he was human, Neo-Queen Serenitydid not want to kill him, so she banished him to the planet Nemesis and it became out of bounds. Many years later, there was another revolt on the Earth. After the battle, those who did not want to stay left Earth and ended up on Nemesis where they came under the influence of the Death Phantom.

The best we can go with Planet Nemesis anime size is the real-life Nemesmis Red/Brown Dwarf.  Dawr stars are usually at least Jupiter size in diameter so let’s go with 142,984 km in diameter.

Going by this, Planet Nemenmsis has the mass of 48,403  suns within the anime version of this planet or roughly       with at least 32048174 G’s within the anime version asusming the black hole is moving at lightspeed, it’s likely moving FTL  but we’ll lowball with this, the escape velocity of the planet is at least 314,285,227 m/s which is just above the speed of light, meaning the people who live on this planet are casually FTL via the ability to move under the immense gravity and velocity of the planets rotational  energy,

Note the Senshi while on the planet had no problems running across the planet at any point, proving they’re massively FTL  from the get-go.

In the manga within Planet Nemesis, Usagi blitzed Prince Diamond within Cilvliain Form. Prince Diamond is said to be fast enough to potentially take over the entire Universe in a human’s lifetime. Assuming this is merely the Observable Universe at 93.7 Billion Light Years and the average human lifespan is 71.5  years, this would give Prince Diamond speed of 41.55 Lightyears Per Second or 3.93144106344738e+17 m/s which is roughly 1,311,387,581.153686 c or 1.311 Billion Times the Speed of Light.

Sailor Moon Second Arc Movement Speed: 1,311,387,581.153686 c(Massively FTL speed/Gigaluminal)

In the anime, the Sailor Senshi and Ayaaski Sisters actively resist the pull of a black hole which has the force of 3.818972530384911e+44 Joules or nearly  4 Supernovas. A casual FTL feat.


The Silver Crystal itself within the arc is Far faster than Sailor Moon as it literally crosses Dimensions and reaches the edges of the Mutiverse in a second. Neo Queen Serenity gives Sailor Moon a power boost while comatose from across the universe crossing entire dimmensions.  Considering this is a casual 4 Dimensional feat from Queen Serenity/Princess Serenity, it should have the speed or at least 4.942940460460564e+58 m/s

4.942940460460564e+58 m/s/299,792,458 m/s

1.648787462311865e+50  c or 164.87 QuindecillionTimes the Speed of Light

That’s essentially the equivalent speed of moving  1,648,787.4 meters within a Planck Second which is   1 Planck time or 1/100 Tredecillionth a second. 

This would be akin to  experiencing over 231.45 Septillion times the age of the Universe in roughly 1 second, all matter in the Universe would literally come to a screeching halt, to move at over 164.87 QuindecillionTimes the Speed of Light, you would need to be able to travel from New York City to Miami in  723.2 Sextillion times the speed it takes for electrons to transfer between atoms, it would be akin to waiting 229.325 Billion years for atoms to fuse.  That’s how fast Queen Serenity’s attack speed is and this is from a Comatose state mind you.

Queen Serenity’s casual Speed:1.648787462311865e+50  c or 164.87 Quindecillion C (Immeasurable Speed)

Remmeber this calc, well given my recent Zeno’s potential calc based on the potential power of his Mutiverse level power, we know the actual true size of the Multiverse.

The Multiverse is very huge. Our Local Multiverse has approximately 10^10^10^120 universes, although a multiverse can contain anywhere from only 2 universes to omega universes. Our universe lasts long, most of them only live for xonoseconds and pop. The diameter of the Local Multiverse is on the order of 92,200,000,000 * 10^10^10^120 light years across! A multiverse is a self-contained group or larger bubble filled with a finite or infinite number of universes. In many cases, the term is used to define a larger bubble filled with a finite or infinite number of universes. In many cases, the term is used to define the hypothetical set of every single possible universe, including the universe in which we live.

Now to sum up this mind-blowing number, the a real Mutivlerse is 9.3e+120,000 lightyears across, a mind-blowingly large size beyond comprehension, so if you thought Queen Serenity’s speed feat was insane, now with the actual size of the Mutiverse, it’s BEYOND even comprehension. It’s in the Flash tiers of speed. There’s not a single number within the Muiltverse that can sum up this speed feat.

Queen Serenity’s casual Speed:92,200,000,000 * 10^10^10^120 C (Immeasurable Speed)

This is also canon to the 90’s anime too as Queen Serenity also lent her power across the Multiverse as well via silmair methods.

Eternal Sailor Moon Powersaves to  Queen Serenity’s speed as her Henshin sent light throughout spacetime which would give her  a casual speed of 4.942940460460564e+58 m/s

In the S Arc,  the Sailor Senshi are at least dozens of times faster than before as each Diamon in the arc is exponentially more powerful than Wiseman.

In the anime , there’s an even more impressive speed feat than Usagi’s  Moon Cosmic Power feat. In Super Sailor Moon Form, she was able to blitz Sailor Saturn’s destruction of Pharaoh 90 and save her from being lost in space. going by timeframe, it took 10 seconds for Usagi to go back and forth to  Pharaorh 90 who was at least 360,000,000 Lightyears away or 3.405864204056353e+24 meters, dividing this by 10 and multiplying it by 2 for the return and approach back, we get roughly 6.811728408112706e+23m/s for Usagi’s Super Sailor Moon movement speed.

6.811728408112706e+23m/s/299,792,458 m/s

2,272,148,023,187 ,663 c  or 2 .272 Quadrillion Times the Speed of Light.

Super Sailor Moon’s Movement  Speed(Anime/Galaxy sized Tau): 2 .272 Quadrillion Times c(Massively FTL/PetaLuminal)

However let’s now do for the high end Universe size  Pharaoh 90


8.24560107173088e+31‬ m/s/299,792,458 m/s

‭2.750436460856824e+23‬ c  or 275 Sextillion times the speed of light

Super Sailor Moon’s Movement  Speed(Anime/Universe sized Tau): 275 Sextillion  c(Massively FTL/Zetta Luminal)

During the Dark Moon Arc, Sailor Moon is able to keep up and eventually beat Queen Nehelenia.

Who is said to be Queen Serenity’s equal Who in a comatose state can cross-dimensional travel a small fragment of her power at planck level speeds? Eternal Sailor Moon should be equal or superior to prime Queen Serenity.

One of the most notable speed feats in the series was traveling to the center of the  Universe within a flash. It’s strongly shown it took less than a second for the Senshi to cross the Galactic Distance but how fast did they travel?

The anime which is considerably weaker at its very first season had Usagi able to have roughly Microseconds reaction speed to Light. Merely going by the panel, the flash of light crossed several meters before Usgai and her gang reached the Galaxy Cauldron meaning they crossed 26,000 Light Years in roughly   1/81,024,989th of a second or 1.234187146881316e-8 Seconds or 123.42 Microseconds.

26,000 ly/s/0.000000012342

2,106,627,775,076.973  ly/sec(22.48 times the length of the Observable Universe per second)

2106627775076.973 lyx149,597,870,690.999 metersx63241.1 AU’s

1.993024480668206e+28 m/s/299,792,458 m/s

6.648014076018569e+19  c or 66.48 Quintillion c (Massively FTL+)

Now time for speed moving a Galaxy distance within a Planck Second.

A Planck time unit is the time required for light to travel a distance of 1 Planck length in a vacuum, which is a time interval of approximately 5.39 × 10−44 s.

Where using Planck seconds here as part of power scaling from Queen Serenity which Eternal Sailor Moon scales to .

1.993024480668206e+28 m/s/ 5.39 × 10−44 s

‭1.074240195080163‬e+73  m/s/299,792,458 m/s

‭3.583278936256629e+64 c= 35.832 Vigintillion c(Immeasurable)

Damn, this is insane speed on the high end of the speed scale.  To put into context ,this feat is over 215.8 Trillion times faster than Neo Queen Serenity on her deathbed, that’s utterly mindblowing..

That’s essentially the equivalent speed of moving ‭3.5580832092e+20‬  meters within a Planck Second which is 1 Planck time or 1/100 Tredecillionth a second.   all matter in the Universe would literally come to a screeching halt, to move at over 35.832 Vigintillion Times the Speed of Light, you would need to be able to travel‭ 37,608.4 Lightyears  in 156.1 Undecillion times the speed it takes for electrons to transfer between atoms, it would be akin to waiting 494.88  Septillion years for atoms to fuse. That’s how fast Top Tier Senshi are moving scaling them from Queen Serenity

Usagi  and Company travel across the Milky Way (123.42 Microseconds/LowEnd):2 .272 Quadrillion Times the Speed of Light(  Massively FTL+)

Uagai and company travel across the Milky Way (Planck Second/High End):35.832 Vigintillion c(Immeasurable)

The Starlights in the anime are able to keep up with base Galaxia and were able to casually accelerate themselves across  a whole Galaxy in less than a second and shown able to deliver 40 destructive Small galaxy sized busting blows in a second with the fight going on from 1:13 to 1:16 of the anime.  

This means they threw 120 Galaxy destroying attacks in roughly 3 seconds and covered at least the area of a small Galaxy with punches having energy surpassing that of the Big Bang.   Merely lowballing, The Starlights are moving at roughly 7.162331670695484e+42 m/s or 2.389096683244608e+34 c or 23.89 Decillion times the speed of Light. If we assume the timeframe is actually 123.42 Microseconds, it would be roughly 2.948623126460495+41c / 8.839749747972366e+49 m/s  or 294.86 Duodecillion c.

Now for the fun part, as we know, the speed of the Senshi are casually in the Planck Second Reaction tier as a comtoased  Queen Serenity can have speed equivalent to crossing 1,400 km in a Planck Second and she’s at least comparable to a full power Eternal Sailor Moon.

Who as seen in the feat  can casually perceive the Starlight’s Massively FTL to immeasurable speeds  hence not far off in speed to either of these women.

7.162331670695484e+42 m/s/ 5.39 × 10−44 s

1.328818491780238‬e+86 m/s/299,792,458 m/s

‭4.432461378932481e+77 c  or 443.246 Trillion Vigintillion c(Immeasurable)

Starlight’s attack speed(Anime):   

294.86 Duodecillion c.(Immeasurable ) Low End

 443.246 Trillion Vigintillion c(Immeasurable)  High End

As Lamba Usgali in both anime and manga, she became so much more powerful that speed literally came irrelevant to her as she can literally wrap all of space-time, pretty much putting her speed and Chaos Speed pretty much at Infinite speeds. She should be FAR faster than her deathbed future self who literally lit the entire multiverse which is 92,200,000,000 * 10^10^10^120 Lightyears across.


Sailor Moon has incredible durability even within the beginning of the series. The best and easiest way to determine Sailor Moon’s durability is the casual FTL speed feat she performed in EP17.

To run at lightspeed and not be instantaneously vaporized, you would need Megatons worth of durability at the very least. For her merely running FTL, it would require durability higher than mountain level.

No Caption Provided

She’s tanked blows from Kunzite and Zoisite in the anime and manga, going by powerscaling from Beryl in the anime and feats in the Manga with the could generate a countrywide storm which is a casual Island Level feat and the latter moving tectonic plates casually with his magical power.

Fairy Tail Revisions(Second Timeskip)

Kuzinte’s feat going by my previous scaling for the minimum energy needed to move an entire continental plate shown by Irene’s Universe One at massively hypersonic speeds would require at least 1.75 Exatons of TNT which is Muit Continent Level+ to 223.969 Exatons of TNT   which is Moon Level+, and this is from someone who’s like the equipment of Nappa, a very low tier Sailor Moon character whereas Irene is one of the strongest Fairy Tail/HST characters, Kunzite’s feat is extremely casual btw. Especially when you consider Jadeite, the weakest of the four who can be said to be the Raditz of  Sailor Moon could create a Star sized dimension with a visible moon.

In the Anime, you have the infamous DD Girls who are extremely powerful Youma who are superior to even the Shienentou who outright murder the Sailor Senshi.  The DD Girls can survive easily in lava and can quickly burrow far underground showing an incredible arm strength and durability. What’s even more impressive is their digging strength and speed and their durability. Time for some math.

The Earth’s Inner Core is 6,100,000 meters below the surface with roughly an average temperature of 5,700 K (5,430 °C). The pressure of the Core itself is roughly 330 to 360 gigapascals (3,300,000 to 3,600,000 atm).

The DD Girls not only dug to the center of the earth in 10 seconds, they straight up tanked the intense heat and pressure of the core.  This gives the DD Grils a casual digging speed of 610,000 m/s or Mach 1792.589.

Hole dug by DD Girls: 6,100,000  meters x 10 meters widex 10 meters long

The volume of rock destroyed:610,000,000

Average Density of Earth:5503 kg/m^3

Mass dugged up:3,356,830,000,000 kg

Now for energy needed to dig through the earth in 10 seconds


E=3,356,830,000,000 kgx610,000 m/s/2


2 047 666 300 000 000 000 joule = 489.403 991 4 megaton [explosive]

Now for durability.

The total amount of mass dugged up by DD Girls:3,356,830,000,000 kg

Pressure within the Core:52,213,585.6825992 PSI

Square inches per human body: 3168 square inches

The temperature in the Core:5,500 °C

Average Temperature of the Arctic: -20°C

Heating capacity of Core:5,500,000 Cailories/Kg

Mass on the DD Girls each:At least 45kg

5,500 °C- -20°C= -5520°C

Mass of the DD Grils under Earth’s core:2,349,611,355.6kg

Total mass:7.887245886818748e+21 kg

Now for total heating energy

7.887245886818748e+21kgx5,500,000 Cailories/Kgx5520°C

E=2.394567851238172e+32 Joules

2.394567851238172e+32 joule = 57 231 545 202 000 000 megaton [explosive]

DD Girls Heat/Pressure Durability: 57.23 Zettatons of TNT(Small Planet level) or bordering Planet Level

Now for maximum attack potency, keep in mind they blitzed the Senshi who are casually far faster than early arc Sailor Moon so powerscaling them to Large Star level and Massively FTL, they would have devastating attack potency as the Senshi can survive(ablet barely) the heat and pressure of the Core.

However, this is nothing compared to the manga version of Sailor Moon as Sailor Moon and Arc 2 Senshi scale to Queen Metalia in the Manga who can casually survive within the Sun.  

Sailor Moon’s powers naturally grows stronger like most super heros. During the Kuzkite Arc in both the anime and manga, Tanks an attack without any barrier (forcefield) that tears through Kunzite’s Shield.

Kunzite’s barrier held out briefly against the burst of energy from the Silver Crystal  which we confirmed is Large Star Level or on par with a SuperNova.

Sailor Moon survived within Queen Metalia, stronger then all members of the Dark Kingdom

In Season 2, there’s the aforementioned Blackhole feat that each Senshi tanked which had the force of nearly 4 Supernovas at bare minimum.

Ther’es also being to walk on Planet Nemsis within the anime which everything,even the fodder tier Driods can withstand the immense pressure and Gravirty of the Blackhole Planet Neemssis but how strong is that?

Going by this, Planet Nemenmsis has the mass of 48,403  suns within the anime version of this planet or roughly 9.5837e+34kg‭     with at least 32048174 G’s within the anime version asusming the black hole is moving at lightspeed, it’s likely moving FTL  but we’ll lowball with this, the escape velocity of the planet is at least 314,285,227 m/s which is just above the speed of light.   Let’s now combine that for an anwser,


E=9.5837e+34kg‭x314,285,227  m/s

E=‭4.73320603292833e+51‬ J

E=4.73320603292833e+51 joule = 1.1312633922e+36 megaton [explosive]  or 47.33 MegaFoe( Solar System level+)

GBE of Planet Nemeis(Anime): 47.33 MegaFoe( Solar System level+)

Yep anime Sailor Moon has confirmed Solar System level   Monster of the week fodder that can withstand the gravity of a blackhole planet. Kinda Crazy that  in the second season of Sailor Moon we got fodder as strong as Super Perfect Cell but guess that’s how the world works 

The Manga is actually FAR crazier than this as Usagi is able to walk around Planet Nemesis with the little issue despite the planet having the same gravity as a Blackhole…IN CIVILIAN FORM.

Usgai Survives unhindered a spacetime warp from Death Phantom  which is crazy again in civilain form.

Survives, and is only a little worn out walking around on Planet Nemesis, despite Planet Nemesis being “just like a black hole” with massive gravity, negative energy and radiation.

Keep in mindf Black Holes  are some of the most radioactive celstial objects in space aside from a Gamma Ray Brust.Menaing Usgai IN CIVILLAIN FORM can tank Idioized Radition on a comsic scale

Mind you Planet nemesis is a massive Blackhole Planet that’s comparable in size to our entire Solar System going by the Manga description.

Ther anime isn’t too far behind  either. In episode 72 (Cold-Hearted Rubeus! The Four Sisters of Sorrow!) The Senshi survive inside the miniature Black Hole of the Dark Wand. Once again, this proves  immense durability on the part of the Sailor Senshi as a group considering the force and energy of a Blackhole is so powerful, it can easily destroy large planets and  . That would give each Senshi at least Muilt Solar System+ to Galaxy level d urability considering they weren’t even scratched at all going into a Black Hole. They also tank immense raditon

Our Solar System is 1,921.56 AU in diameter or over 287,461,284,404,996  meters, given its rotational speed, it’s likely moving at least 287,461,284,404,996 m/s  or    

G=V^2/ R

G=287,461,284,404,996 m/s/143,730,642,202,498 m


G=574,922,568,809,992 G’s

So yeah  Usgai tanked the force of over  574.922 Trillion G’s. Which is the force of 821.3 Neutron Stars

951 Gaspra.jpg

Meaning on the planet alone,  Usagi would weigh roughly 2.587151559644964e+16 kg which is roughly the mass of every object produced by humanity or the mass of a large Asteroid capable of wiping out all life on earth.  

The mere enegery just to move 1 m/s  on Planet Nemesis is 6.2 Megatons of TNT which is insane.  That’s the energy of 5 B-83 Nuclear Warheads and 10 Fatman Nukes exploding at once simply taking a step on the planet, that’s how much force you need to walk on the planet.

This would make moving at mere Lightspeed at the mass of  2.587151559644964e+16 kg would require at least 2.325215862407946e+33 Joules or 555.739 Zettatons of TNT which is over 10 times the GBE of Earth.  This would give the manga Senshi crazy amounts of lifting strength.

Remember the feat in the manga where Usagi blitzed Prince Diamond.

KEEP IN MIND THIS IS CIVILIAN USGAL ON A PLANET WITH 574.922 Trillion G’s.   Yeah on a planet where Usagi moves at 2.587151559644964e+16 kg, she can blitz a character who moves at Billions of times the speed of Light. 


E=2.587151559644964e+16 kgx3.93144106344738e+17 m/s/2

E=2.587151559644964e+16 kgx1.545622883536027e+35


3.998760653763179e+51 joule = 9.5572673369e+35 megaton [explosive]  or 9.557 MegaFoe of TNT(Solar System Level+)

Civilian Usgai’s Durability( Second Arc  Manga): 9.557 MegaFoe of TNT(Solar System Level+)

Vegeta's final flash by IreneBelserion69

To move at this speed on a planet of 574.922 Trillion G’s, Usagi would need to generate roughly 9.557 MegaFoe, which is over  29.23 times the power of Vegeta’s Final Flash.

Not far off in power is Sailor Moon tanking   the insane gravity on Ruebus ship and not only that but moving at full speed without being hibited by the Gravity afterwards.  While there’s no concern scaling of speed in the anime compared to the manga around this arc, it’s safe to say they easily scale from the mangas 1,311,387,581.153686 c  speed feat done by Sailor Moon who was in civilian form. Given the manga and anime seem almost on par in speed, we’re going to assume a 10,000 fold in speed bare minimum  as a low ball ballpark number. Assuming that’s the case,were going to use that to get ur results.

Usgai’s mass under intense gravity:1,226,209,951,193,182‬  kg

Estimated speed:‭3.93144106344738e+17‬ m/s


E=1,226,209,951,193,182‬kgx3.93144106344738e+17‬ m/s

E=1,226,209,951,193,182‬kgx X1.545622883536027e+35 

‭9.476290802918882e+49‬ J  or 947.6 KiloFoe

Sailor Moon’s Acceleration energy(An ime):947.6 KiloFoe  per Second(Solar System level+)

Sailor Moon survives within Death Phantom

The very same Death Phantom can fade planets from existence and has such intense gravity it can rip literal tears in space and time

It should also be noted that Blackholes have intense amounts of Radiation within them,  with radiation even more intense than Neutron Stars. Usgai tanked extreme raiddition as well as gravity and pressure.

Even more shocking is the resistance to Space time warping via gravitational stress.: Death Phantom Destroyed space time in the whole place and brought everyone at the end of space-time, (it should be noted that they could exist in a warped space without any problem)

Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Kamen withstand being attacked by Death Phantom using the Black Crystal, a crystal that is the evil equivalent of the Silver Crystal which warps all of spacetime.  Considering the Silver Cstral was powerful enough to potentially collapse all of reality, it’s at least in the Universe busting range if not far higher given how massive the Sailor Moon Verse is, So possibly Low Muitveirisal Durability amped by her Future Self.

 In episode 72 (Cold-Hearted Rubeus! The Four Sisters of Sorrow!) The Senshi survive inside the miniature Black Hole of the Dark Wand. Once again, this proves  immense durability on the part of the Sailor Senshi as a group considering the force and energy of a Blackhole is so powerful, it can easily destroy large planets and  . That would give each Senshi at least Solar System level+ durability considering they weren’t even scratched at all going into a Black Hole.

In ep 90, the very first episode of S, Luna confirms the level of power being 5 to 10 times the strength of all previous enemies minus Wiseman himself.This is pretty  much confirmed when the same Daimon casually tanked Sailor Moon’s Moon Princess Halation, overpowered all the Inner Senshi before they can transform and easily defeat Tuxedo Mask and was only killed by the Outer Senshi. 

She received no recoil damage from her transformation and Pharaoh 90 described it as being like heaven itself giving off its power. For comparison, ONE of the gods in Heaven, Chronos, created the space time continuum..

She shows a significant resistance to heat in episode 110, where Sailor Moon survives being engulfed in the flames of the Flamebuster II and later a direct hit from it.

Eudiail show be noted to be far above the Dmaion

To  even the weakest ones in the anime arc were 10 times stronger than even Wiseman. So yes Universe level+ Fodder is pretty much a thing within the Sailor Moon Anime.

More impressively, in the same episode she survives, albeit is highly damaged by, a giant energy attack from the massive entity Pharaoh 90.

Considering Senshi format bare minimum makes Sailor Moon at least Quintillions of times stronger than her civilian form, this would give her combat speed/reaction speed roughly Trillions of times the speed of Light and increase her durability in her Senshi form to easily Galaxy Level+  as if we mupitly 3.998760653763179e+51 by 1 Qunitllion time

Keep in mind she tanked the force of 6.651753730884923e+22  G’s or 66.52 Sextillion Times Earth’s Gravity meaning Usagi would weigh over 2.993289178898215e+24 kg which is over half the mass of Planet Earth.  Now for Acceleration.


F=2.993289178898215e+24 kgx6.811728408112706e+23m/sx3.405864204056353e+24  meters

F=2.993289178898215e+24 kgx4.639964390588966e+47×3.405864204056353e+24  meters

F=2.993289178898215e+24 kgx1.580308862600311e+72

F=4.730321417738457e+96 Joules   or 16.744 KiloUniFoe(Universe Level)

Anime Super  Sailor Moon’s Acceleration Energy against Pharaoh 90’s Gravity(Galaxy sized Tau):16.744  KiloUniFoe(Universe Level)Low End

Now for the high end of a Universe sized Tau Nebulba Dimmesion

1.199961732150697‬e+31 G’sx 45kg

Usgai’s mass inside Pharaoh 90:‭5.399982e+32‬ Kg

Usgai would weight more than 265.95 times the mass of our sun and weigh  more than the mass of R136a1, the most massive of known stars. Now time for speed .


E=5.399982e+32‬ Kgx8.24560107173088e+31‬ m/sx‭8.24560107173088e+32‬m

E=5.399982e+32‬ Kgx‭6.798e+63x‭8.24560107173088e+32‬ m

E=‭2.9932055883312‬e+129 J

F= 2.993e+129 Joules  or 29.93 TenaMegaUnilFoe(Universe  Level+)

Anime Super  Sailor Moon’s Acceleration Energy against Pharaoh 90’s Gravity(Galaxy sized Tau): 29.93 TenaMegaUnilFoe(Universe  Level+) High End.

In the  anime In episode 172 (Love and Moon Power! The End of The Nightmare!) Usagi treks for miles in the snow, and the crawls through more miles of thorns, and then is hit with lots of negative energy blasts from and enraged Queen Nehelenia. 

She is perfectly fine.

In fact Base Usgai proving she didn’t need her Sialor Moon Form and tanked Queen Nehelenia’s blasts IN Ciivlain form, while powering up her entire team to withstand the attacks from Queen Nheleina, arugably making her civillain form on par with Ealry Stars in the manga and aurgably superior to manga Usgal who needed Etenral form to beat Queeen Nheleina whereas the anime Usga/Sailor Moon beat her without Enteral form in both times they fought.  Only using the Enteral form once and not for combat purposes against Neheleina

And Usgai then proceedes to completely rewrite Neheeina’s entire past, casually fucking with the timestream  as if none of the attacks really scratched her.

Keep in mind the same  Nednheilina in the anime can  overpower the entire Saior Sneshi in the previous arc.

A sinlge blast form Neheinla can nearly one shot Sailor Juptier, the  Second strongest Senshi in raw strength just below Sailor Uranus in raw power.

And actually phsicyally overpowered Super Sailor Uranus,trapping her in a mirror.

Ciivllain Usgai should easily powerscale to Cilvliain Hotaru. In episode 168 Hotaru before receiving her powers back understands complex theorems about the universe as a little girl from Setsuna. 

In the same episode, still before she becomes Sailor Saturn she creates a miniature Big Bang in her hands so that she can observe every moment that has happened in the history of the universe in a few seconds. I am not kidding. Also counts as a energy feat. In other words, Horatu in civvian form can create something with the density of a pocket Universe. 

This feat is silmply too immense to comphrend  but let’ds try to calc this shit anyways.

The ball of energry is easily a Cubic Meter in size , we’re going to assume this ball is as dense as our Unvierse with a Planck Mass of  1.62×10^60 kg  with the Pnlack Tempature  of the Big Bang to get the energy  we need

Volume:1 m^3

Mass of Big Bang:1..62×10^60 kg


1..62×10^60 kgx1.416100e+32°C  

‭2.294082‬e+92 J   or 2.294 TenaexaFoe

Hotaru’s Big Bang: 2.294 TenaexaFoe( Muitl Galaxy level+)

Whoa, Hotaru is producing pretty much near Big Bang levels of power with the enegry ball.  Even better depsite being a micro Big Bnag, it parraels with pretty much how a Big Bang works.

Then, what is a Big Bang, in general? Just an explosion originated from an extremely heated, dense, pointlike source, that can vary in energy. For making one, one doesn’t need cosmic proportions of mass-energy. As incredible as it may sound, mankind has made small Big Bangs, thanks to particle colliders such as the LHC. So, it needs to be fixed.

Hotaru seems  to be doing this with this Mirco Pocket Universe of hers.

Note the Senshi don’t seem to treat this as a big deal at all.

Also note how controlled the power is, such a power woulf well for a lack of a better term,completely incinerate our Universe to ashes in the most literal way possible,.

And keep in mind this is Civilian Hotaru who was drastically weakened by reverse aging after setting herself off as a Universal nuke against Pharaoh 90.  Now in base form as a Civilian, she wields enough power to nearly destroy our Universe. Considering she’s tens of times weaker than she was when she fought Parahoh 90  and her civilian form is easily Tirllions to Quinitillions of times weaker than base Sneshi form which is 10,000 times weaker than Super form, this says a lot about how much more powerful she is even in the anime version.

Ironically enough the anime and manga while they spilt dramatically the most within the Final Arc/Season, power scaling wise, it’s not far from canon in terms of feats or powerscaling.

Amongst those is Civilian usage tanking Sailor Galxi’as casual blast in the manga, It’s compared directly to the direct combined power of  Pharoh 90, Queen Meatila, Wiseman and Queen Nehielina, of which two were confirmed Universe level+ threats(Pharaoh 90/Wiseman), once was said to be Universal in her prime (Queen Meatlaia) and one confrimed Low Mutiverisal level(Queen Nleehaiina who rivals Queen Serenity).  Her Civilian form tanked a LOW MUITVERISAL ATTACK! NOTE SAILOR GALAXI WAS IN CIVILIAN FORM TOOO, WHICH MAKES THIS AN EVEN CRAZIER FEAT,

Even crazier is that the same blast can easily destroy the Holy Grail 

which was able to contain the energy Eternal Sailor Moon used to destroy the next-strongest opponent at that point Queen Nehelenia.

This includes Two Silver Crystals, (and one Silver Crystal can warp all of the spacetime ) The Golden Crystal (which has the same powers as the Silver Crystal) and the Saturn Crystal which can destroy all life in the universe 

(Even killed Sailor Pluto who at the time was outside the spacetime continuum ).

Even crazier is that this would prove Usgai to be casually at Planet level durability as the very same blast Galaxia fired against Usagi was destroying Earth

And does extreme casual busting on a silmair scale to Frieza.

Far scarier is that her mere presence alone was destroying the Muitlverse via the Space-Time Coniaituim. Galaxia’s power was creating a spacetime maelstrom, sending ripples through time threatening to change history. Her actions were changing time, causing people to disappear even King Endymion bearer of the Golden Crystal and Sailor Pluto Guardian of spacetime.’

As we established there are at the very least Infinite number of Universes in Sailor Moon going by the Dark Moon Dimmeison feat alone, not counting Parrael universes with infinite Universes like the main universe, this is an extremely casual feat done by  Galaxia while stationary, this would put Galaxia at least in the Mutiverisial range of power as she can fuck with reality merely by her presence in it alone putting her far above a dying Queen Serenity in power.

Usagi in her civilian form manages to survive the power of one of the strongest of Galaxia’s minions

To put in context, Galxia’s strongest minions were able to one-shot   Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Mercury, all who easily scale to Eternal Sailor Moon in their own Enteral form and blitzed Sialor Moon via putting Sailor Mercury and Sialor Jupiter in the way of Starlight Honeymoon Threaprty, which vaporized both of them on a Subatomic level

The former being physically superior to Sailor Moon herself and the latter being far more intelligent than Sailor Moon.

Eternal Sailor Moon blocks an attack from all 4 Galactica-powered Eternal Guardian Senshi at once

While it does break her wings, Eternal Sailor Moon withstands an attack from 8 Galactica-Powered Eternal Sailor Senshi.

When angry, Eternal Sailor Moon tanks the collision of her own power and Sailor Galaxia’s

Sailor Galaxia is the Senshi of Destruction and the equate to Sailor Moon, the Senshi of Creation. Galaxia’s Sapphir Crystal is the ultimate force of destruction.

 Later in episode 200(Usagi’s Love! The Moonlight Lights Up the Galaxy!) Usagi resists a force blast and a negative energy whirlwind from Chaos Galaxia without a scratch.

Eternal Sailor Moon protects herself, Sailor Galaxia and Chibi-Chibi from Chaos, the Source of all evils and the antithesis of the cosmos.

Now comes the ultimate Durability feat, withstanding the Galaxy Cauldron itself.  As we discussed already in power, the Galaxy Cauldron is Universe level+ going by all the  numbers we did here, it’s likely higher as it’s not only the Nexus of the Universe but the entire Sailor Moon Multiverse.

Skills/Hax /Techniques

Sailor Moon has so many hax under her belt that it’s not even funny. While her hand to hand combat skills leave alot to be desired and she’s pretty limited in a straight up hand to hand fight unlike say Goku, she has far more hax and abilities to make up for it.

Usgai can shoot destructive beams of light that move many times faster than natural light, the Light is so powerful, it can vaporize anything on a SubAtomic level  showing Sailor Moon can generate enough destructive energy to erase your atoms from existence.

These same beams of light seen within her attacks can also vaporize Blackholes which as we know have “Infinite energy” and could take Quintillions of years for Hawking Radiation to evaporite them  meaning her normal power exceeds beyond what’s through scientifically possible.

To Generate enough heat to pretty much vaporize any an all matter, Usgai would have to be generating what we call Absolute Heat

Absolute hot is a theoretical upper limit to the thermodynamic temperature scale, conceived as an opposite to absolute zero.

Contemporary models of physical cosmology postulate that the highest possible temperature is the Planck temperature, which has the value 1.416785(71)×1032 kelvins.[1] Above about 1032 K, particle energies become so large that gravitational forces between them would become as strong as other fundamental forces according to current theories. There is no existing scientific theory for the behavior of matter at these energies; a quantum theory of gravity would be required.[2] The models of the origin of the universe based on the Big Bang theory assume that the universe passed through this temperature about 10−42 s (one Planck time) after the Big Bang as a result of enormous entropy expansion.[1]

Another theory of absolute hot is based on the Hagedorn temperature,[3] where the thermal energies of the particles exceed the mass-energy of a hadron particle-antiparticle pair. Instead of temperature rising, at the Hagedorn temperature more and heavier particles are produced by pair production, thus preventing effective further heating, given that only hadrons are produced. However, further heating is possible (with pressure) if the matter undergoes a phase change into a quark–gluon plasma.[citation needed] Therefore, this temperature is more akin to a boiling point rather than an insurmountable barrier. For hadrons, the Hagedorn temperature is 2×1012 K, which has been reached and exceeded in LHC and RHIC experiments. However, in string theory, a separate Hagedorn temperature can be defined, where strings similarly provide the extra degrees of freedom. However, it is so high (1030 K) that no current or foreseeable experiment can reach it.[4]

Considering only certain degrees of freedom in matter, such as nuclear spins, systems with a negative temperature can be produced. They occur because equipartitioning is too slow to allow communication between the degrees of freedom where thermal energy is stored, such as the vibrational, rotational, and nuclear spin states of molecules. These systems are familiar from lasers. For these, theory predicts a mathematical singularity in temperature. When a spin system is excited with electromagnetic radiation and undergoes population inversion into an excited state, quantum physics formally assumes that its temperature function goes through a singularity. The spin temperature tends to positive infinity, before discontinuously switching to negative infinity.[5] However, this applies to specific degrees of freedom (the spin temperature in this case) in the system, while others would have normal temperature dependency. Thus, this singularity cannot be observed as ordinary sensible heat. If equipartitioning is possible, the system undergoes relaxation into a thermally uniform phase transitions, such as evaporation, and never actually reach the infinite temperature.

This is consistently backed by the fact that the Silver Crystal is said to be a Universe buster that can rewrite reality and  going by the fact Sailor Moon and the Senshi could vaporize even Black Holes shows they’re natural heating energy surpasses anything observable in our reality.

To give you an idea of how destructive the temperatures of .  A Single cubic meter of air when heated to over 1.416785(71)×10e+32  Kevlins or 1.416100e+32°C would translate to 2.6893162672113277e+35 Joules in heating energy alone, combine that with the Specific heating capacity of Air itself  which is 919 j/kg

With merely a single cubic meter of air heated to Absolute Heat,  that would produce a mindblowing ‭1.463967e+35‬ Joules of Energy, that’s about 34 989 651 052 000 000 000 megatons or  34.989 Yottatons of destructive force in a single cubic meter

To give you an idea of how mind blowingly hot and destructive it is, one cubic meter of absolutely hot heated air is enough to completely destroy the GBE of Uranus  nearly 13 times over and that’s with a single cubic meter of heated air at absouble hot with the residual burning resulting in 2.6893162672113277e+35 Joules in heating energy alone.

An arguably decent example would be when Natsu in Fairy Tail had enough power to burn straight through time itself, against Zeref who absorbed the Fary Heart which had Small Star level potency  via planetary reality warping. One could argue Natsu reached Absolute Heat when doing this feat against Zeref which would be why even he was burned by the attack as time itself was being vaporized as in the natural order of Asboutle heat. 

It’s likely that 34.989  Yottatons of TNT is possibly only a small extent of the heat as Absolute heat can only be achieved on a planck scale of -1×10^32 meters, meaning Natsu would at bare minimum be generating Star level heat  which considering Ancologia a sbrobibg a Mirco Blackhole, is entirely possible

This is a far smaller scale example of the type of power Sailor Moon constantly displays even within the beginning of the series  as she was able to completely vaporize Queen Metalia, who mind you can easily fuck with the sun both in the anime and manga

With the manga even showing Queen Metalia casually dwelling inside the sun as if it was merely a luxury hotel given she was born from the sun so  naturally one would assume nothing can kill Queen Metalia however Sailor Moon vaporized her to ashes.

And it’s stated Queen Metalia can absorb all matter and would have eventually grew to consume the entire Universe had she gained the Silver Crystal and was im

In other words  being hit with Sailor Moon’s deceptively cute beams would hit you with more radiation than a Neutron Star. pretty much killing you instantly   and if you happen to be of considerable strength, horribly damaged by cosmic radiation far worse than anything you experienced. 

She’s also proven to be completely resistant or outright immune to Cosmic Radiation  as sene with the Death Phantom Arc alone where even her civilian form is shown present near intense radiation of a black hole the size of a planet that was expanding as a star and becoming larger than our solar system.

Meaning assuming nukes could even hurt Sailor Moon(LOL ) , Sailor Moon would be completely immune to Ionized Radiation  as the scale of radiation from nukes isn’t remotely close to that of Black Holes 

With the Silver Crystal, she has Purification powers and Healing (the light of the Silver Crystal heal diseases, injuries and restore life force), this can be seen countless times throughout the series in almost every incantation of  Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon has the Moon Stick bestowed upon her by Luna for being the Leader of the Sailor Senshi. With this she can use the attack “Moon Heart Escalation”.

De-brainwashes a crowd

Restores the damage to the Earth by Metalia

Can Reduce someone to a speck of dust

Burns to ashes Queen Metalia,  a formless mass of darkness who had grown large enough to encompass the whole Earth

Even accidentally bringing back the lost Moon Kingdom as a result of using the Silver  Crystal.

Sailor Moon can also breathe in space

, Transformation (Spell Negation, can also reverse spells with the henshin)

 Immortality (Type 4 & 8; as long as her Sailor Crystal is not destroyed or altered, she always returns to life), Reincarnation (She can also be revitalized if killed)

, Lunar Manipulation,Sailor Moon can also reflect a beam of the moon’s light with her tiara to create the attack “Moon Twilight Flash”

The Moon Twilght Flash can threaten a Heavenly King like Zoicite

The Moon Twilight Flash can destroy intangible things like Nephrite’s shadow.

Also Sailor Moon can literally create a new tiara out of nothing

Resistance to Status Effect Inducement (If you are absorbed by queen metalia, your vision disappears but Sailor Moon isn’t affected at all.)

Resistance to Ice Manipulation (Kunzite Freeze tokyo with the same temperature as the north pole, Sailor moon’s energy can Nullifie Ice Manipulation )

  • Resistance to Matter Manipulation (in an atomic scale; Chiral and Achiral held all of her atoms but she can move (with difficulty), and resisted to being reduced into atoms dust)

Usgai also knows  Sound Manipulation in when she cries, she emits ultrasounds that can break glasses and destroy concrete,Hairpieces which amplifies Usagi’s crying to Ultrasonic Waves capable of numbing enemies. This attack can destroy entire dimensions and can hit the astral plane to hurt ghosts. This is her joke ineffectual attack weaker then her kick in chapter 2.

 Transmutation (With her tiara, she can transmute everything that comes into contact with it, turning it into dust)

The Silver Crystal will grow to encase and protect Sailor Moon if she is ever threatened or dying

To the Silver Crystal and it’s Chaos equivalent The Dark Crystal, Space and Time are merely the manipulations of energy and thought

The Silver Crystal transcends time and bathes everything in light and even The Dark Crystal pales in comparison.

For reference, The Dark Crystal itself can warp all of spacetime.

Chibiusa, a future user of the Silver Crystal, turning evil caused more chaos in spacetime then ever before.

Princess Serenity’s desire and the Silver Crystal seemingly reverses the flow of local time

When Sailor Moon gets trapped in a time purgatory that could turn her into a ghost in time the Silver Crystal

instead teleported her outside time to the Door of Time.

Usagi can channel the spirit of her future self

Usagi can call down more power from her future self.

Princess Serenity merely releasing the Silver Crystal from within herself creates enough energy to be comparable to a supernova, revitalizes the Earth, and cures sickness from the Earth

The Silver Crystal stops aging for Usagi and all of Crystal Tokyo

The Silver Crystal can restore senses, as it did Mamoru’s sight

The Silver Crystal destroyed Snow Kaguya so badly it took her 4.5 Billion Years to regenerate.

An imperfect seal made by the Silver Crystal sealed away Metalia for millennia.

The Silver Crystal can seal people inside itself or inside other dimensions

Her Tiara which she can launch as “Moon Tiara Boomerang”

Can slice a youma head off and turn her to moondust.

The Tiara throw can also bisect a Youma completely

The Tiara can trap someone in it.

 Spatial Destruction (Her attacks have threatened to destroy and collapse an entire pocket dimension),  as seen with her SUper Sailor Moon form casually busting Universe sized dimensions

Super Sailor Moon can use the Moon Spiral Heart Rod to cast a superior version of Moon Spiral Heart Attack…Rainbow Moon Heartache

Rainbow Moon Heartache destroys a large illusory dimension 1 2 so large as to seemingly contain interstellar space.

Rainbow Moon Heartache can reduce someone down to particles  meaning she can cause Subatomic Destruction on a Universal Scale.Rainbow Moon Heartache destroys the aforementioned Snow Kaguya.

Super Sailor Moon also has another wand, a sentient kaleidoscope with which she can cast “Moon Gorgeous Meditation”

Moon Gorgeous Meditation shatters the spacetime of an enemy, locking them in a series of mirrors dimensions, resembling the inside of a kaleidoscope ,attacking on an Astral Plane

It can also be used to free people trapped in mirror dimensions, showing casual 4 Dimmeisonal Manipulation and HAX.

The Holy Grail which, besides transforming Usagi into Super Sailor Moon, can be used with the Silver Crystal to grant wishes and transform people 

Eternal Sailor Moon has her own wand, The Eternal Tiare which she can use to cast two spells; “Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss” and “Silver Moon Crystal Power Therapy Kiss”

Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss can attack through dimensions

Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss destroyed Queen Nehelenia, which ended the dark mirror universe she was maintaining

Forcefield Creation (Sailor Moon can create a barrier around her or other people)

Teleportation (Via Sailor Teleportation, not applicable in fight situations)

, Non-Physical Interaction (She can affect Non-Corporeal beings like shadows and

 intangible soul such as the aforementioned Queen Metaiala

Or the Intangible Wiseman/Death Phantom

The explosion of Death Phantom created from the Two Moon Princess Halations together appeared the size of the sun in the sky despite being way more distant at the edge of the solar system.

She also has telepathy and enhanced senses ,Sailor Moon telepathically senses her friends at the center of Planet Nemesis while she is on the surface.

She also has telekinesis   which she displayed when she shatters the ground down to her friends at the center of the planet.

Sailor Moon has the disguise pen which lets her change her appearance to whatever she wants. 

has a similar device and she has transformed into people with their associated weapons like a lady commando with a machine gun

 Can summon swords

Can summon Boomerangs

 and legit a fictional character in-universe

Meaning  Sailor Moon can potentially summon a gun that can shoot Universe Busting Death Lasers  moving at MFTL+ speed using a Gatling Gun.

Something CHibusa uses to hold up Usgai, it would be great to see CHibusa use guns for her power enchantment.

Sealing with the Silver Crystal’s sealing (The Silver Crystal’s power is able to seal Queen Metalia, it’s stated that this seal banish people from existence), 

Resistance to Mind Control (She is not affected by Mamoru’s mind control, and was not affected by Queen Metalia who manipulated an entire planet with her presence),

 Ice (Kunzite froze Tokyo with the same temperature as the north pole, but Sailor Moon’s spell nullified that)

 Absorption (She was being engulfed by Queen Metalia but the Silver Crystal protected her)

Status Effect Inducement (If somebody is absorbed by Queen Metalia their vision disappears, but Sailor Moon wasn’t affected at all)

Reality-Shifting: Eternal Sailor Moon is a powerful reality-shifter. In episode 172 (Love and Moon Power! The End of The Nightmare!) Eternal Sailor Moon grants Queen Nehelenia’s wish and changes time without  affecting the main timeline, literally wrapping reality across space time anc completely resetting an entire Universes timeline

Shattering the dimmieson(Confirmed to be Universe size)


And making Adult Nleheina disappear

And completely reverting her to a child with no memory of her evil self,giving her another chance 

This is powerful comparable to Zeno destroys Universe 7’s

Sailor Moon and by extension Sailor Senshi can regenerate their bodies  provided their star seed isn’t completely destroyed as proven in this thread.

During the third arc, Sailor Neptune/Uranus and pluto said something interesting about the Senshi physiology, During this arc, it said that if Hotaru (Sailor Saturn) can awake her Sailor Senshi Consciousness (it mean power too), she could heal all of her physiologics problems (she has been cyporgenized almost half of her body) , they are currently noted in their profile at Likely Mid for all senshi but i’ve found more proof about the godly regen, so from here, the sailor power is supposed to regenerate your body.

In the same Arc, After she saved her and  Sailor Senshi’s Souls, Hotaru (Sailor Saturn)’s Soul has been erased from existence because of Mistress 9, but more than than, her body has been completly destroyed by her too (Mistress possessed Hotaru, when she gained enough power, she destroyed Hotaru’s body and Soul by transformate Mistress 9’s body )

It’s noted that she still has a “Me” Inside her souls, the power of the senshi was still here even if the soul has been destroyed.

Every senshis are able to hit non-physicals stuff, Sailor Moon destroyed a shadow and sailor Jupiter physically affected  a ghost

Resistance to some specifics Conceptual Manipulation for Sailor Pluto and Moon: (For people who held a Space Time key, they can survive and overcome the logic of distance and direction in place where those Concept don’t exist.

Resistance to Time Stop: Sailor Senshi can exist in the rift between space-time, an infinite timeless place

Immortality: The Silver Crystal is immutable, does not change any time , Being close to the Silver crystal offers an unlimited life expectancy

Reactive Power Level: She can increase her level of power drastically during a battle, at the beginning of the fight, she is easily surpassed by Death Phantom and after a few moments, she has become strong enough to easily repel Death Phantom

Negation: She is able to instantly hit a target, this attack is capable of Negate The Power Null lying all over this planet , Negatethe Space Time Warping due to the Black Hole and a Void Barriere that Absorbs and Eradicates everything.

Resistance to Mind Manipulation, Body Control, Status Effect Inducement: Wiseman did not succeed in overcoming NQS

Resistance to Soul Manipulation: well, Sailor Moon resisted Inside Pharaoh 90 who vesseilize the entire planet to Become One with it , the vesselization consist to stealing souls of bodiesand converted into a vessel, insert the soul in their experience and turn it into a Daimon (basically Monsters) or entierly posses the body (like mistress 9 to Hotaru), plus Every Witch can steal soul with the energy of Pharaoh 90

Resistance to Madness Manipulation: Sailor Moon and Co isn’t affected at all by the “hail” (which also absorb energy ) which make the whole city mad (this is valable for all senshis protected by planetary lights)

Resistance to Empathic Manipulation: Unaffected by the Empatic Manipulation of 8 Senshis who resist to Planetary mind control and can cancel it for all the senshi thanks to his super sailor form

Resistance to Illusion Creation: constantly nulled and destroyedillusions for her and everyone (The Entires Chapters is here and here , i can’t post all pictures of illusions)

Maybe Resistance to Transmutation: Well, Pharaoh 90’s Body converted everythings into Darknesseven theirattacks , Moon can exist inside his body

Power Nullification (Sailor Moon’s main power negate the opponent’s attacks and energy and pass through defense and barrier, she especially Nullified Metalia’s Power Absorption,  Space Time Destruction , Wiseman’s Existence Erasure and Higher-Dimensional Manipulation, Nemesis’s Black Hole abilities, Void Manipulation, Absorption and even Nullified his Power Nullification which is supposed to vanish all form of power)

Hotaru’s power throught Saturn’s consciousness can be only awaken with the three talisement, this aside, when They used the three talisement, Hotaru (Sailor Saturn) awaken Create a new body (Destroy her old Body possessed and corrupted by Mistress 9 in the process) and now, the birth of the first god of destruction is here. It should be noted that the three talisement is not necessary to “Unlock” Sailor Saturn’s conscioussness,it’s a way to signal the end of the existence, in any situation when “the end is near”, the talisement automatically unlock Saturn’s conscious and saturn turn into the void the world, Saturn is a rare case.

There is also how the old anime adapted Sailor Saturn’s awakening, her body and soul is destroyed and she regen from “nothing”

EDIT: Actually, Sailor Saturn’s soul was reincarned as Hotaru’s souls, they have the same soul, it like that Sailor Saturn is another personality of her soul

EDIT 2: It should also be noted that Hotaru can still come back even if all of her existence is erased, Sailor Saturn turn everything into non-existence when she use her attacks, when she used it against Pharaoh 90, she coming back but in a baby state (Hotaru, not Saturn’s consciouss, 

she regenerated Hotaru’s body has a baby, the conscious is still here)


Basically, Sailor Senshi’s consciousness can regenerate the soul and create a new body from nothing, it’s similar to Mid Godly but they regenerate from Sailor Senshi’s consciousness (like Touhou Youkai), Sailor Saturn is an exemple, Saturn’s consciouss has been locked, when it’s unlocked, they can regen the body, as pluto said that it can regen the body but in our case he completly regen the body from nothing)/soul (she regenerated Hotaru’s soul when Saturn conscious is) of the user but every senshi has access to their Senshi’s consciouss.

Thanks for the attention.

This also applies to the anime  as well as she can causally interact with her reincarnation as well, which should count almost as Acasuality, then again  that let’s use to the next major Hax.

However her most powerful hax is being able to be Acasual. 

Acausality is the ability to act unrestrained by conventional cause and effect, on a scale that varies depending on the character. For some characters, this means not being affected by changes to the past; for others, this means defying all logic and acting with disregard for traditional causality.

If you want an obvious example of this, Zeno for  Dragon Ball can easily interact with himself and is regularly playing with himself from another timeline

This blog here details exactly how insanely powerful Sailor Moon is


Acausality in Sailor Moon

Hello, Another blog about Sailor Moon, there is many interesting things in this verse that need to be explained (such as the Silver Crystal, Saturn’s duty ect..), this blog will explain, the Acausality in Sailor Moon, it will be pretty simple but with some complication since this verse follow a type of Timeline and time travel pretty weird. let’s start.

Time Paradox-in verse

In Sailor Moon, Time travel and time paradox are really weird and completly different from our idea, or at least the butterfly effect idea, this idea is “a small change in one state of a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences in a later state”, but it do not apply in the verse. Indeed, when Chibiusa Travel to the past to meet Usagi and Mamoru, so her parents, the future haven’t changed and there is no other Timeline created, the Timeline is unchanged, this phenomena isn’t normal to a normal timeline, if you trabel to the past, there is two solution.

You change the Future since you’re not supposed to exist in the past

You create another Alternative timeline (like in Dragon Ball or the movie return to the futur)

In Sailor Moon it’s neither, Time is very hard to alter in the verse. That was just a small introduction to explain other things (and the silver crystal is implied in). In the verse, Time paradox exist anyway, when Sailor Moon come to the future, she was supposed to dissapear since according to Tuxedo, It’s not possible for more than one of the same person to exist aon the same time and space, but here you both are, and in such close proximity, it create distortion

But even with this, Sailor moon was able to exist at the same Time-Space as her Future self, and no longer suffer to Time paradox as she even meet her future self without getting affected. It should be noted that Usagi was aware about the fact that she could potentially change history by meeting her future self but it doesn’t changed anything in the timeline, this is just a basic Type 1 Acausality

Other type of Acausality

But in fact, it’s also a kind of Type 3 Acausality, let me explain a bit. Type 3 is the fact that other Version of you can survive/exist without the “main” and act in fight. It’s fit with some of Sailor Moon situation, when Usagi was about to Die, her future version give to her help and was able to activate her power. Basically, The future Usagi gived some power to help the current Usagi when she was about to Die, even Usagi said that the Queen helped her Sometime, the Queen itself came into the past to Help Usagi, in the End of Nehellenia’s arc, Queen Serenity came to help Usagi and seal the Mirror world again.

It’s a weird situation but since another version of Usagi help her from another time period and occasionnaly come to help her but there is other weird Acausality situation

Silver Crystal’s physiology.

The silver Crystal is an important things in the lore of Sailor Moon, in fact, it’s the most important things in the manga, he is a thing that is pretty important regarding paradox, time travel ect.. but also he has some Acausality stuff..

Indeed, according to Sailor Pluto, the daughter of Chronos said that the Silver Crystal is Immuable, he is the same in every area it exist, basically, he stay unchanged whatever the area it exist, he is the same. it’s weird but it’s maybe a kind of weird Acausality but it’s not all, The Silver Crystal was able to guided them to the space-time door when they was in the Corridor or space-time , for information, there is only one way to being able to not being a wanderer in this area, it’s to have a space-time key, there is no Concept of Distance or Direction here and it’s a Timeless place in a gap between spaces and times.

It isn’t a kind of Acausality listed on the wiki but basically, The Silver Crystal is literally Sailor Moon’s existence, and the silver Crystal is something immuable, he is the same in every area, he can’t change so whatever the area, Sailor Moon will stay the same (at the moment when she fuse with the Crystal).

Cosmos Physiology

Well, this is about Lambda form and cosmos crystal, things became really interesting. when Sailor Chibi Chibi AKA Sailor Cosmos comes from a very distant Futur, She has travel through time to come to influence Sailor Moon, the intersting things is, when she travelled throught time, Sailor Pluto did not feel any disturbance in space time, ( for infos, Pluto feels all the changes and all Disturbence in the space time). Basically, a characters which is able to feel every time travelling, all modification in space-time and all disturbance could not feel Sailor Chibi-Chibi. it’s weird but it’s as she has no influence to time since things that requiere time modification ect. plus the fact that she is able to interact with Sailor moon show that she is not affected by time distorsion. But as fabulous as the feat is, there is no real statement of her being unbound by time, only some “feat” and deductions.

Another interesting feat, when Sailor Chibi-Moon was erased from history due to the death of his future father, she was able to come back due to the lambda power, basically, she was turned into a state of “never existed” since her father was die but after that he resurrected, she was able to come back, we can say that since his father was alive, everything was fixed but causality don’t really work like that, if you turn into a “never existed” states, it’s not possible to come back, but she was able to resurrect even when she “never existed”. This feat is weird but it’s a kind of Causality stuff.


Moon is unaffected by Time paradox that are able to make people dissapear from history due to the verse time rule.

Moon has some help from her future self  in some battle

Chibi-Chibi seem that she don’t follow the rules of time, and Lambda Chibi-Usa was able to come back when she was erased from history as she turned into a “never existed state”

The anime also  has plenty of Acasulity feats at it’s disposal as seen with Neo Queen Serenity using her power from her deathbed to dot he same thing in the manga

Even using her own body as an Avatar for her form to convince CHibiusa out of Wiseman’s control.

In the Sailor Moon Universe there exists the Galaxy Cauldron, the source of all potential and the star seeds.

 Chaos tried to infest the Cauldron, to use it to create it’s dark stars.

 Usagi entered the Cauldron, calling upon the dormant power of all the stars within and and absorbed their power within herself. This power together is the Lambda Power, the Supreme Power of the Cosmos. With this power she destroyed Chaos itself, non-existence with one burst of energy.

As all the powers of every star seed are part of the Lambda Power, utilization of the Cosmos Crystal and it’s Lambda Power theoretically grants access to the abilities of any Sailor Senshi.

Usgali has also shown to have  Mid Godly Regeneration in Lambada/Angel form.The ability to regenerate even after being completely erased from existence, including mind, body, and soul.Also the Galaxy Cauldron reduced Usagi to nothing inside as it does everything yet the power of the Lambda regenerated Usagi and maintained her inside the Galaxy Cauldron itself

This would give Sailor Moon Superior regeneration to Doctor Manhattan  who is only low godly. YES FUCKING SUPERIOR REGENERARITON TO A GUY WHO CAN REASSMBLE HIMSELF ON A SUB ATOMIC LEVEL!

 It took  Dr Manhattan  several months to regenerate, It took Sailor Moon several seconds, Though Dr Manhattan Could now do it casually in seconds

IN short Sailor Moon is Space Whitebeard, her powers casually fuck with the reality of the Muitlverse on a consistent basis.  Now for her attacks and attack list,

Powerups and Attacks

  1. Usgai

Base form

Muptilers:Average human level(Arc 1)

               Solar System level+(Black Moon Clan Arc)

               Multi Galaxy level+(Season S)

               Universe level+( Super R/ Arc 4)

               Low Muitlverse level+(Sailor Stars)

Special attacks: None notable (not much of a fighter in base form)

2) Sailor Moon

Moon Prism Power, Make Up is the first command that Usagi Tsukinoused to transform into Sailor Moon. It is her first transformation phrase in the manga, anime and Crystal while it is her only one in Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.

In the anime, Usagi uses her Transformation Brooch. She first raised her hand and, from episode 7 onwards, her nails then sparkled and turned pink (before episode 7, only the front of Usagi’s hand was visible). The focus turned to Usagi’s face as her eyes blinked open, then the perspective pulled back to show her entire body outline, obscured by glowing colors with only her brooch visible. Usagi spun around several times and translucent pink ribbons wrapped around her body, forming her leotard, gloves and boots. Her skirt appeared, and she spun again as her tiara gem appeared on her forehead; the focus then moved close to her face and her tiara and odango covers materialized. Sailor Moon finished with her final po

Moon Crystal Power, Make Up” is the second command that Usagi Tsukino uses to transform into Sailor Moon in the manga series, first anime series, and the second anime series.

Moon Cosmic Power, Make Up was the third command that Usagi Tsukino used to transform into Sailor Moon. It debuted in episode 91 of the anime and Act 27 of the manga.

The first shot of this transformation shows the Cosmic Heart Compact. Usagi waves her hand over it, making it reveal a pink heart-shaped crystal. It emits a pink light. After the pink light fades, Usagi is standing in the middle of a light blue heart. She spins to opposite way it is going. Pink ribbons wrap around her body, giving her her leotard. Then, she stretches out her arms and pink ribbon wraps around her arms to form her gloves. She then raises her right foot and pink ribbon wraps around her foot to form her boots. Then, the light blue heart around Usagi forms her skirt. Her tiara appears. The ending shot shows Sailor Moon standing in front of a pink heart, with a new pose similar to Sailor Mars’s po

Base Sailor Senshi form

Estimated Muptiler:‭2.27777e+43‬ times or   22,77 Tredecillion times

Stats:   Solar System level,. Massively FTL speed( Season 1/Arc  1)

             Muilt Galaxy level+, Massively FTL speed+(Season 2/ Arc  2)

             Universe level+,Massively  FTL speed+( Season 3/Arc 3)

            Universe level+,Massively  FTL speed+( Season 4/Arc 4)

           Low Mutiverse Level, Immeasurable Speed( Season 5/Arc 5)

Special attacks:

  • Supersonic Waves

In order to perform this attack, they panicked and started crying. This causes that their odango covers would amplify their wailing until it became physically painful for enemies.

  • Moon Tiara Action

Sailor Moon takes her tiara, turning it into what looks like a glowing white energy disk, says “Moon Tiara Action!”, and throws it at the enemy. The enemy is usually destroyed on the spot, disintegrating into moondust.

  • Moon Tiara Stardust

It reversed the effect of Iguara’s magic on the Chanela owners.

  • Sailor Moon Kick

Sailor Moon Kick was a physical attack, she used it to kick Kijin Shinokawa’s camera away from him while he was under the influence of the Youma Camera

  • Moon Healing Escalation

Sailor Moon creates a large spiral of light around her by spinning her Moon Stick, and then unleashes the attack towards her enemies.

  • Moon Princess Halation

To perform the attack, Sailor Moon uses the Cutie Moon Rod, generating several powerful moonlight-based blasts which are projected to different directions.

  • Sailor Body Attack

To perform this attack, Sailor Moon gets a running start, then crosses her folded arms in front of her chest, as she leaps at her target, striking with her elbows.

  • Sailor Planet Power

All five of the inner Sailor Senshi would perform it, becoming twice as powerful if Super Sailor Moon performed it at the same time. While underneath their target, the Senshi would link hands in a circle and concentrate, combining their unique planetary energies and abilities and sending a massive burst of pure positive energy straight up.

  • Sailor Planet Attack

The attack was similar to Sailor Planet Power, though in this attack the energy generated was directed toward a specific target. In the anime, all five of the Inner Senshi had to perform it together.

Moon Twilight Flash is a very powerful moonlight-based attack used by Sailor Moon in the manga, video games, and PGSM.

In order to perform this attack, Sailor Moon uses the red gem on her tiara to reflect the natural white moonlight at the enemy. In the live action series, Sailor Moon uses the Moonlight stick to do the attack.

Moon Tiara Boomerang was Sailor Moon‘s second offensive, healing attack in Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. It first appears in Episode 2.

Sailor Moon pulls off her tiara, and it gets larger. She then pulls it back and shouts, “Moon Tiara Boomerang!” As she says these words, the tiara gathers its energy and begins to sparkle. She then throws the tiara at her opponent in a manner reminiscent of a boomerang.

She performed this attack in the second exactly the same way as in the manga.

3)  Super Sailor Moon

Moon Crisis, Make Up was the command used by Usagi and Chibiusa to transform into Super Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Chibi Moon, respectively. It debuted in episode 130 of the anime and Act 39 of the manga.

The Crisis Moon Compact and Chibi Moon Compact appeared, their lids opening to reveal the crystals inside; both crystals flashed, the latter apparently in response to the former. Usagi and Chibiusa appeared with their Compacts affixed to their chests, then rotated as translucent pink ribbons appeared to form their leotards. They turned back to back as their skirts, boots, and gloves formed, then moved face-to-face while their other accessories and tiaras appeared. They then turned and assumed their finishing pose.

Super  Sailor Senshi form

Estimated Muptiler:‭10,000 times base power 

Stats:  Universe level+,Massively  FTL speed+( Season 3/Arc 3)

            Universe level+,Massively  FTL speed+( Season 4/Arc 4)

           Low Mutiverse Level, Immeasurable Speed( Season 5/Arc 5)

Special attacks:

  • Moon Spiral Heart Attack

To perform this attack, Sailor Moon would raise the legendary Spiral Heart Moon Rod to then flip it around her body until finally striking on a pose. After this, she would then spin around and once again hold the rod up again, sending a powerful blast towards her enemies. The last animation is a giant heart smashing through the Daimon, which caused her to scream “Lovely“.

  • Double Sailor Moon Kick

Double Sailor Moon Kick is a flying kick attack done by Sailor Moon in unison with Sailor Chibi Moon.

  • Rainbow Moon Heart Ache

To perform this attack, Sailor Moon would raise the Spiral Heart Moon Rod, and then she would flip it around her body until finally striking a pose. After this, she would spin around and once again hold the rod up again, sending several energy ribbons with hearts.

  • Moon Gorgeous Meditation

Super Sailor Moon uses the Kaleidomoon Rod to launch a wave of rainbow color which “shatters” an opponent’s space-time, locking them inside a glass dimension.

4)  Eternal Sailor Moon

Moon Eternal, Make Up(Anime only) is the final transformation phrase of Usagi Tsukino in order to transform into Eternal Sailor Moon with her Eternal Moon Article in the fifth season of the anime. Two versions of this transformation exist: a short version and a long version. The short one used was used during the Queen Nehellenia arc as Super Sailor Moon transformed into Eternal Sailor Moon, and the long one was used during the main story line, in which Usagi transformed directly into Eternal Sailor Moon.

Silver Moon Crystal Power, Make Up (Manga Only)is the command that Usagi Tsukino uses, along with the Holy Moon Chalice, to transform into Eternal Sailor Moon in the manga.

  • Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss

This attack allows her to purge an enemy of any negative thought, as well as to erase the negative side of their existence.

Sailor Moon uses the Eternal Tiara to create an attack that uses the power of entire United Solar System. The attack creates a space-time vortex which seems to lock the opponent in place in space-time, the vortex emanates the energy of the Full Power of the Solar System, including the entirety of the power of the Silver Crystal which can create the energy of a universe. This attack seems to be able to hit opponents in other dimensions and can attack on the spiritual plane.

Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss is Eternal Sailor Moon’s final and strongest effective attack in the anime’s fifth and final season, Sailor Moon: Sailor Stars. It first appeared in Episode 187 when Chibi Chibi had grabbed the Eternal Tiare, further increasing its healing abilities on an even higher power-level.

To perform this much stronger moon-related attack, Eternal Sailor Moon summoned the Holy Moon Chalice and attached it to the end of the Eternal Tiare, creating the Moon Power Tiare, and greatly strengthening its abilities. Once it was created, Eternal Sailor Moon would call out the attack’s name and once she reached the final word of the attack, she would hold up the Tiare, which would send golden beams of light towards her target.

This attack was mainly used to heal Phages back to their human form at a far more powerful level than its other version. However, Episode 194 showed its more offensive ability as well, as it destroyed one of Sailor Tin Nyanko’s mind-controlling bracelets when she managed to dodge the golden beams of pure moonlight.

The attack made its final appearance in the following episode, where it was used on Sailor Galaxia by Eternal Sailor Moon calling out Silver Moon Crystal Power. Unfortunately, the attack proved to have little to no effect on her.

 Eternal Sailor Moon uses the Moon Power Tiara to create an aura of super-intense light and energy. The attack in a single flash destroyed all 8 of the Eternal Sol System Senshi under Galaxia’s brain-control all stronger then normal. It also completely countered and nullified Sailor Galaxia’s Galactica Inflation.

5)  Queen Serenity Form

Queen Serenity  form

Estimated Muptiler:‭  At least 2.98e+90 times base power, likely far higher

Stats:   Solar System level, up to Universe level time reset(Anime only)  ( Season 1/Arc 1)

               Low Mutiverse Level, Immeasurable Speed( Season 2/Arc 2)

           Low Mutiverse level+,Immeasurable Speed( Season 4/Arc 4)

7)  Angel Usgai/ Lamaba Usagi

Estimated Muptiler:‭  At least 2.98e+90 times base power, likely far higher

Stats:                  Level, Immeasurable Speed( Season 2/Arc 2)

8)Sailor Cosmos(Sailor Moon of a very distant future)


Stats:Low Hypeverse Level+l, Immeasurable speed

  • Lambda Power: Sailor Cosmos is said to have the Lambda power, a power she holds even when she was Eternal Sailor Moon. It is described as the ability to lose everything so that she can save everything. This can be interpreted in many ways. We see her use many powers but she does not utter any incantation or phrase to activate them, like we see other senshi do at times, so the true scope of her abilities are widely unknown.
  • Time Travel: We see she has the ability to create an umbrella and fall through the air, which is how Chibiusahad once traveled to the past from the future. However, if she used the Gates of Time, it is odd that she could go unnoticed to either Sailor Pluto, the true Guardian of the Gates of Time or Diana, who watches the gates in Pluto’s absence. Extending on her time abilities, she effortlessly sends the Sailor Quartet back to the future with a swipe of her staff.
  • Supportive Powers: During the battle with Galaxia and Usagi, even in her Chibi Chibi disguise she was able to throw up a strong barrier, much like Saturn‘s Silence Wall technique and is able to effortlessly support and protect Usagi during the attack. She even is able to assist Usagi who is unconscious into summoning her Eternal Tiare as if she knew how to do so with ease.
  • Time Manipulation: Able to foresee the near future, or a very heightened sixth sense she was able to manipulate an event to her liking like the instant she helped Chibiusa, and her team reach their exact location right in time. Whatever the case may be, she was seemed aware of Chibiusa and the Quartet’s arrival and attack before any one else and this is confirmed when Chibiusa thanked her for calling out to them in time.

Sailor’s Moon Standing in Fiction

Sailor Moon(Anime)


Attack Potency: Below Human level in Civilian form(A weak crybaby who’s phsycially not fit in combat)At least City Block level casually Ep 1(Can casually shake a whole building crying  creating a local earthqauke, Can casually knock down porcessed Humans with singular blows, can casually vaporize human beings and metal gates with Moon Tiara) an At least Large Mountain level beginning of the Series  omwards(Can casually kill Youma who can withstand punches from FTL characters) Up to Mutil Continent level+ via Acceleration(Can casually move her body at FTL speeds and attack at such speeds) All Least Small Planet Level+ via Moon Tiara Action(Can vaporize stronger Youmas) At least Large Star Level+, Likely Solar System via powerscaling(Rei a comparable character could destroy a planet-sized dimmieson with the  anime and manga in her debut with a visble Star and Moon) At leastSolar System level+(Comparable to the Shineneotu who should equal a casual Queen Berly who can generate Sunspots on the sun and slowly drain the sun of heat) MuiltSolar System level+ via Silver Cyrstal(Can one shot Kunzite , the strongest of the Shieneneitou twice) Muilt Galaxy level+ as Princess Serenity( Completely undone Queen Beryl’s casual destruction of the sun and defeated the fused form of Queen Beryl and Queen Metaila which should be comparable to the comic counterpart)   At least  least Muitl Solar System level+ base(Can defeat Youma which are comparable to Queen Berly  in the Majkiu arc) Mutl Galaxy Level+( Can casually seal up a Blackhole with the other Sesnhi, comaprable to the Ayasahki Sisters)Mutl Galaxy  Level+(Able to match Ruebus while under 5 million G’s, can defeat Eilte Black Moon Clan members) At least Low Muitiverisal level+ as Princess Serenity(Beswoted power form her future self, was able to defeat Wiseman who’s power like the Manga fused with Nemsisis  who was distorting Space Time )   At least Universe level+(Can fight against  Diamon casually stronger than Wiseman,Comaprable to WITCHES 5, the Moon Cosmic Power attack went through several galaxies) Muilt  Universe level+ as Super Sialor Moon(Tanked Parahorh 90’s destruction to save Hotaru from drifting into space, far superior to Parahorh 90 who was going to consume the entire Milky Way Galaxy and the whole Universe)   At least  Muitl Universe level+Moon Kaleido Scope(Gets 10 tim stronger than S , can kill Dead Moon Crius members who are at least as powerful as Pharaoh 90 instantly , comparable to Amazon Qautaer)  At least Low Muitverisal level+ via Sliver Crystal,likely Multiverse level+(Defeated Queen Nhehailaina who’s comparable to Queen Serernity) Multiverse Level+ as Enteral Sailor Moon(Far superior to all other forms. Eternal Sailor Moon is Superiors to Sailor Saturn. She also created a new story for Nehellenia, displayed Casual 4 Dimmesional Universe Busting/Creation) At least Mutliverse level+  casually as Eteneral Sailor Moon(Should be comparable to the Sailor Starlights who can casually create Dwarf Galaxy sized exploisons with phsicyal blows, Far Superior to Cilvian Sailor Saturn  who generated a Mirco Universe via Big Bang that was room sized) Multiverse Level+ overall( Far superior to Queen Neheiliana,Comaprable to Sailor ANmaaintes) At least Mutiverse Level+ with  Sowrd of Chibi Chibi (Defeated Wounded base Galaxia who’s superior to the Starlights) At least Multiverse Level, possibly High Complex Multiverse Level as Angel Sailor Moon(Defeated Sailor Chaos and casually rested the entire Mutilverse, based on our real world Mutiverse Theroty confirmed by the exsitence of the Dark Moon Infinte 4D Universes, the Sailor Moon Verse is a 11-Dimmeisonal Reality and Sialor Moon completely bent all of reality to defeat  Sailor Chaos and revive all life in the Universe)   

Speed:At least  FTL with Massively FTL reactions(Dodged  Light at a speed where Light was appearing to travel centimeters per second, casually dodged camera flashes weaponized as lasers)At least Massively FTL+(Scaling from the Sheienetou and Beryl herself who can casually put sunspots in the sun in a second)  At least Massively FTL( Can shrug off 5 Million G’s an attack at FTL speed, Casually  shrugged off the Gravitational pull of a Black Hole/MegaLuminal) At least Massively FTL+(PetaLuminal  Attack Speed, can fire her Moon Cosmic  Power at 2,272,148,023,187, 663 c) Massively FTL as Super Sailor Moon(Casual Petaluminal acceleration/movement speed under 6.52 Billion times the Gravity of a Neutron Star)  At least Massively FTL+(Faster than before) Immeusrable via  Sliver Cyrstal(comparable to Queen Serenity who in her deathbed could create Light that crossed Dimensional in roughly QuindecillionTimes the Speed of Light or moving 1,400km in a Planck Second)Immeasurable as Enteral Sailor Moon(Far superior to all other forms. Eternal Sailor Moon is Superiors to Sailor Saturn. At least within the Millions of Kilometers Per Planck Second reaction/Movement speed/As powerful if not more so than Queen Serenity at her prime, can potentially move across the Mutiverse in Seconds)  At least Massively FTL casually(TenaKiloLuminal speed scaling from Sailor Starlights and Galaxia Casually moving across galaxies in seconds)Immeasurable speed Enteral Sailor Moon(Far superior to all other forms. Eternal Sailor Moon is Superiors to Sailor Saturn. Arguably within the Millions of Kilometers Per Planck Second reaction/Movement speed/As powerful if not more so than Queen Serenity at her prime) Immeasurable  as Angel Usagi( recreated all of existence in a Universal Length per Planck Second)

Durability: Below Human level in Civilian form(A weak crybaby who’s physically not fit in combat)  At least Large Mountain level beginning of the Series(Can casually kill Youma who can withstand punches from FTL characters) Up to Mutil Continent level+ via Acceleration(Can casually move her body at FTL speeds and  attack at such speeds,can fend off Youma) At least Solar System Level+ via powerscaling(Can take hits from the Sheiethetou. Can also tank hits from casual Queen Berly who can generate Sunspots on the sun and slowly drain the sun of heat, tanked attacks from DD Grils who can survive inside the Earth’s Core)    Solar System Level+(Casually tanked the force of a Blackhole with the other Sesnhi, comaprable to the Ayasahki Sisters)At least Muilt Galaxy level+ (tanked hits from Rebus while under 5 million G’s) At least Low Muitlverisal level+ as Princess Serenity(Tanked hits from Wiseman),Likely Much Higher (Gained a power boost form her future self across Space Time , Wiseman himself stated he could potentially destroy the Universe and reduce it to nothing)  At least Universe level+(Tanked Witches 5 attacks, tanked a blast from Parahoh 90 eqaulling  that of Moon Cosmic Power that went through several galaxies) Muitl Universe level as Super Sailor Moon(Tanked  Parahorh 90’s destruction to save Hotaru from drifting into space, far superior to Parahorh 90 who was going to consume the entire Milky Way Galaxy and the whole Universe)   At least Universe level+(Gets 10 time stronger than S , comaprable to Amazon Qautaer)  At least Muti-Universe Level via Sliver Cyrstal(RTanked blows from Queen Nhehailaina who’s comparable to Queen Serernity)  Low Multiverse Level+ as Enteral Sailor Moon(Far superior to all other forms.)  Low Multiverse Level+casually as Eteneral Sailor Moon(Should be comparable to the Sailor Starlights who can casually tanked Dwarf Galaxy sized explosions) Multiverse Level+  overall( Far superior to Queen Neheiliana,Comparable to Sailor ANmaaintes) At least Mutiverse Level+ with (Tanked blasts from Galaxia) At least Mutiverse Level, possibly High Complex Mutiverse Level as Angel Sailor Moon(Tanked Sailor Chaos strongest attacks)

Lifting Strength: Below Normal, Human level civilian form, At least Class 1 scaling from Cilvliain Makoto  as Sailor Moon Early on, At least Class M (Withstood 5 Million G’s)  Likely Class X/Stellar(Tanked the mass of a Blackhole and can freely move under its gravity)  At least   Class XG/Galatic  ( Tanked the mass and gravity of Pharoh  90 and freely moved at Massively FTL speeds while weighing 0.5 Earth Masses  under 66.52 Billion times the Gravity of a Neutron Star)  At least Class XP/ Multi Galatic Class  (Superior to Pharoah 90’s power)At least Class XY /Universe Class , Immeasurable as Angel Sailor Moon

Lifting Strength:Unknown

Striking Strength: Class BH  in civilian form, Class EJ to YJ Early Season, Class XJ  to Class XPJ Mid Season, At least Class XPJ,  Galactic Class ,  Universal class, Immeasurable, Immeasurable  

Stamina: Near Limitless (The silver crystal gives her an infinite energy source)

Range: Standard melee range; Tens of meters with her Tiara | Thousands of kilometers and planetary with reality warping , Cross-dimensional with teleportation Galactic   to Universial(Her attacks have crossed several galaxies) Mutivierisal via Angel form

Key: Season 1, R Season, S Season, Super  S Season, Sailor Stars

Sailor Moon(Manga)

Sailor Moon Season III (1)

Attack Potency: Below Human level in Civilian form(A weak crybaby who’s physically not fit in combat)  At least Multi Continent to Planet level+ Chapter 1 as Sailor Moon, Possibly Large Star level+  to Solar System level+(Could shake and destroy a Star sized Dimension with “Ultrasonic Crying, can easily kill Fodder tier Youma who should equal  Kunztie’s extremely casual Tenotic plate shift and Zocites casual storm generation) At least Muilt Solar System level+,Likely Multi Galaxy Level+( (She revitalized the earth with the Silver Crystal’s energy, she also destroyed Queen Metalia with the power of the Moon among others, the basic power of the Silver Crystal can destroy a celestial body and the base emanation of the Silver Crystal was comparable to a supernova in power, killed  Queen Meatiala) At least Multi Galaxy level+(Moon Princess Halation, her second strongest attack in base instantly defeated Nemesis, that was going to envelop the entire Solar System), likely Low Mutilversial Level+ (After this feat, she received cosmic power by Neo Queen Serenity which greatly increased her abilities), Can ignore conventional durability by attacking on the spiritual plane and blasting through warped space-time. At least Universe level+ (Her casual energy emission when she first transformed into Super Sailor Moon scared Pharaoh 90, who even described her power as “piercing the heavens”, and created the light of a great number of stars and planets. Pharaoh 90 easily moved his entire Separate World, which contained an entire Galaxy big enough to be called a “Miniature Universe” at MFTL+ speeds) Multi-Universe level (More powerful than Sailor Saturn, who is tens of thousands of times stronger than her basic form.    Low Mutiverse Level+( Is superior to Queen Nhehailaina who’s comparable to Queen Serenity, can casually destroy 4 Dimensional realities and over thousands of space-time conituatiums)  Mutiverse Level+in Etneeral Sailor Moon(Can one shot Queen Neheilana) At least Low Mutiverse Level+ in Cillvain form (her Cilvllain form could match the power of Queen Nehehialian all previous villains combined) Likely Mutiverse Level+(Superior to Sailor Galaxia , far superior to the combined might of her brainwashed Sailor Senshi)  High Complex Mutiverse Level+ as Sailor Cosmos (Destroyed Chaos, reducing it to being “infinitesimally small” within the Galaxy Cauldron, merely as an after effect of releasing the Lambda Power. Can restore everything in the cosmos, which includes the universe and space-time corridor that exists outside of the space-time continuum)

Speed: Average Human level in civilian form,At least  FTL post Senshi powers civilian form(Comparable to Civilian who flew to  Venus in seconds) up to Massively FTL speeds in civilian form (At least Kiloluminal Speeds scaling from Sailor Saturn traveling to Saturn’s Moon)Massively FTL (Comparable to Queen metaila and Shieneoetu,Megaluminal speeds)Massively FTL in Civilian form(Can casually  move at Gigaluminal speeds while under intense gravity in Civilian form)Massively FTL in Senshi form(FAR faster than civilian form, at least Teraluminal speed)Immmersuable as Princess Serenity(Comparable to her mother who has a  QuindecillionTimes the Speed of Light or moving 1,400km in a Planck Second)Massively FTL(Faster than Sailor Chibi-Moon, has impressed Sailor Uranus with her speed, should be comparable if not superior to Pharaoh 90 who has Petaluminal speed ) At least Massively FTL,Immeasurable  as Eternal Sailor Moon(Comparable to her mother who has a  QuindecillionTimes the Speed of Light or moving 1,400km in a Planck Second)   At least Massively FTL, likely Immesurable ( Can casually travel across a agalxy at speeds comparable to teleportationbetween one second to possibly one Planck Second)Infinite (Comparable to Chaos) Immeasurable (Has the Cosmos Crystal, should be comparable to Sailor Cosmos)

Durability:  Solar System level+ (Easily stood at the epicenter of Zoicite’s Aura which Tuxedo Kamen could not even get near) Muilt Solar System level+ (Took an attack from Queen Metalia) At least Multi Galaxy level+,  Up to Low Muitversial level amped by Queen Sereneity(Tanked blows from the Dark Moon Clan, withstood the gravity of Planet Nemesis)  Universe level+ (Has withstood attacks from Outer Senshi like Sailor Uranus and Sailor Pluto, and from beings such as the Death Phantom) At least Universe level+ (She is able to support the energy of her own transformation without any damage, which surprised even Tomoe. Survived within Pharaoh 90) Low Multiverse Level+,Likely Muitversial( Is superior to Defeated Queen Nhehailaina who’s comparable to Queen Serenity, can casually destroy 4 Dimensional realities and over thousands of space-time conituatiums)   At least Low Mutiverse Level+ in Cillvain form (her Cilvllain form could tanked the power of Queen Nehehialian all previous villains combined form Sailor Galaxia) Likely Mutiverse Level+(Survived attacks from Sailor Galaxia herself )  High Complex Mutiverse Level+ as Sailor Cosmos (Surrivved casually in the Galaxy Calduron which destorys all matter in the Universe. Mid-Godly regeneration makes her particularly hard to kill)

Lifting Strength:Stellar (Could stand and move around on the surface of the planet Nemesis, with its intense gravity, just fine even in civilian form) | At least Stellar | Unknown

Striking Strength: Class BH  in civilian form, Class EJ to YJ Early Season, Class XJ  to Class XPJ Mid Season, At least Class XPJ,  Galactic Class ,  Universal class, Immeasurable, Immeasurable  

Key: Meatilaia Arc, Black  Moon Clan Arc, Infinity Arc, Dark Moon Arc, Sailor Stars

Queen Serenity/Neo Queen Serenity

Attack Potency: At least Low Multiverse Level (A weakened deathbed Neo Queen Serenity can send light throughout the cosmos  through space time to have her present counterpart beat Wiseman, a weakened near death Queen Serenity sealed away  Queen Metaila despite being cursed)Mutilverse level+ (Is a being who had mastery of the Silver Crystal with this much power, is the one who sealed away Queen Nehellenia and Queen Metalia), can ignore conventional durability with her attacks, should be far superior to Wiseman who tried to collapse space time and could potentially destroy the Mutiverse overtime.

Speed:  Immeasurable  (Has traversed the vast galactic and intergalactic space,casually send her power through space time while on her death bed)  Likely Immeasurable(Should be on par with the speed of Starlights and Eternal Sailor Moon)

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Multiversal

Durability: Muitiverisal  (Able to exist in the sea of cauldron which dissolves anything into non-existence)

Stamina: The Silver Crystal provides her with a limitless source of energy

Range: Likely Multiversal (The Silver Crystal allows one to disrupt all of spacetime)

Standard Equipment: Silver Crystal

Intelligence: Possesses great wisdom, skill, and experience in the use of the Silver Crystal

Weaknesses: The Silver Crystal depends on one’s heart to use and if the heart is clouded by despair or rage it won’t work as well, Queen Serenity is stronger in-character then bloodlusted, and Queen Nehellenia’s curse

Sailor Cosmos

Attack Potency:Multiverse level+ (It’s said that Chibi Chibi holds a power as strong as Eternal Sailor Moon. She has easily forced Sailor Galaxia to retreat and was able to counter an attack from Chaos)At least High Complex Multiverse level+(Is a master of the 11 Dimensional Sailor Moon Verse)  Possibly Low Hyperverse level (Guardian Cosmos possibly created the Multiverse with the Galaxy Cauldron and Silver Crystal. Also created crystals with power comparable to Chaos. Her essence is also that of the Lambda Power and Cosmos Crystal, Has access to the Lambda Power that can restore everything to the Static Cosmos ,which involves multiple dimensions and the World of Sailor Pluto, can repair the damage of Chaos. Able to ignore causing an explosion that would destroy everything in the Cosmos, can battle on par with Chaos, a Entitity who’s an Abstract being) 

Speed: Infinite (Easily comparable to Eternal Sailor Moon) | Immeasurable (She can avoid using the space-time corridor, and is able to travel through time just by movement)

Lifting Strength: At least Stellar, likely higher (Largely superior to second arc sailor moon in civilan form) | Unknown, possibly Immeasurable (Comparable to Sailor Chaos)

Striking Strength: Multiversal | Possibly Immeasurable 

Durability:Multiverse level+ (Able to resist attacks from the Galactica Senshi[4]) |  Possibly Low Hyperverse (Not even Sailor Chaos can kill her, has complete immortality in-verse. Furthermore, intangibility, regeneration and immortality makes her incredibly hard to kill), her abstract nature makes her incredibly hard to kill

Stamina: Likely Limitless | Limitless (Maintains the Muitiverisal  and its matter continuously, battled endlessly with Sailor Chaos and likely to continue indefinitely)

Range: At least Universal+ | Low Hyperverse (Lambda power can affect the cosmos and the World of Sailor Pluto simultaneously)

Phew that was a doozy of a respect thread, i hope you all enjoyed it.

24 thoughts on “Sailor Moon is FAR Stronger than you think.Anime and Manga composite Respect Thread.

  1. one last thing to add is much like power rangers, kamen rider, and many other japanese super heroes transformation sequences in real time actually take less than a second or less than a millisecond in some cases, so what we see in a full minute sequences is actually a slowed rate of time which is why the villains can never get a hit in on the heroes while transforming. their attacks end up being too slow and in some cases transforming at such a high speed forms a mini barrier that reflects some projectiles.


    1. Funny you mention that, Sailor Moon actually has been shown moving casually faster than the speed of light, so we’re talkng Nanonseconds of speed transfromaiton.


      1. well the point still stands since that’s how japan especially given how toei owns sailor moon, pretty cure(sailor moon spiritual successor), super sentai/power rangers, and kamen rider, and various other hero shows are owned by them so they covered their basis explaining that lol


    1. Cool long time no see, can you help me on research for the Wonder Woman VS SheRa stuff to see if DB gets it right

      Yes, in fact was doing DBZ.S threads in preparation and going to do edits on this post with updated informaiton

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hello!

        I don’t know about wonder woman vs she-ra, my english isn’t very good.

        But I have a question about sailor moon.
        I read super sailor senshi is 10,000 times stronger than base sailor senshi. When and where is stated?


      2. He also gave to his forces the Taioran Crystal. The Taioran Crystal is far superior in power to the Death-Busters, it also the source of their power. This means it far superior to the comparable Guardian Senshi and Sailor Moon. Indeed in the Kodansha translation it is even state that it the source of the Tau Nebula’s power, which people might claim means it is galactic in power.

        However when Sailor Moon transformed into Super Sailor Moon, merely the energy of her henshin, which she herself tanked was stated in the Miss Dream Translation to be thousands of times the energy of Taioran Crystal at it’s peak:

        The Kodansha Translation and instead says “This power is tens of thousands of times greter then the Taioran Crystal at it’s maximum.” Bear in mind, this is not her attack. This is just her transforming. Which she recieves no recoil damage from as Professor Tomoe states.

        That’s where the mupitler comes from.


      3. Actually, this means “super sailor moon is 10.000 times stronger than tau crystal at his best”.

        Tau crystal is supposed to be a universal level weapon.

        So, is base sailor moon universal?


      4. I read (I didn’t watch the fight) she tried to remove beerus’ star seed, she failed and she was destroyed by hakai.

        You could ask here:


  2. Well i have a feeling it’s going to be up there with the level of stupid arguments Zoro vs Erza is, except whereas that is actually debatable, i feel Galaxia isn’t just MUCH faster than Beerus(especially if you power scale her to Dying Queen Serenity’s Muitverisal Light Lumination) but has alot more hax up her sleeves, Also she’s far above Queen neheilaina who would honestly much closer to Beerus level than Galaxia would be. Keep in mind a civilian form Galaxia outputted more attack potency than Queen Hanehahailina who resides in a Parrael Mutiverse to the Moon Kingdom with endless Universes in the realm. We also know that going by the fact Hakai failed to kill Fireza, that power levels affect the effectiveness of Hakai.

    Also, Galaxia is literally scaled to Queen Serenity at her prime who is Mutiverisal+, basically around Zeno tier and Zeno>Beerus, so yeah i call bullshit on this result. While the star seed rip won’t work on Beerus, Galaxia has other ways of killing him. It’s almost as if Death Battle wants to just give DBZ a W because they’re too cowardly to go against the DBZtards. I feel that this was a battle that should’ve happened when we know more about Beerus true power but this battle sounds like bullshit already.


    1. That was manga sailor galaxia, not anime, because they are totally different characters (in the anime she’s a paladin, not the goddess of destruction), and in the anime nobody said “super form is 10,000 times the base form” and she was separed by her star seed. We can’t calculate anime true power.

      Is pharaoh90 a living universe in the manga too? Did they call him “uchu”? For someone he is “a galaxy”. A galaxy is nothing compared to a universe.

      Maybe anime galaxia is actually leagues stronger than manga galaxia. She lost because they used a weaker (but with clear power) version.

      About beerus, he was feared because zeno destroyed “6 universes”. Prehaps 1 dragon ball universe is three times bigger.
      6×3= 18.

      Is destroy 18 universes enough for scare beerus?

      at 1:57, whis said zeno can destroy the world (the multiverse). This means 12×3 = 36 universes+the void/zeno’s universe+space between universes.

      Vegeta and Goku (goku can used ssjblue x kaiohkenx10) are shocked.


  3. “That was manga sailor galaxia, not anime, because they are totally different characters (in the anime she’s a paladin, not the goddess of destruction)”

    She’s actually stronger in the anime as she’s the merged fusion of herself and Chaos whereas in the Manga, Galaxia and Chaos were separate entities and Chaos was FAR more powerful than her.

    , and in the anime nobody said “super form is 10,000 times the base form” and she was separed by her star seed. We can’t calculate anime true power.”

    Except i did if your read carefully, also the feat of dying Neo Queen senrrity sending her power to the Mutiverse happens in the anime too so even without scaling the 10,000 muptiler to the anime, the two sivler crystals feat scales

    Is pharaoh90 a living universe in the manga too? Did they call him “uchu”? For someone he is “a galaxy”. A galaxy is nothing compared to a universe.”

    I believe they compared him to a Dimmeison in the manga, making his size range from Galatic to Universal. Matters litlee given it if took 3-4 days to travel from one Universe to another, even if it’s Merely Galaxy size, the KE of Tau Nebula would be around or near Universe level alone.

    Maybe anime galaxia is actually leagues stronger than manga galaxia. She lost because they used a weaker (but with clear power) version.”

    Yeah, the anime version i proved was much stronger, the anime version scales to Chaos Manga version who almost destroyed all of creation in both versions. Either way Galaxia is at least Mutiverisal powerscaling to Queen Serenity on her death bed. Still far above Beerus on actual feats,especially in speed feats

    “About beerus, he was feared because zeno destroyed “6 universes”. Perhaps 1 dragon ball universe is three times bigger.
    6×3= 18.”
    Already did a whole respect thread on the DBZ/S Universes and they’re MUCH bigger than our Universe, still, Nothing compared to the size of the DC Universe. Also should be noted in the manga and anime, Sailor Moon is confirmed a Mutiverse operating on M-Theory.The manga confirms this with numerous statements and the Dark Moon Dimmesion which each mirror represents another Universe( the Sailor Stars apdation of the Dark Moon Arc implied something similar too with Queen Neheihena able to casually ingore 4-D time freezing) and the anime confirms this with Pahroah 90 existing outside the Universe and the scienftic explanation of other Universes within Sailor Moon.

    Is destroy 18 universes enough for scare beerus?”

    Yeah it seems so, everyone fears Zeno.

    “at 1:57, whis said zeno can destroy the world (the multiverse). This means 12×3 = 36 universes+the void/zeno’s universe+space between universes.”

    Yeah which Beerus doesn’t come close to scaling too, he’s at best Low Mutiverisal powerscaling him to Jiren and Infinite Zamazsu, the former being said to be the strongest opponent Goku fought and the latter almost destorying the whole Mutiverse.Currently only Zeno is that powerful, now maybe Mormo might reach that power in the manga, who knows.


    1. Don’t be mad. ^_^

      If I’m not wrong, Screwattack members never see/read Sailor Moon (at least, with attention) before the death battle. Nobody’s perfect. It’s simply a show about imaginary characters from anime with incosistent power level.

      The debating is good because we aren’t all agree. The most important thing is be polite and civilian.


  4. sailor moon is a tricky opponent to take on due to her how extremely versatile the silver crystal is and she can come back from being erased from existence. unless youre someone like pegasus seiya,lucemon and will vandom from w.i.t.c.h., you aint making it.

    she is more like gohan than goku, both were very reluctant to fight in the beginning, both are crybabies(in gohan case when he was a kid), both were drag into fighting, and both their kids are crude.

    honestly, i like both endings, she had good character development, she went from a crybaby to a ride or die woman, gotta respect that. the prettiest member of inner senshi is sailor mars,but if you include other senshi groups, it is between sailor galaxia and neptune. sailor. not going to lie, i dont think galaxia is a virgin.

    i notice that a handful of main female villains,like queen beryl,azula,galaxia,nerissa from animated version of w.i.t.c.h., and especially nehelenia were a bunch of lonely beautiful women


    1. Yeah Sailor Moon gets intot he rdidciously broken tier at the end of the series, as for Galaxia, yeah find it hard to believe a 4.5 billion year old being would be a vrigin.


  5. i was thinking queen nehelenia vs vampire d of vampire hunter would be a really good matchup.
    sailor moon vs lucemon would be good,from a narrative perspective.
    mephiles of sonic vs sailor saturn would be good.


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